The Best Nuance PDF Editor Alternative - Totally Free

Currently known as the Kofax PDF editor, the Nuance PDF editor is a top-notch document management application that allows for creating, editing, converting, assembling, and comparing PDF documents.

One of the strongest value propositions of the Kofax PDF editor is its collaborative function. With it, users of Nuance Power PDF editor can work together in real-time on the same document. It also possesses first-rate cloud compatibility meaning that users can have their works automatically backed up.

However, as excellent as the Nuance PDF editor is, some other software tools have stronger selling points. Here, we will discuss one of the best apps to use for your PDF management needs instead of undertaking a Nuance PDF editor free download.

The Best Alternative to Nuance PDF Editor

While there are several apps that can deliver more functionality than the Kofax PDF editor, one of the most recommendable is UPDF. The first thing you notice upon launching the UPDF software is its attractive interface which makes reading and viewing PDF files a delightful experience. Then the layout is designed to be easily navigable, and as such, you can seamlessly make your way around the first-rate features that the software offers.

One of such top-notch offerings is the range of annotating features. For example, rather than convert your PDF to another file format such as Word, you can underline or highlight texts using good colors. In addition, you can make extra notes on the PDF document, which may be useful when you are collaborating with others on the document.

You can also alter the layout of a document by modifying the pages. Actions you can take include extracting entire pages for use elsewhere. On the other hand, if you don't need the page any longer, you can delete it entirely. UPDF also allows you to insert new pages in between currently existing ones in a document. Users can as well split the PDF documents to create new ones.

One of the most useful offerings of UPDF is in its editing capabilities. You can modify texts by adding, deleting, or altering them. You can also tamper with images by rotating or cropping them. You can add new ones, replace existing ones, or entirely delete them if not needed.

Although these features can serve all your PDF editing needs, sometimes, it is better for documents to be left in certain original formats. UPDF offers excellent conversion software that transforms documents from configuration to another. So, for instance, if your PDF file is a presentation, you can switch it to PowerPoint. If it is a spreadsheet, then Excel will be appropriate. If, however, it is majorly a text-based file, you should consider Word. Other file types into which you can convert your PDF include images with configurations such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

Other actions you can carry out on the PDF file include protecting it through passwords or permissions and appending your signature.

How to Edit PDF Files with Nuance PDF Editor Alternative

Having agreed that UPDF is the PDF editing software, we ask the next obvious question: "How do I edit PDF files using the UPDF?" Below is a step-by-step process to get that done.

STEP 1: Launch the App's Editing Mode

The first thing to do is to make the app editable by activating its "Edit" feature. Before doing this, you need to open the file you wish to edit. Simply go to the "File" section of the app and click on "Open." Next, search for the file you wish to edit.

Upon opening the file, you will find the "Edit" button at the top-middle section of the app's interface.

STEP 2: Start Editing the Document

Activating the "Edit" button will reveal a toolbar that is closely similar to that of Microsoft Word.

It contains a range of editing options, and a blue borderline will form around the document's body on each page.

STEP 3: Edit the Texts

Things you can change in the texts include font type, size, and color and you can make them bolder or convert them to italics. Furthermore, you can modify, add, or delete entire paragraphs.

However, editing is not complete if you cannot change the texts. You can write new texts in the PDF document if you launch the Textbox which is represented in the toolbar by a giant "T" sign. Clicking on will reveal a textbox that you can drag to whatever section of the document you wish to edit.

There is a smaller "T" sign next to the earlier one, which is used for adding art texts.

STEP 4: Edit the Images

All you need to edit the images is to double-click them. Then, a small toolbar will pop up with options of actions that you can carry out on the selected image. Those actions are represented by certain symbols and include rotating, cropping, extracting and some basic manipulating.

How to Edit PDFs with Nuance PDF Editor

After your Nuance PDF editor free download, the next step is to learn the process of editing your PDF files using the software's Advanced Editor tool. The steps are outlined below:

nuance pdf editor free download

1)   Set up for the Document for Editing

Open the document in the Nuance Power PDF editor and go to the top of the page. In the 'Edit' toolbar, you will find the "Convert to editable" function. Additionally, you have the option to choose between "Document" and "Form" based on the type of file you are to edit.

2)   Convert and Edit

After the initial settings, click on "Convert." The document becomes editable thereafter. You can now add, delete, and modify texts. Upon completion of the necessary edits, click on the "Close Advanced Editor" command to save your changes.

3)   Add Notes, Textboxes and Callouts

Also in the Edit toolbar, you find symbols for Notes, Textboxes, and Callouts. Select which one you want to add and go to the area of the document where they are to be added. You can use Dragon Notes to use voice-typing to enter the notes or texts.

4)   Edit Images

In the same Edit toolbar is the sign, "Edit Object." Clicking on it enables you to edit images. Functions that you can carry out on the images include flipping, rotating, arranging, and cropping.


The Nuance PDF Editor, now known as the Kofax PDF editor, offers excellent functionality and smooth user experience. However, there are better alternatives. With excellent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capacity and the ability to organize PDFs as desired, the UPDF is the PDF editing app to install. Here, we have thoroughly outlined steps to edit your PDF files on UPDF.