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Exploring Formswift PDF Editor Alternatives – Honest Reviews And Usage Guide

The PDFs help you to manage a large amount of data in a smaller space and display the content in a structured format. Moreover, the PDFs enable you to share effortlessly by compressing large-sized files. Do you have any idea about the Formswift PDF editor? There are surplus PDF editing tools available in the digital market. Grab the right ones that bring value to your edits. Choose the user-friendly programs that enable you to make quick changes flawlessly.

In this article, you will study about Formswift PDF editor and the perfect alternate tool - UPDF that overcomes its shortcomings. Connect with the PDF editors to carry out desired changes on the PDF files and save them at the accessible storage space for easy retrieval. Scroll down to explore the insights about the Formswift PDF editor and its respective alternate editors.

The Best Alternative to Formswift PDF Editor

The UPDF tool brings you effective changes to the PDFs in no time. It has a friendly interface and the controls are visible for quick access. Simple clicks are sufficient to add texts and edit images on the PDFs using this tool. If you are a novice user, do not panic because this tool offers you comfort in editing PDFs. Use the right modes to perform desired activity on the PDFs with the UPDF PDF editor.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

formswift free pdf editor

The in-built features help you to format the PDF content precisely. There are options to change the image properties like resizing, crop, cut and rotating. The T icon in the menu assists you to add texts to the existing file. Based on your system OS, you must download the correct version of this tool. UPDF serves as one of the best alternatives to Formswift PDF editor. It is a reliable tool and compatible with the desired platform. Use this hassle-free tool to meet your needs without regrets.

The key features:

  • Edit the existing text in the PDF file using the Edit mode option.
  • You can personalize the images in the PDFs by cutting, cropping, rotate operations.
  • Customize the added texts with the in-built elements in UPDF.
  • The simple and beautiful interface encourages the users to go for this app without hesitation.
  • Make annotations with the various markup tools such as highlighting, sticky notes, strikethrough, underline etc.
  • Reorder, delete, rotate, extract, and replace PDF pages easily.

These are the remarkable features of UPDF PDF Editor. Download this app on your device and start editing the PDFs effortlessly. It brings you desired outcomes without any issues. Choose UPDF to edit the PDFs precisely.

How to Edit PDF for Free with the Formswift PDF Editor

The reliable alternate to Formswift PDF Editor is UPDF. Use the UPDF program to edit the PDFs efficiently. Surf the below steps to edit the PDFs using the UPDF application.

Step 1: Install the program

You can download this app from the official website of UPDF. Install it by following the instruction wizard and double-tap the tool icon to launch the app immediately.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2: Edit PDF in the Editing Mode

Drag and drop the PDFs into their working space and choose the Edit mode, to begin with, the editing process. Select the desired part in the PDFs to edit the texts according to your needs.

how to use formswift pdf editor

Step 3: Add Text to PDF

Tap the "Add Text" icon to add texts to the PDF content. Then, customize the inserted texts by working on their font style, type, and color.

how to use formswift pdf editor

Step 4: Edit the Image in PDF

Further, you can make changes to the inserted images by choosing the Edit Image option. Select the image in the file and press the options that pop-ups in the window according to your needs. You can cut, crop, rotate and resize the images efficiently using UPDF.

how to use formswift pdf editor

The above steps will guide you to edit the PDFs effortlessly using UPDF app. Stay connected with this tool to handle the PDFs hassle-free. It is the perfect app for PDFs to bring desired changes in no time.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

How to Use Formswift PDF Editor

The Formswift PDF editor is an online tool that helps you to edit PDFs. There is a wide range of options available at this online interface to make necessary changes to the file. This program allows you to add texts, highlight, remove watermarks and edit images flawlessly. Follow the below instructions for successful PDF edits.

Step 1: Go to the official website of Formswift PDF editor. Then, upload the PDFs to its working interface by drag and drop action.

Step 2: Use the Text option to add texts to the PDF file and the Eraser icon helps you to remove the watermarks on the file.

Step 3: The Highlight feature assists you to highlight any texts on the file and the Sign tool allows you to insert signatures.

Step 4: There is an image tool that helps you to make changes to the pictures available in the PDFs.

After completing all the edits, quickly save the changes and store them in the system drive for quick. Access. You can also share the edited PDFs immediately using this tool.

formswift free pdf editor

If you analyze the tool in-depth, you will find the conversion program that converts the file types of PDFs to the desired format for further processing.


Therefore, this article has discussed the efficient usage of Formswift PDF editor and the best alternative tool UPDF that works flawlessly with PDF files. Choose the UPDF app and edit the PDFs easily. The novice users find this app useful and efficient after consistent use. The UPDF satisfies beginners and professionals without regrets. Connect with this app to handle the PDF edits wisely. Stay tuned to this article to explore the efficient methods to handle PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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