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How to Print PDF on Windows

To print a PDF document with UPDF for Windows, please follow the instructions below:

  • Simply click the "File" icon on the top-left corner, and then click on "Print".
  • In the pop-up window, set the properties for printing, including the Printer, Print Setting, Copies, Page Size, Pages to Print, Orientation, Comments & Forms, Page Sizing & Handling, Fit, etc.
  • After selecting the properties, hit the "Print" button.

Print settings:

You will find the following options while printing a PDF document:

  • Printer: The "Printer" option allows you to select a particular printer you wish to use. Multiple printers can be attached and installed to your PC. Sometimes various printers are installed and configured over the LAN (Local Area Network.)
  • Print Settings: The Print Settings window appears when you choose the PDF document to print. It contains all the preferences that control the printing of a document, like Page Size, default text, etc.
  • Copies: The Copies option in Print Settings determines the number of copies you want to print your document.
  • Page Size: Page Size allows you to choose the best possible page size according to your paper. The page sizes include "Letter," "Legal," "A3," A4," and more.
  • Pages to Print: This property determines how many pages you want to print for yourself. You can also select single and multiple pages to print. Or you can directly specify the page number.
  • Orientation: The orientation option in print settings allows you to change the orientation of your page, i.e., "Portrait" and "Landscape."
  • Comments & Forms: This feature allows you to print with or without comments and forms presented on your document.
  • Options: This feature includes two parts, i.e., "Reverse Pages" and "Print As Image." The "Reverse Print" allows you to print the opposite background and forefront colors. For example, a white background including black font would be printed as a white font and black background. Whereas "Print As Image" alternates the processing by sending the request as a simple image instead of the document.
  • Page Sizing & Handling: Page Sizing and Handling gives you the upper hand in handling page sizes according to your need. It includes three options, "Size," "Multiple," and "Booklet."
  • Fit: Fit option is one of the page sizing features that automatically resize the document according to your page margins.