3 Best Methods to Split PDF by Bookmark to Handle PDF Content

PDF bookmarks are like a digital roadmap that helps you find your way around a lengthy PDF file. These bookmarks in PDFs are really handy, especially in e-books, reports, and academic papers. When you split a PDF by bookmarks, you can create separate PDF files for each section or chapter.

By doing so, it will be easier for you to organize and navigate through the content. In this article, we will familiarize you with different ways to carry out PDF split by bookmark. After going through this article, you will be able to organize documents in a much better way.

Method 1: How to Split PDF by Bookmark with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat, being the oldest PDF splitter, allows users to split documents in various ways. You have the option to split multiple files in one go with this PDF organizer. Moreover, users can also play around with file labeling options to optimize output file settings.

You can easily split PDFs based on the bookmarks, page, or file size using this efficient tool. Anyone can carry out this PDF organization operation to streamline document navigation. The following steps will help you to perform this PDF splitting process with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: After importing your lengthy PDF document on Adobe Acrobat, click on the "Organize Pages" feature on the right toolbar on your screen. By doing so, you will access several PDF organization functions in Adobe Acrobat. Afterward, hit the "Split" feature to access the new settings bar.

Step 2: Now, click the "Split By" drop-down menu and choose the "Top Level Bookmarks" option to perform your desired operation. Finally, press the "Split" button to split your PDF by bookmark.

split pdf by bookmark adobe

Limitations of Using Adobe Acrobat to Split PDF by Bookmarks:

  • The interface of this PDF splitter is quite complex, requiring a learning curve for proper utilization.
  • Users have to spend a lot of money to perform this PDF splitting function on this expensive tool.

Method 2: How to Split PDF by Bookmark with Kofax?

Kofax Power PDF has a specialized PDF splitter that lets you perform this PDF organization task in several ways. Users have the option to perform PDF split by bookmark, blank page, and file size with the help of this tool. In addition to that, you can even split your documents based on the page type and content to optimize the process.

All you have to do is access the "Split" tool present in the "Tools" tab to perform this function. You can easily split any PDF document using this specialized PDF organizer. Users just need to follow these simple steps to get the job done with Kofax.

Step 1: First and foremost, open your PDF document in the Kofax PDF splitter to start this process. Then, proceed to click on the "Split" feature to help you make smaller PDFs from a lengthy one. You will find this feature in the "Tools" section of the "Home" tab.

split pdf by bookmark kofax

Step 2: Afterward, choose one of the options from the "Split by Bookmark" or the "Split by Bookmark Level" from the "Split Mode" section. You can further play around with the settings to optimize this PDF organization process. Finally, click on the "OK" button to complete this operation.

split pdf by bookmark settings

Limitations of Using Kofax to Split PDF by Bookmarks:

  • Users will face issues while splitting the PDFs, as the interface is overcrowded with useless features.
  • The processing speed of this PDF splitter is slow compared to other famous tools.

Method 3: How to Split PDF by Bookmark with Online Tools?

If you are looking for an option to split PDF by bookmark online, DeftPDF is the best tool for you. It is one of the best PDF splitters available online that assists in splitting PDFs based on page type and size. You can also use this PDF organizer to split PDF by bookmarks and text present in the document.

Additionally, users can also split PDFs in half using this PDF splitter. Users can use this online PDF splitter to make small PDFs out of lengthy ones free of cost. You can take guidance from the following easy steps to perform this operation with DeftPDF:

Step 1: To begin the process, launch the DeftPDF website on your browser. Then, click the "All Tools" drop-down menu to access a wide range of PDF handling tools. On this menu, hit the "Split by Bookmarks" feature in the "Split" section.

split pdf by bookmark choose split by bookmarks tool

Step 2: Once you click on this feature, you will reach a "Split PDF by Bookmarks" window. Here, you can upload your PDF containing bookmarks to the server of this tool.

Step 3: After uploading this PDF, click on the "More Options" button to customize the output file name and add an extra page at the end of each output PDF file. Finally, hit the "Split by Bookmarks" button to complete this PDF organization function.

split pdf by bookmark tap on split by bookmarks

Limitations of Using Online Tools to Split PDF by Bookmarks:

  • Users will need a strong internet connection to split PDFs by bookmarks online.
  • You can also face security and privacy issues after uploading PDFs on its server.

How to Manage Bookmark and Split PDF with UPDF?

UPDF can also help you split PDFs in an optimized way to make the content navigation easier for you. Even though this PDF tool does not support split PDF by bookmark feature yet, it can still help you manage bookmarks in your documents. After adding bookmarks to your PDFs, you can easily split them manually based on the pages to which you have added bookmarks.

By doing so, you will have better control over this splitting function as compared to other tools. Additionally, UPDF plans to launch a PDF split by bookmark feature to further facilitate the users. Till then, you can simply make use of the "Bookmarks" and the "Organize Pages" features to handle the documents effectively.

Straightforward Step-by-Step Guide to Bookmark and Split PDFs via UPDF

As discussed previously, UPDF has not released the split PDF based on the bookmark feature yet. However, you can do it manually using the following simple steps:

Step 1: Access the Bookmarks Feature of UPDF

First of all, click the 'Free Download' below to download the install UPDF on your device.

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Once you import the PDF you want to split in UPDF, click on the "Bookmarks" icon at the bottom-left of your screen. By clicking this icon, you will reach a side panel through which you can manage bookmarks present in the document.

split pdf by bookmark add bookmark

Step 2: Add and Edit Bookmarks for Personalization

Now, hit the "Add Bookmark" button after navigating to the page where you want to add this bookmark. You have to repeat the steps for each bookmark you want to insert in the document. Afterward, you can easily rename and organize the bookmarks according to your preferences.

split pdf by bookmark right click bookmarks

Step 3: Split the PDF Based on the Number of Pages

After adding the bookmarks, click the "Organize PDFs" icon and choose the "Split" option from the top toolbar. Write the number of pages after which you want to split the PDF in the "Split by Number of Pages" textbox. Finally, hit the "Split" button to finish this page organization task.

split pdf by bookmark updf

Why Do People Prefer to Split PDF by Bookmark?

If you decide to split PDFs based on the bookmarks, you will be able to make separate sections for every chapter in the document. Let's see why people prefer to choose this way of PDF splitting as compared to the traditional PDF organization way.

  • Organizational Advantages: As discussed before, PDF bookmarks are commonly used to build a structured guide or summary in a PDF file. When you split a PDF in such a way, you can generate separate PDF files for each part or chapter.
  • Preservation of Structure: When you choose to split PDF by bookmarks, it preserves the logical structure of the document. You can maintain the hierarchy of each chapter and section by splitting PDF in this manner.
  • Boost in Efficiency: After splitting your PDF documents in this way, you will eliminate the need to specify page ranges manually. In this way, you will be able to perform this PDF organization with just a single click.
  • Reference Purposes: Some individuals or organizations may split PDFs by bookmarks to create a well-organized archive of documents for historical records. By doing so, you can ensure that information is easily retrievable in the future.


As discussed throughout the article, you can split PDF by bookmark to better access valuable information in the document. These tools mentioned in the article are good enough to help you perform this page organization task. However, they have some limitations like affordability and security concerns that can restrict their use case.

Therefore, we recommend you use UPDF to bookmark and split PDF documents to have better control over this process. With its affordable pricing and multi-featured interface, this PDF tool can improve your document handling. So, hit the "Free Download" button to try out the best PDF management features of this tool.

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