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7 Best PDF Watermark Removers (Online & Offline Solutions)

When a document or an image file is watermarked, an easily recognizable pattern or picture is put on top of the text or image. Protecting material and claiming ownership of an object are common goals for people who employ this technique.

This article provides a list of watermark removers that may be used on any device. UPDF is the best choice on this list. To easily remove watermarks from a PDF document, let's take a look at the 7 best PDF watermark removers.

Top 7 PDF Watermark Removers


Projects, proposals, and other types of business documents are commonly stored as PDF files. Sometimes you need to remove a watermark from those PDF files. One must have a full-featured PDF application to handle and read all types of PDF files. UPDF is the best choice to remove the watermark from PDFs.

Using its various primary features, you may edit, annotate, convert, OCR, and organize your PDF files effectively. The PDF Watermark removal feature is supported on Mac and Windows.

pdf watermark remover


  • You may edit the text and content in the PDF file or sign the document in several styles with this program.
  • You can easily crop, extract, replace, resize and change the appearance of photographs with this software's built-in image editor.
  • It also allows you to annotate your PDF files using different options like highlights, comments, text boxes, etc.
  • Intuitive PDF page management is easy with UPDF's one-click extraction, split, rotate, deletion, and replacement features.
  • Conversion is available for you to turn your PDFs into other file formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • In order to market your business, you may add or remove a unique watermark to your PDFs using this application.


  • Simple and easy-to-use editor
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  • Frequent updates to improve functionality
  • OCR function to turn scanned PDFs searchable and editable

If you want to learn more about this PDF watermark removal, please check the video below:

2. Adobe Watermark Remover - Acrobat Pro DC

The history of Adobe Acrobat DC as a PDF editor goes back decades. The software has had its ups and downs, but it has managed to maintain its place as one of the top PDF editors on the market.

For those who know how to make the most of Acrobat DC's many capabilities, it may be a bit much, but for more experienced users, it's a terrific tool. This isn't the best option if you're searching for an uncomplicated PDF editor for modest tasks. Although Acrobat DC is one of the most popular options for power users, it's also one of the most expensive. Compared UPDF with Acrobat, you will find that UPDF is a more proper option, as UPDF is faster and loads large PDFs quickly, especially the Mac version. UPDF is also more friendly and intuitive.

In most cases, when we run into issues with the PDF format, it's best to turn to Adobe Acrobat for help. With Adobe watermark remover, you can read, edit, and convert PDF files. As a consequence, removing the watermark from PDF is a breeze.

adobe watermark remover


  • Easy-to-use PDF editor
  • 7-days free trial
  • Editing features
  • Helps you to convert files and removes watermarks


  • The price is too high.
  • Complex setup process.
  • Overwhelming and hard to find tools.

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Both the Foxit PDF Reader and the Foxit PDF Editor are two of the company's most popular offerings. PDF watermarks can be easily removed with Foxit. Using this application is super easy because it is light, fast, and easy to use. Windows is the only operating system supported by this application.

If you need to convert PDFs to other file types like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel, Foxit PDF Editor is a great tool to have on hand. It is possible to convert RTF, plain text, HTML, and even numerous picture formats using this application. If you ever need to take the material of the PDF and use it to create something new, you'll be glad you have this amount of freedom at your disposal.

Businesses that need to change, edit, redact, or otherwise alter PDFs on a regular basis might benefit from Foxit PDF Editor. Although its main function is excellent, it's possible that a less expensive solution may be preferable if you're only a casual user. It is one of the best PDF watermark remover software.

pdf watermark remover mac


  • All-in-one PDF solution with many tools.


  • You have to purchase separately for Windows and Mac versions.
  • The Mac version of Foxit is not good enough.
  • The price is too high.

4. Nitro Pro

There is no doubt that Nitro PDF Pro is a well-known name in the PDF editor industry, and the application has been in use for many years. It comes with a slew of useful options stashed away in a simple-to-use user interface. In addition to simple adjustments, the application may also be used for more complex tasks that need more specialized skills. It can also be used as a PDF watermark remover to help you remove the watermark in your PDF document.

It was built from the ground up with ease of use in mind, so even those with no prior knowledge may use it. On the other hand, unlike some of its competitors, it can operate on older, slower computers.

Nitro includes all of the features you could possibly need in a PDF editor. It allows you to OCR PDFs, edit PDFs, process several documents at once, and convert PDFs to Microsoft Office formats including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There will be no learning curve because the Nitro interface is quite similar to Microsoft Word. So, now is the time for the PDF watermark remover download.

pdf watermark remover software


  • Allows PDF conversions
  • Low system requirements


  • The Mac version has fewer features, and it is not good as the Windows version.

5. pdfFiller - Online PDF Watermark Remover

PDFfiller is an online PDF watermark remover. Alter and manipulate PDFs as required. It does, however, fail to remove the original watermark that was included in the files we tested. Use it to rapidly apply a watermark and subsequently remove it, or convert the watermark into an editable Word document.

pdfFiller provides a wide range of editing and management options for PDF files. For example, it is web-based, allowing users to work together on revisions, and allows password-protected sites for security reasons. It also has its limitations, such as its high price and the steep learning curve required to operate its more complex functions.

pdf watermark remover online


  • Supports almost all browsers
  • Helps you to remove watermarks
  • Different PDF conversion formats


  • Register to download files
  • Not safe and stable

6. Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF is a PDF watermark remover online. It includes a wide range of essential PDF tools for its customers' convenience. It allows users to remove watermarks from PDF files online for free.

Online access is available from any web browser on any device, while desktop access lets you download the software and work on your files even when you aren't connected to the internet or the web.

All of the functions of a PDF may be performed on a desktop or tablet computer, as well as on a mobile device. You may also save your original and converted files in the cloud and transfer them via email using this online service.

Online tools like these have been designed by Soda PDF to be as easy and quick-loading as possible while yet delivering high-quality results.

pdf watermark remover online


  • Integrates with cloud storage services.
  • Helps you to remove watermarks from PDFs


  • The tool is paid and not compatible with all platforms

7. PDF Watermark Remover Chrome Extension

The PDF watermark remover in Chrome Store is a simple-to-use tool for removing watermarks and stamps from PDF files. Using this PDF Watermark Remover, you may remove any text, scripts, or watermarks from PDF files, such as a stamp.

Use this program to get rid of watermarks that appear on your texts in any language and in any type of typeface.

The final result is of the same high quality as the original files, and you can quickly remove the text watermark and scripts from PDFs right in your browser. All of the above options are available for opening PDF files on your local computer as well as on the Web.

pdf watermark remover chrome


  • No need to download any software


  • No editing features, just a watermark remover
  • It hasn't been updated frequently

Comparative Analysis of 7 Best PDF Watermark Removers

What is the best PDF watermark remover?

Although removing watermarks is the basic process, you might still face difficulties in covering the task. One major reason can be the usability of the tool that removes the watermarks for you. Thus, the table outlines a comparison between the best PDF watermark removers:

ToolOperating SystemPricingFile Size LimitUsabilityRating
UPDFWindows, Mac, Android, iOSUS$39.99/Year
(One purchase and use on all platforms)
No File Size LimitEasy4.8/5
Adobe AcrobatWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, OnlineMonthly: US$29.99
Annual: US$239.88
No File Size LimitMedium4.8/5
Foxit PDF EditorWindows. Mac, Cloud, iOS, AndroidPDF Editor Pro + 12: US$149.00/Year
PDF Editor Pro 12: US$99.00/Year
PDF Editor 12: US$79.00
No File Size LimitMedium4.6/5
Nitro ProWindows, Mac, iOSOne-time License: US$179.99No File Size LimitMedium4.0/5
pdfFillerWindows, Mac, Android, iOS, OnlineBasic: US$8/
MonthPlus: US$12/Month
Premium: US$15/Month
Soda PDF OnlineWindows, Mac, iOS, OnlineStandard: US$8/Month
Pro: US$12.5/Month
Business: US$20.00/Month
Not ProvidedMedium3.4/5
PDF Watermark RemoverChrome ExtensionFreeNo File Size LimitComplex1.9/5

With a comprehensive overview of the tools across the table, it is clear that UPDF has kept a balance across every major department. While it provides an easy platform to work on, it does not make things difficult for users with hefty prices. This is why UPDF is considered the best option for the purpose of removing watermarks and managing PDFs.


It's now possible to remove or erase watermarks from PDF files using a variety of methods. We've compiled a list of the best 7 PDF watermark removers. We recommend you use UPDF because it not only allows you to remove watermarks directly from the PDF documents, but also helps you to edit, convert, annotate, organize, and rotate PDF files.

The removal of all watermarks from PDFs is easier with desktop PDF applications. UPDF stands out as a dependable watermark removal tool among desktop apps. Try it now!