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Top 10 PDF Splitter (Online and Offline Solutions) in 2023

As the name suggests, a PDF splitter is a tool that can be used to split a PDF document into smaller documents or even individual pages. The main reason for splitting a PDF document is to make it easier to share.

But the success of the process will depend on the tool you use to split the PDF. Simpler tools will only offer a few options and may not be appropriate for all types of documents. The top 10 PDF splitters that we will list here can help you regardless of the size of the original document.

Top 5 PDF Splitter on Desktop

Desktop solutions offer more options when it comes to splitting a PDF document. The following are the best desktop PDF splitter to choose from:


UPDF is one of the most effective solutions when you want to spit PDF pages into smaller, more manageable files. The spit PDF function on UPDF is detailed enough to provide you with enough options to make sure that you are splitting the PDF document just the way you want to.

pdf splitter - updf

The program has a simple user interface, which further simplifies its operation, ensuring that you don't spend a lot of time trying to find the tools you need. All you have to do is open the PDF document in UPDF and select the "Page" editing option in the top toolbar to locate the "Split" tool you need to spit the file. From there, you will have various options to spit the PDF into as many or as few pages as you want.

Except for being a PDF splitter, UPDF is also a PDF editor, PDF annotator, and PDF organizer. It allows you to edit the texts, images and links on your PDF documents. It is also a PDF converter, and you can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular file formats.

2. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is also one of the most effective ways to split a PDF document. It has so many options that you can choose to split a PDF into separate files, chapters, pages, and even attachments. To use Adobe Acrobat to spit a PDF into numerous smaller pages, you just need to open the PDF file in Acrobat and select the "Split" tool to specify the number of pages you want in each PDF file.

pdf cutter

But while Adobe Acrobat offers the average user a lot of options to split a PDF document, we must point out that it can be quite difficult to figure out the tools you need to do it. Most new users find that they need help to use the Adobe Acrobat PDF splitting function.

3. PDFsam

PDFsam is an open source and therefore free PDF breaker that you can use to split your PDF document. This splitter has numerous tools and options that can make the process very flexible, allowing the user to choose how they want to split the PDF. For instance, you can choose to split a PDF after every page, after even/odd pages, after a specific number of pages, or even after a specific range of pages.

pdf page splitter

If you don't want to use the number of pages as your guide to spit the PDF, PDFsam gives you the option to choose to split PDF into smaller file sizes instead. This is very useful when your main goal is to share smaller sections of the larger document. This free and very resourceful solution also allows for batch processing.

4. EaseUS PDF Editor

The EaseUS PDF Editor is a solution that has a lot of tools to help you manage your PDF document. A PDF splitter is one of the many tools that you can use and it gives you the option of breaking down a large PDF document into smaller files that are much easier to share.

pdf separator

This EaseUS PDF splitter, like many of the others that we have seen on this list, is generally easy to use. You just need to open the PDF document that you want to split and select the "Split Document" tool from the "Pages" menu. EaseUS will then offer you several options that you can use to split the document including the number of pages, file size, and top-level bookmarks.

5. Aiseesoft Free PDF Splitter

Aiseesoft is another great PDF file splitter that is both easy to use and effective in splitting a large PDF document into smaller sections. This tool gives you the option to not just split one PDF file into more files, but you can also use it to remove any unwanted pages from the document without affecting the rest of the content.

pdf breaker

It has an easy-to-use interface that makes the process of splitting even the largest of PDF documents quick and easy. You just need to open the PDF document in Aiseesoft, select the splitting tool and use the options presented to specify how you want to split the document.

Top 5 PDF Splitter Online

Online tools are often more convenient as you don't have to install any tools on your computer to use them. The following are the top online PDF page splitters to choose from:

6. PDF2Go PDF Cutter Online

The PDF2Go online splitter will allow you to split a PDF document into individual pages, several equal pages, or even spit the PDF using a specific page range. It is completely available online, meaning that you can easily access it on any browser and it is very easy to use. One of its most popular additional features is the fact that you can choose to delete specific PDF pages that you don't want to include in the overall document.

pdf splitter online

7. Soda PDF Separator Online

Soda PDF's online PDF splitter also provides a simple, free, and highly effective way to split a PDF document into smaller individual pages. It is accessible on most browsers and very easy to use: you just need to upload the file you want to split and choose the split method that you would like to apply.

It gives you the option to select the number of pages and even specify the order in which the pages will appear on the new document. The merge pages tool gives you additional options to manage the pages on the document.

pdf cutter online

8. iLovePDF PDF Cutter Online Free

The iLovePDF splitter is one of the most effective solutions to split a PDF document into various sections. Like most online PDF solutions, it is easily accessible on all browsers and all platforms, making it a great solution for splitting PDFs on the go.

It is also very easy to use: just upload the PDF document to the main webpage and click on the gear icon on the left to choose your options. You can also this tool to extract PDF pages from the original document and use them to create a new file.

pdf separator online

9. SmallPDF PDF Breaker Online

The Split PDF tool by SmallPDF is a free and easily accessible way to split a PDF document online. You can choose to divide the PDF into individual pages it even extracts various pages on the document and use them to create a new document.

pdf cutter online free

To make the process even simpler, this splitter comes with a preview that shows you the pages that you want to split. This preview is also meant to reduce mistakes during the splitting process, which can be crucial when dealing with very large documents. You can then save the various PDF documents created by this splitting tool to your computer or directly to the cloud.

10. PDFChef Splitter

The online tool PDFChef also has a PDF splitter that gives you two options when splitting your PDF document. Once you upload the PDF, you can choose to split the document by page range. This method involves choosing fixed page ranges or entering a custom page range, depending on your needs.

pdf breaker online

The other option is to simply extract the pages you need from the whole document and use them to create a new document. Both solutions will help you easily manage various aspects of the original PDF and once the process is complete PDFChef allows you to download the resultant PDF document to your computer or save the document directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Advantages of Using a PDF Splitter

You may find splitting a PDF useful for several reasons. One of the most common is to break apart a pdf document that has a lot of pages. If for instance, you have a PDF document with 1000 pages, your audience may find it hard to engage with the content than if you were to split the document into numerous 20-page files that are easier to share and engage with.

The advantages of splitting a PDF document include the following:

  • Splitting a PDF makes a smaller document that is much easier to share.
  • Splitting can help you divide content into smaller content that readers can readily interact with.
  • You can also split a PDF to make collaboration on various aspects of the document much easier.


PDF splitting can be necessary especially when you need to share a lot of content as it makes it easier to divide the content into bite-sized pieces. But while there are so many solutions that you can use to split a PDF, the best one is one that is not just easy to use, but is also reliable, and convenient and allows you to customize the process to your preferences. Of all the tools on this list, UPDF best exemplifies this description. It is the only tool that offers professional-grade PDF management tools without the hefty price tag you might expect from a product of its quality.