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Organize Pages in PDF with UPDF

Sometimes the PDF layout gets tricky with the format shapes of the pages. To present the PDF documents professionally, you need to rotate pages to look organized.

First, click the Organize Pages icon on the left toolbar to access the page management tools.

organize pages icon

1. Insert Pages

UPDF allows you to insert pages into a PDF document. Go to the Insert option on the page management toolbar and there are two options:

  • Blank Page: By selecting the "Blank Page" option, you can insert a blank page after the page you select. (If you didn't select any page, the blank page will appear as the last page.)
  • From File: By selecting the "From File" option, you can select another PDF file and insert all the pages of it into your current PDF document.
insert pages in pdf

2. Replace Pages

UPDF also allows you to replace pages with another PDF file.

  • Select a single page or multiple pages you want to replace.
  • Click the Replace option.
  • Select the PDF file that you want to replace the current pages, and click Open. All the selected pages will be replaced.

Note: If you select a single page, it will replace it with the first page of the other PDF. If you select multiple pages, let's say three pages, then it will replace the three pages with the first three pages of the other PDF.

3. Extract Pages

You can also extract pages in UPDF to create a new file. Here's how it needs to be done:

Go to the page management mode by clicking the Organize Pages menu.

Select the pages you want to extract from your PDF. After selecting the pages, click on Extract in the top toolbar.

extract pages in pdf

Select a folder to save the extracted pages and click Save. The pages you choose will automatically be extracted to a new file, which you will find on the local storage location you just selected.

Video Guide on How to Extract PDF Pages from PDF

4. Split Pages

You can split a PDF by the number of pages with UPDF.

  • Select the Split option on the page management toolbar.
  • Enter the number of pages for each of your split PDF files.
  • Click the Split button. Select the folder and save the split PDF files.

5. Rotate Pages

To rotate a particular page, simply click on the page, and click the Left or Right option in a specific direction.

rotate pages in pdf

Note: You can also hold CTRL to select multiple pages to rotate together.

6. Delete Pages

You can also delete unwanted pages from your PDF documents. Here's how you can delete pages from your document:

Go to the primary Organize Pages function.

Select the pages that you want to delete. Click the Delete option from the top of the toolbar, or press the delete key on your keyboard.

delete pages in pdf

After deleting the pages, don't forget to save the file.

Video Tutorial on How to Delete Pages from PDF

7. Select Page Range

You can select the page range to organize PDF pages to utilize the page order. Click the Organize Pages icon first and then click the Select Pages option.

select page range

There are plenty of options available for determining the page range:

—Odd Pages
—Even Pages
—Portrait Pages
—Landscape Pages
—All Pages

Click the button you need, or you can also enter the number to select the page range and click Select.

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