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UPDF User Guide

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Crop Pages on Mac

UPDF lets you crop PDF pages individually or entirely. It gives you complete control over cropping, whether you want to crop a single page or an entire document.

Here's the complete user guide and cropping options:

Click on the "Crop Pages" icon on the left toolbar to launch into its feature. Then you can adjust the cropping area by dragging the purple dashed box. Click the purple "Crop" button to apply the cropping.

crop pages icon

Inside the "Crop Pages" feature, you'll find the following categories:

Crop Options

There's an "Option" icon that lets you control/set the page margins and cropped page size manually.

options for cropping

Inside the "Option," you'll find the following attributes:

  • Margin Controls: You can control the "Top," "Bottom," "Left," and "Right" crop margins manually by entering the dimensions numerically.
  • Cropped Page Size: Same as controlling the margins, you can also set the width and height of cropped pages.
  • Constrain Proportions: You can also constrain the proportions and the margins on your PDF file.

Apply Changes

If you want to crop just the current page, click the "Crop" button on the top right corner.

If you want to make similar changes to the selected pages, enabling the "Apply Changes" feature will let you apply the current changes to the custom page range. You can also set the custom page ranges within this feature:

apply changes for cropping
  • Page Range: You can crop the pages you want, including All Pages, Portrait Pages, Landscape Pages, or Custom Pages.
  • Odd or Even Pages: You can also choose the page ranges in even and odd page numbers.
  • Crop the Margins: Enabling the "Crop the Margin" feature will let you control the margins of custom pages, as cropped page sizes might be different due to different PDF page sizes.
  • Crop the Page Box: This feature will let you apply the measurement of rectangle cropping to the custom page range.

Revert Changes

You can revert the changes by clicking on the "Revert Changes" in the right-top corner of the page. It will revert all the changes you made while cropping.

revert cropping changes
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