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How to Modify PDF? (6 Easy Steps)

In January 1993, PDF files were introduced as the market's most consistent format for documentation. From then till now, they are still famous because of their consistent formatting, and all major domains prefer to use PDF format for their work. The functionality of PDFs varies according to the person's need, and anyone can go paperless with the help of these reliable formats. However, when the demand for PDF formats increased, their modifying demands increased.

People now want to modify PDF formats as per their choices, which is why many PDF modifiers are present on the web. UPDF stands as the top-rated and most efficient one among them because of its higher functionality and productivity ratio.

Part 1: Can I Modify a PDF?

Nothing is impossible in this world, as there is a technical solution to every problem. Although PDF files were introduced as a format to preserve the documentation quality, they can be modified accordingly with the help of a good tool. You can modify the PDF files with the help of an intuitive tool named UPDF. This tool holds all the leading metrics that a person needs to make their PDF files more professional.

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modify a pdf with updf

If you want to modify PDF files without following any complicated procedure, UPDF is your best and most reliable option. It comprises a tidy and delightful interface, so no activity with this tool will be boring for the users.

Other than this, the processing speed of this productive tool is beyond your expectations, and you can carry out any PDF task in a minimum amount of time. It can modify PDF files in several ways, such as editing, organizing, converting, or annotating them.

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Part 2. When Will You Need to Modify a PDF?

The need to modify PDF documents is not limited to any specific point or industry. If you are a book lover, you may need to read the book as a PDF by changing its font style and size. Other than this, if you are a business person who needs to work with lots of papers, it will be difficult for you to handle them manually. In this scenario, PDF format and modifiers can help you in addition to saving time and effort.

It also helps in reducing the cost to a minimum as the person can go paperless with this assistive format. Some teachers need to customize their lectures in a PDF format for their ease, so the modifiers can help them in this scenario.

Students who submit assignments from time to time need PDFs to fulfill their institutes' requirements. UPDF is one of the necessary software for students. In short, PDF modifiers are specifically created to help people in all domains to increase their efficiency and productivity in no time.

Part 3. How to Modify PDF Step-by-Step?

Now that you know the functionality of PDF files and the best tool by which you can make them more customized, it is time to understand how it is done. You must be wondering about how to modify a PDF file with UPDF. This part will cover the effective and easy procedure by which you can modify the PDF files by using UPDF proficiently:

1. Modify Existing Text in PDF

Initially, download UPDF into your device and launch it. From the main interface, click on the "Open File" button and then select a file you wish to modify. Afterward, click "Open," and your file will be imported.

To modify a PDF document, you primarily need to amend its text. For this, click on the "Edit PDF" icon from the left toolbar. Subsequently, the text in a PDF will become editable, and you can modify the existing text according to your needs.

modify pdf with updf

Modify Text Style in PDF

Now that you've edited the existing text in a PDF, the next step is to modify it by changing its parameters. While still in editing mode, move your cursor to the text you want to edit and double-click on it. By this, the text options will be visible on the screen. You can modify the font size, font style, and alignment of the text. This will also allow you to "Bold" and "Italicize" the text where needed.

2. Modify PDF Images

  • After enabling the editing mode for your document, locate the image you want to modify and double-click on it.
  • A small pop-up bar will appear across your image with multiple options for modifying it.

UPDF allows you to crop the image size if it is too large for your document, or you can also delete it if the picture is unnecessary.

If the picture is important to you and you want to use it in another document, then you can select the "Extract" feature. The options for editing the images on UPDF don't end here because it allows you to rotate the picture clockwise or anticlockwise according to your need.

modify pdf images

3. Modify PDF Links

UPDF also extends its support for modifying the links present in your PDF, such as the link to a webpage or page in the document.

  • In the Edit PDF, select the link you want to modify and tap on the "Properties" icon.
  • In the "Properties" menu, you can choose the link type, line style, link thickness, and border color for your link.

UPDF also allows you to change the page number or the website link if you have made some mistake while creating it. This will help you save time because you don't have to create the link from scratch.

modify pdf link

4. Modify the Watermark of the PDF

Confidential PDF files mostly have watermarks in them, and you can modify them smoothly with the help of UPDF.

  • For this, click on the "Page Tools" icon from the left panel, and from the tool's options listed above, select "Watermark."
  • On selecting the "Edit Watermark" button on the template visible on the right panel, proceed to the watermark panel. You can change the "Style," "Content," and "Ratio" of the watermark.
  • This tool also allows you to tilt the watermark as you can place it in both the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" direction. Once the watermark is modified, click the "Save" button.
how to modify pdf watermark

5. Modify the Background of the PDF

  • To modify the background of a PDF with ease, click on the "Background" option present next to "Watermark."
  • Following this, you will have to select the background template visible on the right panel and tap on the "Edit Background" feature.
  • Once the menu kit of background opens on the right side of the window, you will see several options to make the background of a PDF more engaging.
  • Select the "Background" color to change the background color in the PDF.
  • You can also customize the "Ratio" and "Opacity" of the background in your PDF file according to this convenient tool.
  • When you are satisfied with customizing results, click the "Save" button to implement the modifications permanently.
modify pdf background free

6. Modify the Header & Footer of the PDF

While staying on the Page Tools interface, select the "Header & Footer" option from the above panel. As you access the existing template of the header and footer present within the PDF file, there are multiple options to work with. You can modify the "Layout," "Content," "Font Style," color of the content, its size, and "Margin" of the header & footer from the listed options. Next, press the "Save" button to confirm your changes.

how to modify a pdf document of header and footer


In light of the discussion above, PDFs are widely used formats for documentation, and users can modify them as per their needs. However, no device has built-in PDF modifiers, so users need to take assistance from third-party applications for this. The best PDF modifier present on the web is UPDF because it can help you enhance a PDF's outlook professionally.

This article has explained that UPDF has all the leading metrics a PDF modifier should have. If you are working with this PDF modifier, you will not face a need to use another one. From modifying the text to modifying the background in a PDF, everything is exceptional in this tool. Therefore, you can follow the steps above to modify the PDF file smoothly.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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