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Best Icecream PDF Editor Alternative and One-Stop Solution to All PDF Editing

The diverse data management needs of today's IT revolutionized world put forward an obvious concern of editing PDF documents for making requisite changes in data, without the hustle of recursive file creation.

If you are browsing through affordable solutions to tackle the issue, try hands with the Icecream PDF editor, an excellent tool for creating and editing PDF files. It can annotate, fill forms, edit, and manage PDF pages. Apart from the liberty of performing all basic PDF tasks, the tool assures you of complete data safety.

The Best Alternative to Icecream PDF Editor

As stated above, the Icecream PDF Editor is a worthy choice to rely on for addressing almost any fundamental PDF editing needs. However, if you are keen on looking through feasible alternatives to the aforesaid tool, you can pick the UPDF editor without having to think twice about sorting out your concerns about working with PDF documents.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

icecream pdf editor alternative updf

Talking of the UPDF editor, the tool can be described as all-one PDF software that welcomes you with a beautiful and interactive interface and is simple and convenient to use. You are granted access to the tool and can use the same to perform almost any and every PDF related task with utmost ease and well within time.

The following features make the UPDF editor a dependable PDF tool:

  • PDF Editing Flexibilities

The PDF editor is known to facilitate you with a diversity of PDF editing options, like that adding and deleting text from PDF documents, editing, and modifying PDF text within the document itself, etc. apart from PDFs, you can also take up image editing with the tool to add, crop, rotate, delete, replace and extract images on PDF files.

  • Read, View, and Annotate PDFs

Not just an excellent editor, the UPDF tool is also a comfortable PDF reader and viewer application. You can further use the tool to annotate your PDF files by highlighting, underlining, and striking out the PDF text, while also having the liberty to type write and make notes within the PDF document.

  • Organize PDFs

The tool comes with a great tool to simultaneously grant you the flexibility to organize your PDF document pages through the options to extract, rotate, delete, split, insert, and replace the pages of your document.

The UPDF is the world's best PDF editor tool that has a user cohesive, beautiful, and convenient interface, all set to give you an enjoyable and satisfactory PDF working experience. The tool further stresses timely work efficiency with its fast speed and high-performance characteristics.

How to Edit PDF Files with Icecream PDF Editor Alternative

When trying hands on editing PDF documents with the UPDF editor, take the following steps to go about the process:

Step 1: Get into the Editing Mode

Launch the UPDF tool in your system and reach the editor's welcome interface. Open your PDF document. From the menu bar at the left, tap "Edit PDF" to get into the editing mode, with access to the editing toolbar.

pdf editor icecream with edit feature

Step 2: How Do I Edit PDF File without Icecream PDF Editor

To Edit the text, you can click the text you want to edit and you will see the purple editing box, where you can edit the text in your PDF file. The tool assures you of an editing comfort like that of a simple Word file, in a seamless, quick, and convenient manner. You are further allowed to add, delete and modify the paragraphs and text on your document.

If you want to add text to the PDF, hit the "Text" icon in the editing toolbar and drag your cursor to the place in your PDF where you wish to add the text. A text box will be created and you can easily add your desired text to the document. This is, however, an optional feature.

You can plus, select a particular text to change its font, indentation, color, and font size. All the text editing options are available in the editing toolbar.

add text pdf editor icecream

Apart from text editing, the UPDF tool additionally allows you to edit images on PDF files. Just select the desired image and experiment with cropping, extracting, replacing, and rotating the same, as per your choice.

pdf editor icecream

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Use the Icecream PDF Editor Pro to Edit PDF

Take the following steps to try hands on editing PDF documents with the Icecream PDF Editor:

Step 1: Download, Install, and Launch the Editor

Navigate to the official website of the software for the Icecream PDF Editor free download to your Windows supported device, followed by installation and launch of the same in your system.

Step 2:  Open Your PDF File

In the center of the main interface of the tool, click on the "Open…" button to open a desired PDF document to edit. You can alternatively select the file by navigating to the "File" tab in the top toolbar. You can further, use the conventional "Drag and Drop" method to add the PDF files to the tool's editor window.

pdf editor icecream

Step 3: Reaching the "Edit" Mode

Navigate to the top left corner of the software window and tap the "Edit" button to enter the editing mode, where you can modify your PDF document.

icecream pdf editor full

Step 4: Can I Edit PDF Using PDF Editor Icecream

There are two methods to edit PDF text using the software:

  • Using the default "Select" tool, where you just need to reach a desired text, make a double click and that's it! You can make the required changes to the text.
  • Navigate to the editor panel on the left and choose the "Add/Edit Text" tool. take the cursor to the line containing your desired text and click on the point where you wish to make changes. You are free to set a specific text size, adjust text alignment and format the text as per your choice. When satisfied, click anywhere outside the text to save your work. you can alternatively use the "Ctrl + Enter" command.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

You can either use the "Ctrl + S" command or navigate to the "Save" option in the "File" tab to save your work. To save it as a new file, select "Save as…" from the same tab and specify a new path and file name.


Using the Icecream PDF Editor to edit PDFs takes five steps. This is actually very troublesome. UPDF will only need two steps to edit PDFs easily. this is what many PDF editors can not do. UPDF is not the same, it does not require any experience and can easily start to operate. Don't hesitate, download it today and have a trial. You will love it when you have started using it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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