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Password Protect PDF on Mac with UPDF

Add an Open Password

UPDF provides extra security to your PDF documents by applying an open password. The purpose of an open password is to restrict your document from an unauthorized person to open and view it.

  • To add an open password to your PDF, open your PDF in UPDF first.
  • Click the "Protect Using Password" icon.
add password to pdf
  • Select the "Document Open" option.
add an open password to pdf
  • After setting the document open password, hit "Apply" to enable the password on your document.
password protect a pdf
  • Click "Save" to save the file. Please note that "Security settings will not be applied to the document until you save the document."
protect a pdf

Add a Permissions Password

Permission Password is also known as Master Password. A permission password allows you to restrict printing, editing, and copying content in the PDF.

  • Choose the "Permissions" option in the "Encrypt with Password" window.
permissions password
  • Type the Permissions Password and retype to confirm.
  • It will restrict the printing, editing, and copying permissions by default. But If you want to customize the permissions, please click "More Options".
add master password to pdf
  • You can now customize the permissions.
  • Click "Apply" to save the password.
add password to pdf
  • Click "Save" to save the file. Please note that "Security settings will not be applied to the document until you save the document."
put password on pdf

Check Security Properties

In UPDF, you can also check the security properties of your existing documents.

  • Click the "Protect Using Password" icon.
  • Choose the "Security Properties" option.
check security properties
  • You can check the "Security" "Advanced" and "Description" properties of your PDF document.
check document security properties

Remove Security

UPDF also gives you the feature to remove security from your existing document.

  • To remove security from your document, click on the "Protect Using Password" icon.
  • Select the "Remove Security" feature to remove any type of restrictions. This button won't be visible if your document doesn't have any security.
remove security
  • It will ask you "Are you sure you want to remove security from this document?" Click the "Remove" button.
remove security from pdf
  • You need to enter the password before removing it.
remove password from pdf
  • Save the file after you remove the password.
remove security from pdf