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UPDF User Guide

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View and Read PDF Files on Mac with UPDF

1. Multiple Modes to View PDF

PDF documents can be viewed in different ways in UPDF, such as single-page, two-page, and with or without the scrolling option.

To change the page view mode, you can click the "View" and select the "Page Display" option. And then choose the appropriate mode:

  • Single Page View: View PDF pages one at a time.
  • Two Page View: View PDF pages like a book - side by side.
  • Single Page Scrolling/Two Page Scrolling: Both views offer a scrolling option that makes for a better reading experience.
view pdf

2. View Multiple PDFs

UPDF allows you to open and view multiple PDFs in different tabs. Click the "+" icon to open more PDFs in different tabs.

Each PDF will open in its own tab so you can navigate among them with just a click of the mouse.

view multiple pdfs

3. Navigate a PDF

The navigation toolbar at the top of an open document can be used for this purpose. It is conveniently placed at the top of the interface after you choose the "Reader" mode.

There are seven navigation options available:

  • Go to the beginning of the document
  • Go to the end of the document
  • Go to the next page
  • Go to the previous page
  • Go to a specific page number
  • Choose the page zoom
  • Display a PDF as a Slideshow
navigation toolbar

4. Display a PDF as a Slideshow

UPDF supports displaying a PDF as a slideshow.

To display a PDF as a slideshow, click the "Slide Show" icon on the top toolbar in Reader mode.

display pdf as slideshow

Alternatively, go to "View" and choose the "Slide Show" option. For displaying the slideshow, you can:

  • Play from Start
  • Play from Current Slide
  • Use Presenter View
display a pdf as a slideshow

You will enter into slideshow mode. UPDF provides a Pen tool in the bottom-left corner of the interface. This pen tool acts like a laser pointer during your presentation and you can point to the section where you want to emphasize.

display pdf as slideshow

UPDF also provides a timer for your slideshow. You can count the time from the beginning of your display.

And you can switch from the "Full-Screen View" to the "Presenter View" by clicking the icon on the top-right corner.

display a pdf as a slideshow
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