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Utilize Powerful PDF AI Features on the Go with Latest UPDF Update for iOS and Android

The powerful UPDF AI features are finally released on mobile devices with the latest UPDF version, 1.5.0 for iOS and 1.30.0 for Android devices. Now, you can summarize, translate, explain, and chat with UPDF AI on the go to enhance your PDF documents like never before.

PDF editors have long become crucial aspects of many companies and professional workflow due to their convenience, change, and management of any size of PDF documents. Add in the power of AI and enhancing your productivity on your mobile devices has made a significant breakthrough in how you manage PDF documents. UPDF streamlines your workflow through the cloud; whether you are at the office computer or working and editing on the go, the power now rests with the user.

updf ai is available on ios and android

Unlock The Power of AI on Android and iOS Devices

UPDF adds AI's massive quality and power to their mobile PDF editor, giving you unique tools in the palm of your hand. These innovative and unique features can transform your PDF to a whole new level of professionalism.

Summarize PDF

Whether you want to summarize a passage or the whole PDF document, UPDF AI has got you covered.

While you are reading a PDF document, UPDF AI allows you to select the text, press the Summarize button, and get the summary within seconds. No matter how complex or lengthy a passage is, the Summarize feature will simplify context in simple-to-understand words, allowing you to know what any document or passage is about.

summarize pdf with ai on ios

You can also Summarize a whole big PDF document if needed. Go to the top-right corner of your screen and click the last icon to reveal more tools. There you will see the "UPDF AI" icon appear afterward. Tap on the UPDF AI icon from there. You can now choose Ask PDF mode on the next screen. Click "Get Started" and UPDF AI will summarize the PDF automatically.

summarize pdf with ai on mobile app

Translate PDF

No matter the language of the PDF document, you can translate it into your native language by clicking the Translate button in UPDF. The translation is super accurate and near to native language understanding that is almost uncanny. The amazing part is it is done within seconds.

You can also make a PDF in your language and translate it into your client's language easily, making it easier for your clients or team members to read and understand in their language.

translate pdf on mobile

Explain PDF

Sometimes, you receive a PDF document where a content or idea isn't explained properly or is complex; Explain PDF has your back. This feature will elaborate the content, and using AI will add diverse details to explain it better to you.

The feature can also be used to elaborate any data, graphs, or charts in a simple context so you can make sense of a complex document. All it requires is selecting the "Explain" UPDF AI prompt.

explain pdf on mobile

Chat with UPDF AI

UPDF AI also incorporates ChatGPT to utilize the full power of chatting. Now you can ask the AI anything. Chat with UPDF AI to get the latest recipe, brainstorm new ideas to write, or simply refine what you wrote more concisely.

Creating and managing your content has never been this easy, making Chat UPDF AI an invaluable tool, which is the major highlight of AI coming to Android and iOS devices.

chat with pdf on mobile

The following video showcases all the key features of the UPDF for iOS app. Let's take a look now:

How to Get the AI Features on iOS and Android

Click the button below to download the UPDF from the App Store on your iOS devices or from Google Play on your Android devices.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Install the app once downloaded and enjoy the Work on the Go UPDF AI features.

With the latest UPDF updates to iOS and Android apps, you can now utilize the full potential of UPDF AI on your mobile devices and enhance your PDFs on the go. It doesn't matter if you were working on your computer; now, you can continue where you left off and continue that on mobile devices, enhancing your productivity.

Now, you can get all the fantastic features of UPDF AI by paying the add-on $5/month for full UPDF AI potential. Or you can purchase the UPDF AI add-on together with UPDF Pro with an exclusive discount. With one premium account, you can use UPDF on 4 devices, you can choose from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The AI benefits are shared across all platforms as long as you're using the same account.

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