How to Translate PDF to Any Language with AI, Including ChatGPT

AI-powered language translation tools have made significant growth in recent years, thanks to the development of advanced machine learning models such as ChatGPT. These models are trained on extensive datasets and can generate human-like text in multiple languages. Using various tools, you can easily translate PDFs and overcome language obstacles with remarkable precision.

Numerous tools and software solutions can effortlessly perform PDF translation tasks. However, one notable tool, UPDF, is the best PDF translator, which will further streamline the translation process using AI models. In this detailed guide, we will explore how you can seamlessly utilize AI, including ChatGPT, to translate PDF documents.

Part 1. How to Translate PDF with UPDF AI and ChatGPT

Translating PDF files using AI has become increasingly popular, allowing users to translate large PDFs without requiring manual input. In a very exciting way, the UPDF for Windows and Mac is now integrated with ChatGPT and introduces AI features to enhance user experience and functionality.

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UPDF AI with translating PDF to any language

The AI translation feature allows users to convert text in PDF documents to any language. This will make it easier for people to understand and communicate across language barriers. Follow the steps below to translate a PDF document into any language.

Step 1. Open PDF file

If you want to translate a PDF file, you should open the PDF file in UPDF first. Drag the PDF into UPDF's interface, or click the "Open File" option on the main interface.

open the pdf file for translation

Step 2. Translate the PDF Document

After opening the PDF file, click the "UPDF AI" icon on the right-bottom corner.

You will enter the "Chat" mode. Click the "Prompt" option and select "Translate". Choose the language you want to translate into and copy the content from a PDF file or input the content you want to translate and send it to the chat. UPDF AI will smartly and quickly translate it.

Alternatively, you can input your content in the message box without selecting the prompt and ask the UPDF AI to help you translate it into any language directly.

Translate PDF file using UPDF AI

Part 2. How to Translate PDF with DeeL

Furthermore, DeepL is a leading AI-powered translation service that offers high-quality translations in multiple languages. This method allows you to take advantage of DeepL's powerful translation engine to translate your PDF.

Steps to Translate PDF Using DeepL

Here we will help you explore how to translate PDF files using Deepl. Give a detailed read to each step before applying:

Step 1: Open the PDF you want to translate into UPDF

Head to the browser and search for DeepL Translator. Scroll down and find the "Download it-it's free" button and select it. Once downloaded, open this tool on your system. Now on the DeepL tool, import the PDF files and set the "Translate files" and "into" languages for smooth translation. Click "Translate" to start the progress now.

translate pdf files to any language

Step 2: Translate the PDF File

Following this, select the "Download" icon on the DeepL interface to download the translated PDF. Once you get the result, you can copy and paste the translated version at the required place.

Part 3. How to Use AI to Translate a Scanned PDF Document

Can I Translate a Scanned PDF Document?

Yes, you can translate a scanned PDF document by utilizing OCR technology. One way to achieve this is using the UPDF, which supports OCR functionality. By following these steps, you can OCR a scanned PDF document and smoothly translate its contents:

Step 1: Open UPDF on Your Device

Install and locate the latest version of UPDF on your computer. You either right-click and select "Open" or double-click the tool to open it. Next, import the scanned PDF document into the UPDF. You can do this by clicking the "Open File" option and selecting the scanned PDF file from your computer's storage.

Step 2: OCR the PDF File Using the Proper Tool

After opening the scanned PDF in the UPDF, locate the OCR feature. Tap the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button under the search icon. If you are using it for the first time, you will need to download OCR before using it.

translate pdf with ocr

Step 3: Customize the OCR Settings

Following this, you will need to customize the settings. Under the "Document Type," make sure you have selected "Searchable PDF." Furthermore, set the "Layout" and "Document Language" for better results. After the settings are customized, tap the "Perform OCR" button, and your scanned document will be editable.

ai translate pdf with ocr

Note: After performing OCR, all the text on the PDF document will become copyable and editable. You can now use the UPDF AI feature to translate as we explained in the part 1 section.

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Part 4. How to Translate PDF Online Free with Google Translate

Google Translate is a powerful tool that can help you AI translate PDF files, text, or web pages. It is widely used all over the world and supports over 135 languages. You can easily translate your documents into your desired language with Google Translate. Moreover, it can be used on computers, Android devices, and iPhones/iPads. Follow the steps below to translate your PDFs efficiently:

Step 1: Open the Google Translate website using your web browser. Choose how you want to provide the text you want to translate. You can either upload a file from your computer or copy and paste the text from another source. You can also type the text directly on the Google Translate page.

google translate pdf

Step 2: Place the text you wish to translate in the left column. However, in case Google Translate doesn't detect the language automatically, you can manually choose the language from the provided options. To upload the PDF, press the "Browse your Computer" button in the "Documents" tab.

Step 3: Google Translate automatically translates the content into your preferred language in the "Text" tab. Moreover, you have the option to manually select the desired language. In the case of the document upload procedure, simply click on the "Translate" button to initiate the process.


  • Advancing Neural Machine Translation
  • Effortless and Swift Translation
  • Useful Translation Drafting Aid
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace


  • Unable to Translate an Imaged-based File
  • Cannot Detect Scanned PDFs
  • No High-quality Results

Part 5. Benefits of Using AI to Translate PDF Files

Using AI to translate PDFs offers several benefits compared to traditional translation methods like Glossaries. AI translation algorithms have improved significantly in recent years, enabling more accurate and appropriate translations. With that, there are many more benefits included, such as:

  • Extensive Languages: AI translation technology supports over 100 languages and provides translation options for more than 250 language combinations, offering a wide range of language solutions to meet diverse needs.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: AI-powered translation can automatically convert texts into various formats, enabling seamless integration with existing workflows. This facilitates collaboration between AI translation systems and human translators, enhancing productivity and accelerating project timelines.
  • Cost and Time Savings: By utilizing AI translation tools, organizations can obtain high-quality translations swiftly, reducing cost and delivery times. This enables businesses to optimize resources and allocate them to other critical tasks.
  • Improved Accuracy: Systems continually learn and improve from vast amounts of data, enhancing the accuracy of AI translation tools over time. This ensures better-quality translations and reduces human translators' need for extensive post-editing.
  • Industry-Specific Terminology: AI translation systems can be trained to recognize and translate industry-specific terms and jargon accurately, ensuring precision and maintaining the intended meaning within specialized fields.

Part 6. FAQs on Translating PDF Files

1. How can I translate a PDF to English for free?

Translating a PDF to English for free is a breeze. You can use an online tool available on various websites. Search for a reputable platform that offers this service. Next, upload the PDF file that you wish to translate.

In the tool, you will typically have the option to select the original language of the PDF and choose English as the target language. After specifying these language preferences, initiate the translation process.

2. How do I translate a PDF of more than 10 MB?

If you have a PDF file that exceeds 10MB and needs to translate, it is recommended to utilize a desktop solution for a faster process. You can use UPDF AI, which will provide the capability to translate PDFs of any size.

3. How to Translate a PDF on Mac?

UPDF for Mac is integrated with ChatGPT, enabling users to translate their PDFs directly on their Mac system. This will ensure a stable and reliable translation experience, particularly if you prefer to avoid using online tools.

Wrapping Up

All in all, using the power of AI, such as ChatGPT, can transform how we translate PDF files. With the few simple steps mentioned above, you can unlock the potential of AI-driven translation tools like UPDF AI. It offers powerful translation capabilities backed by AI. Explore the features and see how they can enhance your PDF translation experience.

Furthermore, UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editing tool that enables users to translate PDF files seamlessly within the editor.

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