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Welcome Page Toolbar

On the first page, you see after launching UPDF, you'll see a recent files list.

This list will be empty at first, so you can click the Open File button to open your very first PDF document with UPDF!

welcome page mac

Document Page Toolbars and Panels

  • Main Menu: Once a document is open, you'll see a main toolbar at the top with the core features - Comment, Edit, and Page.
  • Thumbnail and Bookmark Panel: On the left side is the Thumbnail and Bookmarks panel. On the extreme left corner, you'll see an icon to hide or show the above panels.
  • Display Mode: Straight below that icon, there is a Display Mode icon where you can change from Single Page View to Two Page View with and without scrolling.
  • Navigation Panel: At the bottom of the document, you can see a navigation panel with zoom controls.
document page toolbars