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Key Features of UPDF

Eyes-friendly PDF Reader and Annotator

UPDF provides intuitive navigation tools and extensive annotation tools to add highlights, text boxes, shapes and other elements to PDFs directly.

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Edit Text in PDF

Edit text content in PDFs like what you usually do in Word documents. You can edit the font and size of the original text without leaving your PDFs. (Only available in the Mac version)

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Built-in PDF Image Editor

Click an image to edit it, then resize, reposition, replace, copy, delete or crop the image in an easy-to-use interface with helpful snap-to guidelines. (Only available in the Mac version)

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Intuitive Page Management

Extract PDF pages, rotate them, reorder them, replace them, delete them, or add new pages easily and efficiently.

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Upcoming Features


You can easily move and resize the image or object, drag it to the desired location. Also, you can extract, replace, crop, delete and rotate PDF pages.

pdf forms


Fill PDF forms with intuitive form-field highlighting. Create and add electronic signatures to your PDF forms using multiple options.

convert pdf


Extensive file format support. Create PDFs from other file types and convert PDFs to other formats quickly and accurately.

protect pdf


Keep confidential information from falling into the wrong hands with Enterprise-grade password security and restrictions.

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