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Compare PDFs and Track Changes with UPDF for Mac

UPDF for Mac now supports comparing two PDF files to enable tracking changes. All you need to do is upload the edited version and the previous version of the same PDF to reveal valuable insights into the changes made. Curious to learn how to use this exclusive feature? Dive into this comprehensive guide to find out!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using PDF Comparison Feature

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for using the Compare Files feature. Ensure that you read all the steps to avoid confusion.

Step 1: First, make sure that you have installed UPDF for Mac on your devices.

Step 2: Once you've done this, launch the platform and move to the PDF Tools tab. Scroll down to find the Compare Files option under the Protect PDF section.

compare PDF Mac

Step 3: The following window will ask you to upload the current and previous versions of the same PDF. You can select the PDF from local storage or use the drop-down menu to select from Recent files.

After selecting PDFs, you can also select the Page Ranges you want to compare. If you want to compare them entirely, leave Page Ranges as they are.

select PDFs to compare

Step 4: Hit the Compare button to begin comparing them. Within a few seconds, a new comparison window will open up.

In the right panel, you can explore all the edits made to the new file. On the top toolbar, you have multiple options, including:

  • Zoom: You can zoom in or zoom out both PDF files. Simply use the '+' or '-,' type in the number, or use any option from the drop-down menu.
  • Highlight Results: This feature highlights all the changes made in the new file to help you spot them easily.
  • Sync Scrolling: You can also sync scrolling to scroll both PDFs simultaneously, comparing them line-by-line. If not needed, toggle the button next to this option.
  • Export: This option will let you export the track changes PDF file. You can export it in different supported file formats per your requirements.
  • Filter: This feature enables you to filter out tests, images, paths, shading, or pages. This option lets you focus on single or multiple elements at a time.
custom settings for comparison

Step 5: If you are using the Export option to share the track changes PDF with your colleagues, ask them to right-click on the exported PDF to change to the two-page scrolling mode. This will make comparison easier.

enable two-page scrolling

Hope you found this guide and the newly added Compare Files feature worth it. Stay tuned for more!

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