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Top 5 PDF Writer Apps with AI Worth Trying [Newest]

We are all living in a world where a large amount of data is generated every second. Most of the data generated are shared with different people for various purposes. Creating and sharing PDF files has become a regular task for most knowledge workers. If you are looking to share data or documents with a colleague or a friend in PDF format, it is likely that you are looking for a high-quality yet easy-to-use PDF Writer.

Top 5 PDF Writer Apps Free for Use

A number of PDF Writer-free apps are available for your Windows or Mac PC. These apps can be downloaded and installed from their official website or via the Store. To make your search easy, we have compiled a list of the top PDF writer apps.

1. UPDF - The Best AI-Enhanced PDF Writer

UPDF is a PDF Writer app available to write or annotate PDF files. This software offers a complete PDF solution that enables you to write text into a PDF file. You can choose to add texts in a PDF file in the edit mode, or you can select to write on a PDF file with the "Pencil" option under the annotate tab.

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The app comes with an extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface that requires no learning curve and enables even non-technical users to complete any action with a PDF file with ease. This all-in-one PDF editor also offers several security features like password protection and permission management.

This app offers great speed and performance. An app is industry-grade software that is suitable for work and personal needs. Users of this app often mention that they really like the interface.

It is available in several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean. Indeed, UPDF makes PDF writing and management tasks interesting and easy.

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2. Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is yet another PDF writer app. It is a full suite of PDF viewing, sharing, and editing features. It has been designed to make working with PDFs as convenient as possible. The app comes with plenty of options and an intuitive interface. It enables users to write, edit, save, share, and protect PDF files.

The main benefit of this app is that it comes with a lot of video tutorials for every step of PDF file management. The app lets you convert to and from various other formats as well.

While the app offers a good interface, it must be noted that this app is not fully free. It comes with a limited trial version, after which users have to purchase a full license which costs around $106 USD.

pdf writer app foxit

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

When you think of PDF, the first software vendor that comes to mind is probably Adobe. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a PDF writer. This app brings together all the tools required to easily write, convert, edit, sign, and share PDF files quickly. It also enables users to sign docs electronically.

This PDF writer app allows users to sync all their documents to the cloud and manage all files on the go with a secure login. The login helps sync with the same app on Android and iOS as well. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers some interesting features like tabbed viewing and document comparison.

Despite the pros, this app has a few cons. The app is not completely free and requires a credit card and physical address information just to access the trial. The post-trial license is also quite expensive and not everyone can afford the high cost. The app also collects usage information and not everyone may be very comfortable with this.

pdf text writer adobe acrobat

4. Kofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF is a PDF writer app designed to help businesses of all sizes create, convert, compile, and share PDF files. The software enables users to eSign PDF files with ease as well. The app allows you to convert PDF files into various formats including .doc, .xls, and .pptx. This software has built-in sync and integrates options that help to integrate the system with Google Drive and Dropbox to collaborate with colleagues on PDF files.

Undoubtedly, this app has several rich features and is extremely simple to use. It is also quite priced friendly. However, users of the app have reported that the customer service is not great and is slightly slow compared to other PDF writer apps.

pdf writer free download kofax power pdf

5. Soda PDF Desktop

Soda PDF Desktop allows users to create PDFs from any popular file format, and to convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT, image, HTML, and more. This app lets you merge multiple PDFs into a single, manageable document. You can also split a document into several, smaller-sized files. This desktop app as well as its online version gives you the convenient options of storing both your original and converted files in the cloud and sharing your documents with others via email.

Soda PDF Desktop is known for its pocket-friendly prices and ease of use. However, the customer service offered is not up to the mark, and features that require internet connectivity sometimes do not function very well on a network with low bandwidth.

pdf writer app soda pdf


There are a number of PDF writer apps available in the market. Most of these apps are a complete suite that lets you manage PDF files completely. However, it is important to identify the best PDF writer app that suits your needs and budget. Based on extensive analysis, it appears that the UPDF app is the best in the class app. The app lets you perform almost any action that you would like to perform on a PDF file. Try UPDF today and get a hassle-free PDF writing experience!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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