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How to Annotate PDF on Mac with UPDF

1. Add Comments

  • You can add a comment by clicking the Comment icon on the left toolbar of the UPDF interface.
comment menu
  • To add a comment type, click the icon and set the style(color, font, font size, etc.)
  • Click the document where the comment should appear.
  • Type in your comment and then click outside to place it.
  • You can also resize or reposition your comment with a simple click-and-drag action.

You can add four types of comments:

  • Text Comment
add text comment to pdf
  • Text Box
add text box to pdf
  • Text Callout
add text callout to pdf

2. Text Markups

Click Comment in the main toolbar to see the markup options.

Choose a text markup type from the four options provided:

  • Highlight
  • Strikethrough
  • Underline
  • Squiggly line

Highlight: Click the Highlight icon, select the color for highlighting, and select the text you want to highlight. You can also change the color for highlighting in the comment properties panel.

highlight pdf

Strikethrough: Click the Strikethrough icon and choose the text to be marked up using a click-and-drag action. The strikethrough will be applied once you release your mouse button.


Underline: Click the underline icon, and select the text, release your mouse to finish adding the underline to the text.

underline text

Squiggly line: To add a squiggly line to text, you can click the squiggly line icon on the top toolbar, and select the text to add the squiggly line.

squiggly line

Next, choose the text to be marked up using a click-and-drag action. The markup will be applied once you release your mouse button.

3. Add Stamps

Various preset stamps are available that you can apply to your PDF files.

  • Click Comment and then select a stamp from the dropdown menu of the Stamp icon.
  • Click the document to add the stamp.
  • Adjust the position and size of the stamp using the border handles.
add stamps to pdf

You can also add custom stamps. Click the Custom option and click the Import button to import your custom stamp.

add stamps

4. Add Stickers

UPDF provides multiple various stickers. Click the Sticker icon on the top toolbar, and select the sticker you want. The sticker will be on your document, and then you can adjust the size of the sticker.

5. Drawing/Add Shapes

Click Comment when your document is open; this will reveal the markup toolbar.

Pencil - The Pencil annotation tool lets you add free-hand shapes and markups to your PDF. Click the Pencil icon in the Markup toolbar, and choose the color, thickness, and transparency. Start drawing on the PDF.


Eraser: To erase the markups with the pencil tool, click the eraser tool to do it. (Note: the eraser tool is only available for pencil markups.


Shapes: Select the Rectangle/Oval/Line/Arrow/Pentagon/Triangle shapes under the drawing tools drop-down menu, and use the click-and-drag action to draw them on your document.


6. Manage Comments List

UPDF allows you to fold and unfold the Comments List. The Comments List will help you review all the comments and quickly jump to a specific comment.

To unfold the Comments List, you need to click the Comments icon on the bottom-right corner.

manage comments list

Then you will find the Comments List unfold on the right sidebar. From here, you can see all the comments on the current PDF document. You can click to select and jump to a specific comment, and the selected one will turn on a purple borderline which means selected.

unfold the comment list

You can delete a comment by clicking the "Three Dots" icon on the top-right corner of each comment and choosing "Delete".

delete a comment

7. Comment Properties

You can select comments properties when you apply a comment.

You can also change the properties by right-clicking an annotation and changing the properties.

comment properties

In the Properties pane, you can change the color of the annotation, the border, and the fill - you can also change font attributes such as style, type, and size.

8. Delete Annotations

You can also delete annotations. To delete an annotation, select it and right-click, and select Clear in the contextual menu.

delete annotations