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Header and Footer in PDF

Add Header & Footer in PDF

Headers and footers can prove to be quite effective for PDF documents where you want to provide important information related to the document.

After importing the PDF document, click on the "Page Tools" button on the left panel and select "Header & Footer" from the top. Proceed by clicking on the "Add" button on the right column.

add header and footer
  • Set Layout and Content

As you find the parameter section on the right, lead through the options and select any appropriate "Layout" from the available options.

header and footer layout

Include the header & footer data in the "Content" and lead through to set the font style, color, and underlining.

the content of header and footer
  • Insert Date to PDF

Tap on the "Insert Date" button and select an appropriate format for the dates.

insert date in pdf
  • Insert Page Number to PDF

Click the "Insert Page Number" button adjacent to it and specify the format for the page numbers.

insert page number to pdf
  • Set Page Range

On the drop-down menu below, select the page number format out of the available options and define the font size of the header & footer. Set the margins for the header & footer that is to be included and tap on the "Double-Arrow" icon on the top-right to set the page range. Define the page range or include the option of setting the header & footer on the odd and even pages.

setting the page range, size, and margin of header and footer

Click the "Save" button to set this template and apply to put up the header & footer.

Edit Header & Footer in PDF

If you wish to edit the header & footer, click on "Page Tools" and proceed to click on the "Header & Footer" section on the top.

You will find the template in the right column. Hover the cursor on the template and click the "Edit Header & Footer" to open the editing panel on the right. Change the settings of the header & footer accordingly.

edit header and footer

Remove Header & Footer in PDF

To remove the header & footer from the PDF, you must hover your cursor on the added template and click the "Remove Header & Footer" button.

remove header and footer