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Step-by-Step Guide: Crop PDF Pages Online and Offline

Many people face issues when dealing with PDFs, such as too much empty space, inconsistent layouts, and large file sizes due to unnecessary margins. So, document formatting issues affect the overall appearance and readability of content. In addition, the usability of PDFs is also compromised when documents suffer from readability and accessibility challenges.

To address these issues, it will be practical if you decide to crop the page in PDF online. These tools help users by letting them choose and remove extra margins or unnecessary space within PDFs. In this article, we'll discuss how to crop PDF pages online and with it best offline alternative.

Part 1: How to Crop PDF Pages Online

Xodo offers a straightforward approach to crop pages in PDF online for file layout adjustment. Its user-friendly interface and features make it easy to crop pages to get rid of extra margins or unnecessary white space. Moreover, you can crop the current page or specify the pages to make it highly personalized.

In addition, you can customize the crop dimensions by writing their values in your preferred units. In the following section, you'll find a step-by-step guide to trim PDF pages online using Xodo.

Step 1. Visit the official website of the online tool and access its main interface. Then, hover over the "Tools" drop-down menu and choose the "Crop PDF" option under the section "Edit." This action will direct you to a new window to crop PDF pages online.

crop pdf page online choose crop pdf tool

Step 2. On the new window, hit the "Select File" button to search for the file in the system. After uploading the selected PDF file, you will find a new window where you can trim the PDF page online.

crop pdf page online import the pdf file

Step 3. Once your file is opened on the tool, adjust the cropping of the pages with the help of the cursor. Furthermore, you can hit the "Crop Dimensions" drop-down menu to fill in the width, height, X, and Y values. After making all the changes, select the "Apply" button to save the modifications at your end.

crop pdf page online hit the apply button

Drawbacks of Using Online Tools to Crop Pages in PDF:

  • Users should exercise caution regarding the data privacy policies of online PDF cropper tools and how their information is managed.
  • Reliable internet access is crucial for using these tools, and users may encounter challenges accessing or editing PDFs without it.
  • You have to take into account the file size limit and task per day restriction of online tools.
  • Some tools that crop PDF pages online may lack advanced features, especially when compared to offline alternatives.

It is advisable to opt for offline tools when dealing with confidential documents to lessen the security risks associated with online platforms. Offline tools provide more control over document security and are preferable in situations where internet connectivity is unreliable. For this purpose, UPDF is a recommended choice that offers powerful features for PDF organization without the constant need for internet access.

Part 2: How to Crop PDF Pages Offline

UPDF stands out as a strong offline PDF editor known for its easy-to-use design and advanced features that make cropping PDF pages efficient. You can simply drag the crop box to adjust the size of PDF pages. In addition, you have the option to put the required dimensions manually while cropping the pages. You can even select a custom page range to apply the cropping effect on more than one page at a time.

It's designed to work without an internet connection and is particularly effective in smoothly cropping PDF pages. Furthermore, the software offers a convenient solution for users who want to personalize their documents. Moreover, it excels in efficiently organizing PDF pages with a range of versatile tools. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to crop PDF pages using UPDF PDF cropper.

Step 1. Download UPDF and Open Your File in the Software  

First, you have to click the "Free Download" button given below to get your hands on this tool for performing cropping functions. Once installed, launch UPDF and click the "Open File" button to open your desired file from your system.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2. Crop PDF Pages Using the Crop Box

After opening the file, go to the left toolbar and click the "Crop Pages" tool, and the thumbnails of document pages will appear. Then, navigate through the list of pages, select the page to crop with a left-click, and view it on the screen. Now, proceed further by adjusting the page size by dragging the "Crop" box according to your requirements.

crop pdf page online crop pages icon

Step 3. Customize the Page Size with the Options Feature

Additionally, click the "Options" icon next to the page that opens a panel on the right side. Here, manually input size values in the top, bottom, left, and right boxes. Moreover, changes can be undone by clicking the "Revert Changes" button. If you want to customize the cropping page, click the "Apply Changes" on the top-left and set the page range. Finally, click "Crop" at the top right and save your modifications.

For enhanced features and capabilities, we highly encourage downloading UPDF for a more seamless and efficient PDF page cropping process.

crop pdf page online options icon

Part 3: Compare the Crop Page of PDF Online and Offline Method

The choice between online and offline tools introduces a balance of advantages and drawbacks. Online tools provide convenience and accessibility to make them ideal for quick results to crop pages PDF online. On the other hand, offline tools such as UPDF provide enhanced security measures, greater customization options, and the flexibility to operate without an internet connection. Let's explore the comparison between them through a detailed chart mentioned below.

Metrics UPDFXodo
Pricing StructureYearly Plan: US$35.99
Perpetual Plan: US$55.99
UPDF AI Standard: US$59 per year
Xodo Pro: US$12 per month
Crop PDF Page
Crop Multiple Pages
Constrain Proportions
Ensured Document Security
Freedom from Online Dependency
Swift Processing Speed

With a thorough understanding, we recognize that UPDF stands out as the optimal choice to crop PDF pages cost-effectively. UPDF operates offline to ensure strong document security. Moreover, its reliability is highlighted by additional advantages outlined below.

  • UPDF consistently upgrades to provide users with streamlined and trustworthy experiences.
  • Users benefit from a comprehensive set of tools for diverse PDF tasks, encompassing the cropping of PDF pages and conversion into various formats.
  • The tool has a UI design with a minimalistic theme to emphasize simplicity for easy navigation and user-friendly operation.
  • It is crafted as a lightweight solution compatible with various computer systems and maximizes functionality while utilizing minimal resources.

Plus, visit the UPDF review on Beebom website for an impartial and objective assessment to understand UPDF's performance.


We have concluded that the use of online tools to crop PDF pages provides a handy and effective option for users who want to customize their documents. However, for a more complete and secure PDF cropping experience, UPDF emerges as the preferred choice.

Besides, it ensures not only efficient cropping but also advanced features and strong document security to uphold a commitment to user satisfaction. We strongly recommend downloading UPDF to enhance your PDF cropping experience. Moreover, if you switch to UPDF Pro, you will get a generous discount available for a limited time.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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