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Reduce File Size

At times, PDF files that are created are quite large in size. Sharing, sending, or saving such PDF files gets quite difficult. For that, UPDF provides a compression feature to help you reduce file size while maintaining the quality of the document.

On opening the large-sized PDF, navigate to the right-handed panel of the platform and click the "Save as Other" button.

click save as other icon

A menu propagates on the front, which will offer multiple options. From the available options, select "Reduce File Size…" to continue.

reduce pdf file size

The pop-up window that appears will display multiple compression options that can be tried out for reducing file size. If you select any particular compression quality, it will assess and show the tentative document size that will be achieved after compression.

You can select the output document quality from "Maximum" "High" "Medium" to "Low" according to your requirements. The lower the document quality you choose, the higher the compression rate you'll process. As the compression rate is higher, the more time it takes to execute.

choose the output document quality

On selecting, click "Save As" to continue with the process.

Next, you will have to provide the name and the location of the compressed PDF file across the pop-up screen. Click "Save" after filling out the information.

click save as icon to compress pdf