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How to Merge PNG to PDF - Step-by-step Guide

Portable Network Graphic, shortly known as PNG, is an image format that is increasingly used in the digital graphic world. The reasons behind its increased usage are its rapid load time, lossless image quality, and high preservation of solid colors and hard edges. You can even adjust the degree of transparency of a PNG file due to its "Alpha Channel," which is highly variable compared to other image formats.

Though it holds incredible features, users still cannot use it when they want compressed images because the size of the PNG file tends to enlarge as it supports a lossless web format. It is better to merge PNG to PDF and then compress the PDF file because by doing so, the quality of the image will not compromise.

Part 1: Two Methods to Merge PNG to PDF

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable tool with the help of which you can merge PNG to PDF, go for UPDF. UPDF is a fast and universal reader, annotator, and editor of PDF that can also convert PNG to PDF professionally. It supports many image formats, such as PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP, that can be merged into PDF by following these two methods:

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Method 1. How do I Merge PNGs to PDFs using the Combine Feature?

With the new update in UPDF, you can easily merge PNGs to a PDF by following the provided steps underneath:

Step 1: Install and Open UPDF

If you are a new user, download UPDF from its original website and if you are a pre-user, upgrade the tool. After downloading or upgrading the tool, open the UPDF on your system.

Step 2: Import the PNG files

Go to the "Batch Combine" tool and add the PNGs by selecting the option "Add Files…" from the dropdown menu of "Add Files." If you want to insert more files after adding the PNGs on the first attempt, tap on the "+Add File" option.

merge png to pdf to insert files

Step 3: Merge and Save the PDF

If you want to change the position of any file, drag it gently and drop it to the required location. From its "Three Dots" menu, you can remove any unrequired file by selecting "Remove File." Once the changes are made, press the "Apply" button present at the bottom right corner of the screen to combine PNG into one PDF in the desired location.

apply combine png to pdf

Method 2. How to Merge PNG into an Existing PDF File?

Are you interested in adding PNG to an existing PDF file? If you have not upgraded your UPDF tool, then apply the following steps for adding PNGs to a PDF file:

Step 1: Import the Existing PDF Document

Download the UPDF from its official website and launch it on your device. Click on the "Open File" button to open the PDF file, or simply drag it from its parent location and drop it in the UPDF interface.

Step 2:  Insert PNGs into the PDF File

After opening the file, hit on the third icon, "Edit PDF," present on the left panel, and then select the "Image" option available in the top navigation bar. Scroll down to the area where you want to add an image, click on the located position and select the image from your device. You can also make changes to the added image, like changing its size.

png to pdf merge by edit feature

Step 3: Save the PDF File

After making all the adjustments, go to the "File" tab and click on the "Save As" option to save the modified PDF file to the desired location with the desired name on the device.

save png merge to pdf

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Part 2: How to Combine PNG to PDF on iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users can combine PNG to PDF using the "Convert Photos to PDF" feature of UPDF. You have to carefully read the below steps for combining PNG to PDF through the UPDF iOS app:

Step 1: Open UPDF and Load PNG Files

Open UPDF on your iPhone or iPad and click on the "+" button present on the bottom left corner of the screen. Afterward, access the "Photos" option and select the PNG that you want to import, and tap on the "Add" option. You can add multiple PNGs as well by selecting multiple images simultaneously.

png combiner to pdf on ios

Step 2: Select the PNGs Files

Once the PNGs are imported to UPDF, hit the "Checkbox" icon and select the PNGs you want to convert to PDF. At the bottom, the toolbar will pop up; press the "More" button.

merge png files to pdf on ios

Step 3: Initiate the Conversion Process

Following this, select the "Convert to PDF" option to convert the PNG to PDF. In this way, you can convert a single PNG to PDF or merge multiple PNGs in a single PDF file.

combine png into one pdf on ios

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Part 3: Why Choose UPDF to Combine PNGs into PDF

UPDF covers many advantages as compared to other tools, which you can check from the following exceptional features of this PDF combiner:

3.1 Powerful Merge Feature

If you want to increase your productivity and decrease your effort time, try UPDF's powerful merge feature that can merge multiple images into a PDF file. You can even merge PNGs and PDFs in a single PDF file. A lot of different changes can be made in the newly formed file to make your work more outstanding.

3.2 Friendly for Beginners

All the features are so well designed by professionals of UPDF that even beginners can use them without help. Although the tool's user guide is available on its site, it is less likely to be opened by users. The process of making any change in PDF is quite simple compared to Adobe Acrobat, due to which beginners prefer to use UPDF.

3.3 Feature-rich Tool

UPDF turns out to be a problem solver for all PDF-related problems due to its versatile features. It can be used for editing, annotating, cropping, converting, and viewing PDFs. With its unique OCR technology, you can easily extract information from scanned handwritten notes. Users can also secure PDFs by applying the password and adding watermarks to them.

3.4 Blazing-fast Performance

Compared to Adobe Acrobat, UPDF works at a blazing-fast speed. The paths required for accessing any feature are only 2 in PDF, and due to this advantage, you can make changes in multiple documents with just a few taps. Moreover, it does not lag while dealing with heavy files and does not distort the image quality.

3.5 Buy Once, Use on Many

In contrast to other costly online and offline tools, UPDF is a cost-effective merging tool that can merge PNG to PDF within a few seconds. You just have to buy one of its affordable plans, and then you can use this tool on any device like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

combine pdf and png with updf

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Part 4: FAQs on Merging PNG to PDF

1. Can PNG files be combined into a PDF?

Yes, PNG files can be combined into a PDF with the help of UPDF. You do not require training to use this tool, plus it is highly affordable. You can combine multiple PNGs in a single PDF format with just a few steps.

2. How to combine PNG files into one PDF without losing quality?

If you are worried about losing your PNG file's quality, it is better to use UPDF because this tool is reliable and does not disturb image quality. Add your PNG files to the tool and combine them using its "Batch Combine" feature.

3. Can I combine PNGs with a PDF online for free?

Yes, you can combine PNGs to PDFs using online tools available in the e-market. But these tools are less reliable, costly, and own limited features. The tools that are free can affect the PNG quality and can sometimes take much processing time. You can also face restrictions from these tools if you want to edit your merged PNG files.


Although PNG holds many advantages still, the preferred format used by professionals is PDF. E-market is full of tools that can merge PNG to PDF, but they show many limitations due to which users cannot make changes as they want in the final file. In that case, UPDF proves to be the user's first choice because it offers many different options for converting PNGs to PDFs. You can even add PNGs to the pre-existing PDF at a very fast speed.

Moreover, UPDF is known as a versatile PDF editor, reader, annotator, and converter due to its incredible features. Even if you are a beginner, you will never face any difficulty in operating its features due to its user-friendly interface. So, what are you searching for? Download this PDF combiner now and make magical PDF files.

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