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Create PDF on Mac with UPDF

UPDF, the all-in-one PDF editor, enables users to create PDFs from screen captures, clipboard, images, TXT, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAJ, and blank pages. So, if you are into converting your files into PDFs for convenient and secure sharing, you just have to download this platform and hop into the guides below to perform the easy steps to create your desired PDF.

Method 1. Creating a PDF from Other Files

Currently, UPDF supports the creation of PDFs from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAJ, TXT, and various image formats (PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.). Let's proceed to the guide!

  • Launch UPDF and navigate to the File menu.
  • Hover your cursor over the "Create" option to unveil the list and choose the relevant option. If you opt for the "PDF from Files" option, you can generate a PDF from all supported file formats. Alternatively, you can also select "PDF from Word," "PDF from Excel," and so forth.
Create PDF on Mac with UPDF
  • You'll be asked to choose a document from your device. After selecting, press the "Open" button, and UPDF will automatically convert the chosen file into a PDF. Simply pick a location to save it.
  • Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file you want to convert directly into UPDF; this action will also convert it to a PDF.

Method 2. Creating a PDF from Images

Besides the Microsoft Office file formats, you can also create PDFs from your image (.png, .jpg .jpeg, .bmp, and .gif). Here is how you can do that:

  • Open UPDF and go to the File tab.
  • Select Create and then PDF from the Image option.
Create PDF from images with UPDF for Mac
  • Next, select your desired image from the storage. You can also select multiple images.
  • UPDF will prompt you later if you want to combine all images in one PDF.
UPDF for Mac create PDF from images
  • If you select Yes, UPDF will combine them into a single PDF with multiple pages, you can later manage the pages and edit them if you want; if you select No, UPDF will create several PDFs for you, simply select a location to save them one by one.

Method 3. Creating a PDF from Screen Captures or Clipboard

With UPDF for Mac, you can also create a PDF from screen captures or the clipboard. Follow the steps below to accomplish this:

Navigate to "File" and select the creation method from the provided options: "PDF from Selection Capture," "PDF from Windows Capture," "PDF from Screen Capture," or "PDF from Clipboard."

UPDF create PDF from screenshots


  1. If you opt for "PDF from Selection Capture," you can capture a screenshot with a fixed size, and UPDF will automatically convert it into a PDF.
  2. If you choose "PDF from Windows Capture," UPDF will capture the current window's screen and transform it into a PDF.
  3. If you select "PDF from Screen Capture," UPDF will capture the windows on your desktop and convert them into a PDF.
  4. If you select "PDF from Clipboard," UPDF will convert the last copied image into a PDF.

Once you have selected your desired option, UPDF will automatically create a PDF from your selection and open it.

Method 4. Creating a PDF from a Blank Page

Besides the above methods, you can create one from a blank page and later edit it to build a PDF from scratch. You can create forms, add innovative form fields, or make cards for your loved ones. UPDF's advanced features will make the entire process a breeze. Here is how you can create a PDF from a blank page with UPDF:

  • Navigate to the top left corner and click on the File option.
  • Select Create and then select Blank Page.
  • Once created, you can play with different UPDF features to craft your desired PDF and save and share it with whomever you want.
Create PDF from blank pages with UPDF
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