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5 Best SmallPDF Alternatives: More Powerful Solutions for Your Needs

When it comes to working with PDF files, many users think of the SmallPDF service. But is it really that good? Let's find out.

We test the software and have analyzed the opinions of users on forums, it can be noted that many of them face problems with SmallPDF, namely:

  • Limited, mediocre set of functions
  • Low speed when processing large documents
  • Conversion of PDF files to text does not always work correctly
  • Daily limit on document downloads, which is not very convenient for freelancers or small businesses.
  • High price of pricing plans.

Is there an alternative to SmallPDF that is more convenient to use, with powerful functionality and an extended set of features for working with documents? Definitely yes!

5 Best SmallPDF Alternatives

1. UPDF - No.1 SmallPDF Alternative on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

UPDF is a service undoubtedly worthy of your attention. First of all, thanks to its powerful working mechanism and advanced set of features such as:

  • Optical character recognition in scanned images. The use of artificial intelligence allows you to minimize the time of digitization of the material.
  • With the help of batch processing, it is possible to convert several individual files into the desired format. The original formatting is retained without loss of quality. Your PDF document will look just like the original file.
  • UPDF AI - amazes us from the first minute of use. This AI-based chatbot is able to bring your PDF document to life: make a brief subsumption, translate the text into the desired language, explain any highlighted text fragment, write a grammatically correct answer to a question.

You can download UPDF here.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

smallpdf alternative updf

UPDF Over SmallPDF in:

Let's compare both of these applications in more detail to see clearly how UPDF is better than SmallPDF.

PriceUPDF pro 29,99 $ /yearSmallPDF pro 96 $/ year
Supported platformsWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidOnline service, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Customer Rating4.5/54/5
Customer SupportTechnical Support on DemandTechnical Support on Demand
AI integrated
Batch Processing
Create PDF forms

UPDF stands out obviously from this comparison. It is much cheaper and with more advanced features like AI related features, OCR, Batch processing and more. To have a better idea about UPDF, you can see how the famous media says about us here.

Download the software, check all the features by following up the below video,  and purchase pricing plan if you want to upgrade to pro version.

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2. iLovePDF - The Best Online Alternative to SmallPDF

The set of functions in the free version of iLovePDF is more than enough for the user to solve work tasks, that's why it is the good alternative to SmallPDF.

In addition to the standard features, the following features are available: page numbering, converting HTML pages, converting PDF to PowerPoint presentations, text recognition and much more.

smallpdf alternative ilovepdf

iLovePDF over SmallPDF in:

To understand how ilovePDF is better than SmallPDF, it is better to have a comparison table. You can check all details here.

Access to all tools27 tools for working with files21 tools for working with files
Batch processing of documentsMerge PDF – max 20 files per optionRotate PDF – max 20 files per optionNo option
Daily document download limit2 documents a day
Repair PDF
Html to PDF

These two tools are similar, but ILovePDF is better than SmallPDF in features. It has more features than SmallPDF.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is an easy-to-use software that allows you to view, print, sign, annotate PDF documents, and share them with other users.

smallpdf alternative adobe

Adobe Acrobat over SmallPDF in

Many similar features available in both Adobe Acrobat and SmallPDF, but to see the main differences and the availability of the necessary functions, let's look at the software comparison in the table below:

FeaturesAdobe AcrobatSmallPDF
Price122$/ year96 $/year
DevicesWindows, Mac OSWindows, Mac OS. iOS and Android
Batch Processing
Create PDF forms
Compare PDF
Redact PDF
Customer supportChat 24/7, technical support by e-mail requestTechnical support by e-mail request

After checking this table, you can know that Adobe Acrobat is much powerful then SmallPDF, however, its price is also very high.

4. PDFFiller

PDFFiller is also capable of helping the user in solving many everyday tasks with PDF files. The set of tools includes: converting PDF files into Word documents, making edits to documents, adding comments, merging or rearranging pages. The user can access their documents from anywhere and from any device.

smallpdf alternative pdffiller

PDFFiller over SmallPDF in

Each of them has a basic set of options for working with PDF documents. To decide which service is more suitable, let's compare the main differences in the table below.

Access to all tools24 tools for processing files21 tools for processing files
Batch processing
Daily document download
OCR PDF to Word
Create PDF forms

5. Sejda

Sejda is a good collection of tools for manipulating PDF files. A selection of the most popular functions is available: editing, stitching files into a single document, signing documents, pagination, converting between different formats.

smallpdf alternative sejda PDF

Sejda compared to SmallPDF in

The main difference between Sejda and SmallPDF is the larger list of features in the free version, while similar tools in SmallPDF are only available in the paid plan.

And what else is different between these two services is shown in the table below.

Access to all tools41 tools for processing files21 tools for processing files
Daily document download200 pages, 3 tasks per hour2 documents a day
OCR PDF to Word
Create PDF forms
Access Controls/Permissions


To work with PDF documents, various services and software are available to users, for example: UPDF, iLovePDF, Adobe Acrobat, PDFFiller and Sejda. Each of them is a good alternative to SmallPDF because it offers the user more functionality.

Among the above-mentioned services, the clear leader is UPDF. After all, it is capable of solving even complex and non-standard user tasks with the help of built-in artificial intelligence in a matter of minutes.

Download UPDF here to use it now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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