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The Ultimate CutePDF Editor Substitute You Need To Install Today

Owing to the large scale data and information management and sharing needs today, along with the credibility of PDF files in transferring data, it is a common requirement to edit PDF documents now and then, as suited to the varying data needs.

While you may land across a pool of choices when searching for affordable PDF editor software, the CutePDF editor is an excellent pick. This one is an online editor tool, available for free usage and that too without any download and installation requirements. Te tool works with any of your Windows, MacOS, Solaris and Linux devices on any latest and secure web browser.

The Best Alternative to CutePDF Editor

The CutePDF Editor is undoubtedly an excellent online tool for editing and modifying PDF documents, but if you are interested in searching for reliable alternatives to work with PDF files, the UPDF editor can set the issue straight for you, by adhering to all your PDF editing concerns in one go.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

cutepdf editor

Introducing the software, UPDF is a complete package of PDF modification features, ready to solve possibly any PDF editing concern you can think of. Additional advantages of the software include an integrated and responsive interface without a tech savvy usage. Access to the software does not cost you a penny and promises you of a quick and efficient solution to all your PDF based needs.

The UPDF editor lands among the best PDF editor software, owing to the following top rated and excellent features:

  • Using the UPDF editor software, you are free to edit PDF documents with a variety of choices, like add or delete text, while making format modifications within a PDF file. You can further, edit PDF images using the rotate, crop, extract or delete options.
  • Additional to being an excellent PDF editor, the software is also a top quality PDF viewer and reader tool.
  • You can use the software to annotate PDF text by means of specific text highlights, strike outs, underlines, notes and type writes.
  • You can also organize your PDF document by rotating, deleting, replacing, inserting, extracting and splitting pages within the file.
  • The UPDF editor further serves reliable file converter software that can be used to convert PDF documents into a diversity of editable file formats with its OCR feature.
  • The software keeps your data safe with making PDFs password protected and permission encrypted.
  • You can add digital and handwritten signatures to your PDF document with the UPDF editor and also try hands on creating and filling PDF forms.

Introduced to the world as the first unpaid PDF editing software, the UPDF editor is known for its highly convenient and responsive interface that limits the PDF editing task to a few minutes. The tool further ensures a high output quality with minimum editing requirements, in case you choose to take up a file conversion task.

User Guide to Edit PDF Files with the CutePDF Editor Alternative

Here's what you need to do for editing PDF documents using the UPDF editor software:

Step 1: Switch to the Editing Mode

To begin with, undertake launching of the UPDF editor software in your system and click "Open File" to open document on your computer. Next, you need to switch to the tool's editing mode. To do this, navigate to the left menu bar and click on 'Edit'. Once the editing mode is enabled, you can access the editing toolbar.

cute pdf editor

Step 2: PDF File Editing

In the editing toolbar, click on the '+ Text' symbol to add text to PDF. Adding a text box can change the outlook of your PDF document and you can use it to add additional text to your file. Move the cursor to the desired spot in your document, where you need to include the text. You will see a text box pop up. You can now use the box to add a text of your choice to the PDF file.

cute pdf editor

To edit the existing texts on PDF, please click to select the texts. You will see the purple bordered editing space. Here, you have the liberty to make text and image modifications within the PDF document. Working with the tool, you will get the feel of editing a normal Word document, while the PDF gets edited in a smooth and easy manner in just a few seconds. You can perform the operations of modifying, adding and deleting text or paragraphs in the PDF file.

The editor further allows you to make changes in the font size and style, color and indentation of any specific text by making a suitable selection. You will find the aforementioned formatting tools in the software's editing toolbar.

cute pdf editor

Step 3: PDF Image Editing

Additional to remarkable features for text editing, the UPDF editor permits you to edit images within PDF documents. All you need to do is, choose a particular image in the PDF and you are free to extract, crop, rotate or replace the image as desired.

cute pdf editor

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

How to Use the CutePDF Editor to Edit PDF

When beginning to edit PDF files with the CutePDF editor, follow the steps given below to get through the task:

cutepdf editor
  • Step 1: Start with opening the CutePDF Editor in any suitable web browser of your choice. It is however, recommended to use a latest one.
  • Step 2: In the welcome interface of the tool, navigate to and hit 'Open File' to upload a desired PDF document for editing.
  • Step 3: In the editor window, select any desired feature from the panel at the left to edit your document by cropping, adding, extracting or deleting resizing and rotating pages.
  • Step 4: Make your PDF document secure by choosing a suitable file security option from the left panel.
  • Step 5: You can further supplement your PDF file with header and footer according to your requirement.
  • Step 6: Consider changing the properties of your document if required, following which, you can proceed to download your edited PDF file.

If you are using Cute PDF editor, you have to access the Internet and upload your PDF to other's website. But using UPDF, your PDF document is more secure. And it is free.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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