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Sign PDFs on Mac

When dealing with digital contracts, online forms, and documents, you often need to sign electronically or digitally. If you want to do the same, UPDF has got you covered with its exclusive adding signature feature. Delve into this ultimate guide to explore how you can sign your PDF files with UPDF!

1. How to Add an Electronic Signature

Here is how you can add electronic signatures in a PDF:

Step 1: Create Signatures

Follow the steps below to create an electronic signature in UPDF.

Click the Comment icon on the left toolbar to enter the annotation mode.

Click Comment

Move your mouse to the Signature icon. Then, you need to click the Create Signature button.

Choose Signature

You can add signatures to your PDF document quickly with three methods:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Trackpad
Signature types

Step 2: Customize Signatures

UPDF also enables customization of signatures in your desired way. Here is how you can do it:

You can adjust the thickness of the signature by clicking the Thickness icon.

Signature thickness

You can change the color of the signature by clicking the Color icon.

Signature colors

Step 3: Add Signature

After creating the signature, you can place it anywhere on the document you want. You can also resize the signature according to your needs.

Note: You can create and save four signatures under the signature icon. If you want to add a new signature, simply remove one first.

For a clearer comprehension of the steps, it is recommended to watch the video below:

2. How to Add a Digital Signature

Want to sign your PDF document digitally? The below guide has covered you. Ensure that you follow each step to avoid any sort of confusion.

Step 1: Add the Signature Box

Hop on below to learn how to add a signature box!

  • Launch UPDF and open the PDF that you want to digitally sign.
  • Once opened, navigate to the left menu bar and select the option "Prepare Form."
  • Now, from the top menu bar, select Digital Signature to access select-and-drop action.
  • Follow up by drawing a box on your desired location. You can resize this box, change its location, or tweak different parameters based on your preferences.
Add digital signature on Mac
  • Once you have placed the box in the right location, ensure to save the document before sharing it to let others add digital signatures.

Step 2: Sign Your PDFs Digitally

If you want to sign a PDF yourself, UPDF will allow you to either sign with a premade digital ID or create a new one.

Option 1: Create and Add Digital Signature

Hop on below to learn how you can create a digital ID in UPDF.

  • Navigate to the Readers mode and hit the signature box.
  • The following window features multiple options. Click on the Create or Import icon.
Create or add
  • To create a digital ID, you will be prompted to enter personal information, including name, email address, etc. Add the information and hit OK to proceed.
Create digital ID
  • On successful creation of a digital ID, please enter at least a six-character password and secure your digital ID.
  • Now, in the Sign Document window, select the Sign option to add your digital signature.
Click Sign
  • In the following window, select the storage destination for your signed PDF, and that's it!

Bonus Tip

Click on the signature to explore its properties and certificates.

Option 2: Import and Add Your Digital Signature

Besides creating your digital ID from scratch, you can also import a pre-existing one to digitally sign your PDF. Here is how you can do so:

  • Instead of clicking on the Create option in the Sign Window, select Import.
  • Browse your device to import your premade digital ID.
  • Keep in mind you should know the password of the digital ID in order to sign PDFs with it.
  • Now, add your signature by clicking on the signature and selecting your imported ID to sign with it.
  • Ensure to save your digitally signed PDF.
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