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How to Delete Pages in PDF Effortlessly

Do you know how to delete pages in PDF? In the below discussion, you will learn the best ways to perform the deletion activities on the PDF. After reviewing the PDFs, sometimes there is a need to cut down a few pages from the collections to make them meaningful and precise.

In this article, you will find optimal solutions to cut the pages and delete specific pages in the PDF located anywhere in the file. Adopt a better approach to bring out the best in PDF edits. Connect with this article and find reliable ways to organize, edit and store the PDFs for future reference.

Why Does One Need to Delete Pages from a PDF?

The question of deleting pages from a PDF document is quite odd to consider. However, some people look forward to deleting pages from their documents for particular reasons. We shall be observing the reasons why one goes for deleting pages from their full-fledged PDF documents:

  • If you seek to delete a page from the PDF document, it may be unwanted and take up unnecessary space on your computer.
  • For devices with low storage, you must be careful in adjusting your documents. Delete all the unnecessary content from the documents to save up maximum space.
  • Being a student, you may not require a complete PDF to study and assess a concept. To keep the relevant details as a PDF, you can remove the pages from the document.
  • The pages might have been duplicated, which can be removed to counter the problem.
  • There might be some incorrect information related to the topic that you are working on. The best way to get rid of it is to delete the page containing the incorrect details.

The Best Tool to Remove Pages from PDF

UPDF serves as the best program to meet the needs of PDF edits professionally. You can perform a wide range of activities on PDFs with the help of this efficient application. Establish complete control of the PDFs using this application. It is a simple and fast app that brings out miraculous changes in the file. You can use it to edit, convert, manage and annotate the PDF wisely. Make download this tool and carry out desired activities on the PDFs to meet your requirements flawlessly.

extract pages in updf

The salient functionalities of the app

  • Cut and delete pages in the PDF. Rotate, split, crop, and extract pages from PDF.
  • Annotate the PDF content effortlessly with sticky notes, text boxes, highlights, etc.
  • Modify the text, images, and links in a PDF document.
  • Change the fonts, font size, color, and alignment in the PDF file to increase the visibility of the content.
  • Convert a PDF document to other file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • The OCR feature allows you to turn scanned documents into searchable and editable ones.

These are the remarkable features of this tool and you can make the best out of the PDFs using this efficient program. As a fast tool, it triggers the users to try it without hesitation. UPDF stands unique in the competitive market displaying reliable outcomes on PDF edits. Efficient and yet effective PDF tool where you can bring constructive impact on the PDF files.

How to Cut Pages from PDF on Windows

Here, you will be learning how to delete pages in PDF files. Scan the below steps carefully and make respective changes to the PDF file.

Step 1: Open the PDF Document

Quickly enter the official website of UPDF and download the correct version of the tool according to your system OS. Install the program and launch it. Then, on the home screen, press the "Open File" button to import the PDF into the working platform.

Step 2: Choose the Page Menu

In the edit window of UPDF, select the "Organize Pages" menu on the screen. By choosing this menu you can edit the page attributes in the PDFs professionally.

choose organize pages

Step 3: Remove Pages from the PDF

On the page management interface, you need to choose the pages that need the delete operation and hit the "Delete Pages" button.

delete pages

Thus, you have successfully deleted the PDF pages. Another interesting factor about this tool is that you can do many page actions on the PDF like rearranging the pages by dragging them into the right place.

Video Tutorial on How to Delete Pages from PDF

How to Delete Pages from PDF on Mac

Deleting pages from a PDF document on Mac is a simple process. This, however, is not available on every other PDF viewing or editing tool in the market. UPDF provides the option of deleting pages from a PDF document with a straightforward approach. This can be seen in the steps shown below:

Step 1: Access Organize Pages Tab

You must open a PDF document on UPDF on your Mac. As you open it up, hover your cursor on the "Organize Pages" tool on the left column.

choose organize pages on mac

Step 2: How Can I Delete Page or Pages from your PDF

As you see the PDF pages, select them by simply clicking on them. If you wish to select multiple pages, use the "Command" key along with your cursor. Once selected, you can click on the "Delete" icon on the top.

delete pages on mac

Video Guide on Deleting Pages from PDF on Mac

Final words

Thus, you learned how to delete pages in PDFs. Now download UPDF and carry out the page deletion action on the PDFs. It has a simple interface and guides you to perform the desired task on the PDFs. The easy environment encourages you to opt for this program without any dilemma. What's more? It also enables you to other tasks such as editing the PDF files, converting the PDF files, or performing OCR if your PDF file is a scanned one.