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Organize Pages on Mac

UPDF allows you to insert, replace, extract, split, rotate, delete, and reorder pages in PDF.

To organize pages in PDF, you need to click the Organize Pages icon on the left toolbar to enter into the page management mode.

page management

1. Insert Pages

You can insert pages into PDF documents easily. Under the Insert menu, there are two options for you to choose from:

  • Blank Page - By selecting this option, you can insert a blank page.
  • From File - By selecting this option, you can insert PDF pages from other PDF documents.
add pages to pdf

2. Replace Pages

UPDF for Mac supports replacing pages from other PDFs.

  • Firstly, select a single page, or multiple pages on your PDF document.
  • Secondly, click the Replace option.
  • Lastly, select the PDF document and click Open.

Note: If you select a single page, it will replace it with the first page of the other PDF. If you select multiple pages, let's say three pages, then it will replace the three pages with the first three pages of the other PDF.

replace pages

3. Extract Pages

UPDF allows you to easily extract specific pages of a PDF file and create a new file from them. Here's the process:

  • Go to Organize Page mode.
  • Select the page or pages to extract.
  • Click the Extract icon in the top toolbar.
  • The chosen pages will be extracted to a new PDF file, which you can save to a local folder.
extract pages in pdf

4. Split Pages

UPDF allows you to split a PDF into multiple small PDF documents by the Number of Pages.

Go to the Split option, and select the Number of Pages for each PDF. Finally, click the Split button, and choose a folder for the split PDFs.

split pdf

5. Rotate Pages

PDF pages are sometimes disoriented, meaning some pages may be in Portrait mode while others are in Landscape mode. you can easily change the orientation of a page using the Page feature, for which you'll see the icon at the top when a PDF file is open.

  • To rotate a page, click on Organize Page.
  • Choose the page or pages to be rotated.
  • Next, in the top toolbar, choose Rotate Counterclockwise or Rotate Clockwise to rotate the pages in that direction.
rotate pages in pdf

All selected pages will be rotated instantly.

6. Remove Pages

Any unwanted page or pages in a PDF document can be quickly removed using the process steps shown below:

  • Click the Organize Page function in the main document view.
  • Select the pages to be deleted.
  • Click the Delete Pages option in the top toolbar. Alternatively, click the Del key on your keyboard.
  • Save the file with the deleted pages.
delete pages in pdf

7. Select Page Range

Go into Organize Page mode. The first action in page organizing is to select the page or pages to be manipulated.

You can do this by selecting a page range or one of the preset options.

  • Odd Pages
  • Even Pages
  • Portrait Pages
  • Landscape Pages
  • All Pages
select page range

Alternatively, you can click a single page manually to select it; to select multiple pages manually, use the CMD key and select multiple pages.

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