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Fast Method on How to Organize PDF Pages

The PDFs compile the content in a structured format and many documents and educational sources are available in this file type. There are fewer tools in the digital space to work with this file format. Many PDF users do not know how to organize PDF pages and create meaningful documents for future reference. This article serves you with reliable facts on the efficient sorting of PDF pages. Choose the right PDF organizers applications to carry out the desired actions on the PDF.  

The Best and Fast Tool to Organize PDF Pages

The unique, productive, delightful, and UPDF brings you a comfortable interface to work on PDFs. You do not have to confuse to make necessary changes to this type of file format. A few clicks at the correct icons perform the respective action on the file. The controls in this environment are explicit and you can add texts, and images and edit the existing content hassle-free. UPDF serves newbies and professionals use. It makes you handle PDFs flawlessly. You can use this tool to organize the PDFs and make the best out of this file type.

extract pages in updf

The key features of the UPDF application:

  • Smooth editing features on the PDFs. You can edit text, images and links in PDF documents easily as you are editing on a normal word processor tool.
  • Insert texts, and images, and manage the pages in the PDFs effortlessly.
  • Arrange the PDF pages, rotate and delete them using the in-built controls in this tool.
  • View the PDFs in an organized format with the help of the UPDF program.
  • Great annotations tools give you the freedom to review a PDF document.
  • OCR feature, convert scanned PDF files into editable and searchable PDF documents.

These are the important functionalities of the UPDF application. Through optimal usage, you can add comfort in handling this file type efficiently.

How to Organize PDF Pages with UPDF

In this section, you will learn how to use UPDF to organize PDFs effectively. Follow up the below instructions carefully for the successful completion of the organization procedure.

Step 1: Install the Program and Open a PDF

Download the app from its official website and install it by following the instruction wizard. Then, launch the program and tap the "Open File" button to select the PDF into the working space of UPDF.

Step 2: Click the "Page" Menu

Next. On the left toolbar, select the "Organize Pages" mode to organize PDF pages efficiently. A toolbar appears carrying the organizing icons to work on the imported PDFs.

organize pages

Step 3: Organize Pages in PDF

Here, you can find options like "Insert", "Replace", "Extract", "Split". Select the respective page and tap the desired control to perform the expected actions on the PDF page. Swap with its positions using the clockwise and counterclockwise controls and rotate them if required. The unwanted pages can be removed from PDF using this delete option.

options under organize tab

The following is an introduction to UPDF operations on PDF pages:

  • Insert Pages into PDF

In the organizing tool of UPDF, you can navigate to its "Insert" option to add new PDF pages. Through this feature, you can insert a blank page by clicking on the "Blank Page" button. Moreover, you can select the option called "From File" to insert PDF pages from another PDF.

insert pages
  • Extract Pages from PDF

Using UPDF, you can extract particular pages from a PDF file to use it for further use. To do so, proceed to the organize mode and choose the preferred pages that you want to extract. Once done, click on the "Extract" button available on the top. It will instantly extract the selected PDF pages that you can save in a local folder.

extract pages in updf
  • Replace Pages in the PDF

The replace feature in UPDF allows you to replace the selected pages with other desired PDF pages. You can choose either a single page or multiple pages for replacement. Once done with the selection, hit the "Replace" button. Now the tool will ask you to open a PDF document and choose the desired PDF pages from it from replacement. If you have selected a single page, UPDF will replace it with the first page of your chosen PDF file. Thus, the UPDF tool will function effectively in replacing the selected pages with other PDF pages.

replace pages
  • Reorder Pages in PDF

To reorder pages in UPDF, the process is quite simple and easy. You just need to drag the desired page from its original position and drop it into your preferred place. Through this drag-and-drop function, you can easily reorder all the PDF pages in the UPDF tool.

reorder pages
  • Split Pages in PDF

UPDF enables you to split a PDF document into various PDF files by specifying the number of pages. To do so, choose the "Split" option and enter the number of pages you want to split. Once done with specifying the number of pages, click on the "Split" button. Afterward, you can save the split PDF files into a separate folder.

split pages
  • Rotate Pages in PDF

To change the orientation of your PDF pages, UPDF offers a rotating feature in its organizing tool. To do so, go to the "Organize Pages" tool and select the number of pages from the left section. You can also choose the options like "Odd Pages", "Even Pages", "Portrait Pages", "Landscape pages", and "All Pages" from the left panel. Once done, tap on the "Rotate Clockwise" or "Rotate Counterclockwise" buttons at the top to rotate the selected pages.

rotate pages
  • Crop Pages in PDF

Using UPDF, you can crop PDF pages either individually or collectively. To crop precisely, select the "Crop Pages" option from the left panel. Now adjust the aspect ratio of PDF pages manually, or you can tap on the "Options" to specify the margins. Once done, tap on the "Apply Changes" button and choose the page range. Afterward, enable the option of "Apply Changes." Now you can click on the "Crop" button to implement the changes.

crop pages
  • Delete Pages from the PDF

To remove unwanted pages from a PDF file, UPDF offers a "Delete" feature. To do so, go to the "Organize Pages" tool and choose the page you want to delete. After selecting it, tap on the "Delete" option given on the top toolbar.  

delete pages from pdf

After completing all the page edits, save the file for future reference. Use this page editing tool to make essential modifications to your PDF file.

Video Tutorial on How to Organize PDF Pages

Why is Page Organizing in PDF So Important? Why is UPDF the Best Option?

Page organizing features in PDF files are important for various aspects. If you are a student and want to conduct some changes to your assignment, the page organizing features can help you. If you have inserted a blank page accidentally, you can use the "Delete" option to remove it. Moreover, you can alter the orientation of PDF pages in your assignment and crop them by specifying the aspect ratio.

Furthermore, you can rearrange PDF pages in a specified order through the page organizing tool. Doing so can create a flawless and well-structured assignment in a timely manner. If you want to make your assignments or research papers flawless, the best available PDF editor is UPDF. To know the main advantages of UPDF, check the below points:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: UPDF provides a delightful and clean user interface that can be ideal for beginners and non-professionals. Through its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly perform various functions on your PDF files.
  • High Compatibility: This software is a versatile platform that supports all operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Moreover, the installation of UPDF does not require large storage space.
  • Cost-Effective: UPDF is a cost-effective PDF tool available at affordable pricing plans. You can pick and choose your preferred subscription plan on UPDF and enjoy its rich features.
  • Advanced Features: This PDF tool offers multiple advanced features through which you can annotate, organize, edit, convert, and protect PDF files flawlessly and instantly.


This article had enlightened you with an easy way to organize PDFs efficiently. The UPDF is a simple program that assists you to organize and edit the PDF content hassle-free. There are no complexities in handling this application. All the controls are explicit and you do not have to waste time searching for the respective buttons at its interface. Connect with UPDF to handle the PDF files efficiently. Stay tuned to this article.