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Add Link to PDF on Mac

Adding links across a PDF document is vital to make it extensive and connected to the information being provided. Let's see how to add and edit links in PDF using UPDF for Mac.

Add Link

For adding a link, click on the Edit PDF tab on the left column. Select the option of Link from the top and tap anywhere across the PDF to add a link.

add link to pdf

You can select the option of Link to Web or Link to Page according to your need. On specifying "Link to Web," provide the respective URL to be linked. For "Link to Page," specify the page number of the same PDF that is to be linked.

add link

Edit Link

Select any added link on your PDF and click the Properties button.

In the protruding menu, set the Link Type, Line Style, Line Thickness, and Color to edit the added link.

edit link in pdf

Delete Link

To delete a link from a PDF, right-click on it and select the option of Delete.