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Add, Edit, and Remove Watermark

Since you might be looking to put a watermark on your PDF to specify the ownership, this guide presents you with a complete overview of how you should use the watermark feature on UPDF.

Add Watermark

Starting off with the PDF, proceed to the "Page Tools" tab on the left panel. You will find the option of "Watermark" on the top menu to proceed with adding the watermark. Click "Add" to start creating the watermark that you will add to the PDF.

enter into watermark mode
  • Specify what nature of watermark you want to add. You can select "Text," "Image," and "PDF," depending on what kind of watermark is to be created.
  • Write the content and change its basic properties, including the font style and color.
  • Set the ratio and opacity of the watermark with the help of sliders.
  • Work on the settings of the watermark and define if it should be a tiled watermark and should be present on the "Front" or the "Back."
create watermark
  • Click on the "Double-Arrow" icon and select the page range of the PDF. You can manually set the page range or select the "Odd or Even Pages" option if required.
edit the watermark page range

Finally, click the "Save" button to apply the watermark.

Edit Watermark

You can find the created watermark in the right column when you are in the "Watermark" section. Navigate to the watermark and select the "Edit Watermark" button that appears on it.

edit watermark option

The editing panel reopens, where you can change all the properties of the watermark with ease. Once done, select "Save" to make changes to the watermark.

save the changed watermark

Delete Watermark

To delete a watermark, lead back to the right column after selecting the "Watermark" section. As you hover your cursor over the created watermark, find the "Remove Watermark" button and delete the watermark successfully. As you click on the "Apply" button, the watermark is also removed from the PDF document.

remove watermark option
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