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UPDF Cloud - Document Cloud

UCloud is the dedicated document cloud system offered for all users. Users who wish to edit and synchronize their files across different platforms and devices in UPDF simultaneously can enjoy using the features offered by UCloud. This cloud-based storage system allows you to:

  1. Upload PDF documents to the cloud easily, with mainstream availability at all times.
  2. Access documents directly from UCloud and edit them at any instance.
  3. Synchronize the PDF files across devices. For instance, files that are edited across Windows are synchronized across Mac and can be accessed from there.
  4. Manage documents on UCloud and categorize them according to different filters available.

Upload Documents to UCloud

1. Upload from UCloud

Open opening UPDF, and you will find the "UCloud" option on the left-hand panel of the main window.

ucloud icon

As the interface displays the options on the screen, continue to click the "Upload File" button on the top. You can also drag and drop the files for uploading across UCloud.

upload file to ucloud

Browse the files on the next window and select all files that you wish to add. Click "Open" once you select all the files to successfully upload them.

open the file to ucloud

2. Upload from the Recent List

If you seek to add PDF documents from your "Recent" list, access the option from the left panel.

recent icon

Navigate to the document on the screen and tap on the "three-dotted" icon adjacent to its name. Select "Copy to UCloud" from the options appearing on the drop-down menu.

copy to ucloud

Along with that, you can open and edit the documents from UCloud. Any edits made across a file uploaded in UCloud will be synchronized across every other platform.

Mange Documents in UCloud

1. Manage the View of Documents

To change the view of the uploaded files on UCloud, use the buttons "List View" and "Thumbnail View". To refresh the UCloud files, tap the "Refresh" button.

manage the view of document

2. Rename Your File

If you seek to rename a specific file, tap on the "three-dotted" icon at the bottom of the specific file and select the "Rename" button.

3. Delete Your File

To delete a specific file, select the "Delete" button.

4. Star Your File

If you wish to set a specific file as a favorite document, use the "Star this File" option from the drop-down menu. While it is represented with a star adjacent to its details, it can also be accessed from the "Starred" list from the left panel.

manage the file in ucloud

5. Download the File from UCloud to Your Local Devices

If you seek to download PDF files from UCloud, reach out to the "three-dotted" icon on the specific file uploaded on UCloud.

As a drop-down menu opens, click the "Download" button to download the specific file on your device from UCloud.

download the file from ucloud
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