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How to Chat with Image? (Step by Step)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has empowered us to accomplish impossible things. Here we introduce you to a unique platform. UPDF Online AI Assistant, where you can chat with an image. Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, but it is completely true, and we will show you how to use it step-by-step. You can do a lot of things using this online tool like extracting text from the image, generating content based on the image, identifying image content, solving questions, translating text in the image, etc. It is simple to use and is just like giving a prompt to any Chatbot. Don't worry about the cost, the first thirty prompts are free to us and the paid version is also very cheap. Once you get the subscription, you can also download the UPDF desktop app by clicking the below button which will even allow you to chat with a PDF. Imagine where it will take your work efficiency. You can try using this online tool right now by using this link.  

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Part 1. How to Extract Text from Image by AI Chatting with Image

Sometimes you take an image of a receipt or an excerpt from a book or screenshot an image with an important message, but you have to use a special software with optical character recognition (OCR) feature to extract text from the image. But now, you can extract text from any image file using UPDF's AI Assistant Online. To do so, follow these simple steps.

Step-1. Open UPDF Online AI Assistant. Upload the image file with text using the attachment icon at the bottom of the screen.

chat with image upload the image to UPDF's AI Assistant Online

Step-2. Now write the prompt "Extract text from the image" and hit the "Enter" key. Within a few moments, the extracted text will appear on the screen.

chat with image extract text from image with UPDF's AI Assistant Online 

Step 3. Now, you can click on the "Copy" icon to copy and paste the content to where you need.

Part 2. How to Generate Content by Chatting with Image

If you are running out of content ideas, you can use UPDF's AI Online Assistant to generate the content based on the image.  You can even specify the number of ideas UPDF's Online AI Assistant should generate for you so that you have a choice. Just follow these simple steps to generate content using this online app.

Step-1. Open UPDF's Online AI Assistant and upload the image using the "Attachment" icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step-2. Write the prompt "Generate content and give me 10 options" and hit "Enter". The content will appear on the screen in a few seconds.

chat with image generate the content based on the image with UPDF's Online AI Assistant

Step 3. Let's say you are making content for a product advertisement. You can ask the UPDF's AI Assistant Online to generate that by uploading the image and then giving the prompt like in the example below, "Write ads content to promote this bakery. No more than 10 words".

chat with image generate the ad content based on the image with UPDF's Online AI Assistant.

Step 4. Now, you can pick up the one you like and rewrite if you feel it is not perfect. Of you can click on the "Regenerate" to get better options.

Part 3. How to Identify and Suggest by Chatting with Image

You may have an image that you want to identify. You can use UPDF's Online AI Assistant to identify the image and also ask for suggestions on how to take an image like this. To do any of these follow these steps.

Step-1. Upload the image file using the attachment icon, for instance, the one you want to identify. Then write the prompt "Where is this picture taken?" and hit the "Enter" key. The assistant will identify the picture and will also give a brief of where it is taken.

chat with image identify the image location with UPDF's AI Assistant Online

Step-2. To ask for suggestions about how to take the picture like this, you can upload the image, then give the prompt "How to take a picture like this?". The assistant will blurt out a bunch of ideas for you in a moment.

chat with image take a picture

Part 4. How to Study by Chatting with Image

UPDF's Online AI Assistant can help you with your studies. Let's say you have a math problem to solve but you don't just need the answer but also want to know the method. The UPDF's AI Online Assistant will not just give you the answer but also provide you with the method in detail. Follow these steps to do something like that.

Step-1. Take an image or screenshot of the problem and save it as an image.

Step-2. Open UPDF's AI assistant Online and upload the screenshot image file using the "attachment" icon.

Step-3. Write the prompt to solve the problem. For example, you can say "Solve the problem". You don't have to use the exact prompt. You can also use something similar but not the same. Then press the "Enter" key. The assistant will solve the problem and will also explain how the problem was solved.

chat with image Solve the math problem with UPDF's Online AI Assistant

Part 5. How to Translate the Image to Desired Language by Chatting with Image

If you want to translate text in the image file, UPDF's Online AI assistant can definitely help you with that. May it be a foreign product description, menu items, or a set of instructions written in a language you don't know. Just follow these steps to translate the text.

Step-1. Upload the image on UPDF AI Assistant online using the "Attachment" icon.

Step-2. Write in the prompt bar what you want, for instance, "Translate the text to Spanish". The UPDF's Online AI assistant will translate the text for you in a matter of seconds.

chat with image translate the text in image with UPDF's Online AI Assistant Online

Step 3. Just copy the translated the content if you need.

Final Words

Until a few years back it was considered dramatic to even think about chatting with an image. Now with UPDF's Online AI Assistant, you can actually chat with an image. Visit UPDF.AI right now and enjoy all the great features and see what all you can accomplish and enjoy.

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