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How to Merge PDFs with Smallpdf

It shouldn't be a hassle to combine several PDF files. There are a few straightforward ways to combine PDFs together, whether you're developing a portfolio or just searching for ways to reduce the number of files you have to keep track of.

Fortunately, there are a number of free methods for combining PDFs, regardless of the operating system you're using. We will look at the Smallpdf merge tool in this article. Read on to find out the detailed instructions on how to merge PDFs in Smallpdf.

Part 1. How to Combine PDFs in Smallpdf

You can merge PDFs on Smallpdf, which is an online service that provides a range of PDF utilities, without having to register an account or download a local piece of software. Merge two or more PDF files, eliminate the page thumbnails you do not want to preserve, and reorder them according to your preferences.

The tool does not place a limit on the number of documents that may be combined, and it allows you to drag & drop files directly into it.

In addition to the "Choose File" option, which allows you to open PDFs stored on your local hard drive, you have the ability to import these digital documents from either Dropbox or Google Drive. You should be able to locate these choices on the right-hand side of the drop-down menu.

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Here is how to merge PDF Smallpdf:

  • Open the 'Merge PDF' tool from Smallpdf website.
  • Click the "Choose Files" button on the website and select the PDFs you want to merge. You are free to upload as many PDF files as you wish.
  • There will be two options: Merge files, and Merge page(Pro). If you are using the free version of Smallpdf, you can choose the "Merge files" option. If you want to just merge some pages, you need to upgrade to its Pro version.
  • Rearrange the files in the preview window to the desired order.
  • To merge PDFs, click "Merge PDFs" and save your file.
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Part 2. Advantages and Disadvantages for Merging PDFs with Smallpdf

Here are some tips to use Smallpdf merging feature for your PDF files:

  • You can use it for free but only for 7 days trial period.
  • The merging feature is reliable.
  • You will have to pay extra for offline mode so it is better to stick to the online version.
  • You can only merge PDF files in Smallpdf.
  • It is important to note that the Smallpdf merging tool does not allow you to edit files. For that, you will have to use a separate tool like UPDF.

Merging PDF files online has several disadvantages. The following are three good reasons to stop using online merging tools.


Creating a PDF via Smallpdf combine tool is definitely one of the least secure approaches. Your papers must go via a third party before they are done if you use an online merger for a Word document. It's also possible that if you don't read the fine print, you won't know exactly what's going on with your paper.

Hackers are a concern, but there are other, less dramatic, but no less critical, dangers to be aware of. Another type of fraud is the stealing of a person's identity. It's unlikely that you'll be able to utilize an online merging tool from a non-disclosure agreement because of privacy concerns.


Using an online combine PDF Smallpdf tool necessitates access to the internet, which may seem self-evident. Traveling a lot might be inconvenient and prevent you from completing deadlines if you aren't online.

If you're traveling outside of the country, keep in mind roaming costs. You don't need to upload and download large files; instead, produce a PDF and be done with it.


There are several options that may be tweaked to improve the outcomes of merging documents into PDFs. Because of the lack of control over the merging process, using an online PDF merger may leave you with a document that needs substantial manual editing. It's possible that you'll have to throw it out altogether.

Part 3. A Better Alternative to Smallpdf

There is no better product on the market than UPDF to replace Smallpdf PDF merge tool. UPDF provides complete PDF editing features like adding new text, modifying existing text, updating fonts, adding or replacing images, etc. You can use this tool to make changes to the content quickly. It has simple in-built options to edit the PDFs precisely. If you want to edit images on a PDF, UPDF is an awesome PDF image editor which allows you to crop, rotate, extract, replace, resize the images easily.

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UPDF is not just a PDF editor, it also provides many other features. You can add comments and notes to your PDF documents for better collaboration. You can also set a password for your PDF document to protect sensitive information. UPDF is also a PDF converter to help you convert normal or scanned PDFs into editabe formats within seconds!

For the time being, UPDF is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. UPDF has a variety of functions depending on whatever version you choose. The merge feature is not available yet, but it will be released soon.