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Share PDF Documents

1. Share PDF via Link

UPDF allows you to share your PDF via a link for collaboration. Click the "Share this file with others" icon on the right toolbar. There are two options for you to share the link:

  • You can enter the receiver's email and click "Send". Your receivers will receive an email.
  • You can also click the "Copy Link" option to send the link to your receivers yourself.
share pdf document

(Note: You can choose the link Expiration Time from "Never, 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days". You can also allow or disallow the "Copy/Download/Print" permissions by switching the box)

By opening the link, the receivers can view your PDF and search for text on it. The receivers can also download, copy, and print the PDF document (if allowed by the owner of the document) by signing into their UPDF account. If they have the UPDF app installed, they can click "Open with UPDF" to open it directly in the app.

share pdf link

2. Email Your PDF

If you want to send the file by email as an attachment, click the "Send file by email" icon on the right toolbar.

email your pdf
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