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Chat with Any PDF. Get Instant Summaries and Answers with AI Assistant Online. Use It Now

5 ChatPDF Alternatives: Our Top Recommendations

 ChatPDF is a popular AI-powered PDF assistant that allows you to summarize, extract key points, and ask questions about PDF documents. However, some users find ChatPDF lacking when it comes to accurately summarizing technical papers, extracting tables and figures, and answering complex questions about research papers. In this article, we'll introduce 5 top alternatives to ChatPDF that offer enhanced natural language processing capabilities. We'll look at options like UPDF, TextCortex AI, ChatGPT, AskYourPDF, and PDF.AI. Whether you're looking to switch from ChatPDF for better comprehension of research literature or find your first AI PDF assistant, this list will help you discover the best ChatPDF alternatives based on your needs. Read on to find an AI assistant that can handle complex scientific and technical PDFs more accurately than ChatPDF.

Part 1. 5 Best ChatPDF Alternatives

 Here are 5 top alternatives to ChatPDF worth considering:

1.UPDF - The Best Alternative to ChatPDF on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

UPDF with ChatGPT ingegration (UPDF AI) is an advanced AI assistant that helps users summarize their PDFs and chat with them instantly and with high accuracy. It also enables users to translate, generate answers from documents, and generate writings all in one place. With its integrated OCR, UPDF unlocks scanned PDFs so you can summarize, translate, rewrite and ask questions about them too. It works seamlessly across Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Download UPDF now to start boosting your productivity with AI-powered PDF tools.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

updf ai

Key Features:

  • Combine PDF files
  • Create and edit PDF forms
  • Compress PDFs
  • Eyes-friendly PDF Reader and Annotator
  • OCR Text in PDF
  • Edit Text and Image in PDF
  • Convert from or to PDF
  • Summarize, Translate, Explain, And Write PDFs


  • Powerful AI can accurately summarize complex research papers and textbooks
  • Multilingual translation for over 100 languages
  • Generates thoughtful explanations of concepts and analyses
  • Free version has robust features like OCR and annotation
  • Available as multi-platform web, mobile, and desktop apps
  • Syncs across devices to access PDFs and summaries anywhere


  • Limited capabilities in free version

Overall, UPDF is a top choice as an AI-powered ChatPDF alternative with broad platform support and handy OCR features. Click here to download UPDF. And to have an overall understanding of the UPDF, we recommend you to chech how the big media to say about UPDF here and what YouTubers think of UPDF here.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. TextCortex AI

TextCortex is an AI-powered solution that tackles a wide range of writing tasks and caters to your style and needs. It can quickly summarize long PDF files into concise overviews using its algorithms. The summarization keeps key details while reducing large documents down to the main points. It uses AI to intelligently extract specific data from PDFs, like names, addresses, figures and more.

text.cortex upload document

Key Features: 

  • AI to summarize, translate, rewrite, explain and chat about PDFs
  • Built-in OCR for scanned PDFs and images
  • Support PDF, Word, PPT, image files
  • Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


  • Advanced NLP can quickly summarize long, complex PDFs with high accuracy
  • Great for extracting tables, figures, and other key data from research papers
  • Ask questions in plain language to get thoughtful summaries and analysis
  • Achieves 90%+ accuracy even when handling technical subject matter
  • Allows for collaborative analysis by sharing summaries with colleagues


  • No OCR capabilities for scanned documents
  • Limited editing features beyond AI analysis

3. ChatGPT - ChatPDF Free Alternative

ChatGPT is a conversational AI that has gained popularity for its natural language abilities. However, it currently struggles to summarize PDF content without the full text and fails many AI detection tests.


Key Features:

  • AI chatbot to summarize long contents, translate, write, and rewrite.


  • Free for users
  • Conversational interface


  • No direct PDF analysis features
  • Cannot handle scanned PDFs

4. AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF is a powerful ChatGPT plugin that transforms PDF documents and other formats into an interactive conversational tool, allowing you to extract valuable insights and simplify data analysis tasks. By using natural language processing, AskYourPDF bridges the gap between static PDFs and dynamic data exploration.


Key Features: 

  • Annotation and collaboration abilities
  • PDF editing features
  • Cloud storage integration
  • OCR support


  • Convenient web and mobile access
  • Straightforward AI for summarization
  • Translation and outlining capabilities


  • Free version is limited
  • Only supports text-based PDFs


PDF.AI is a GPT (uses the popular Ai PDF plugin) that Intelligently analyze PDFs, summarize, rewrite, explain content, and ask questions for a transformative PDF experience and allows you to chat and ask questions of your PDF documents and have it explained to you by ChatGPT.     


Key Features: 

  • Chat with multiple PDFs simultaneously
  • Supports GPT-4
  • Reads image-based PDFs too
  • Invite team members to collaborate
  • interactive PDFs
  • Optional private mode prevents the system from storing the document on its servers
  • Integrations with Dropbox and Drive
  • Offers a chrome extension


  • Chat with multiple PDFs simultaneously
  • Supports GPT-4
  • Reads image-based PDFs too
  • Simple interface fit for beginners and proficient alike
  • The advanced search and organization make it easier to find documents quickly


  • You need a paid subscription for optimal use

Part 2. Which ChatPDF Alternative is Better? 

Free Version1.Only 3 PDF files supported.
2.Ask 30 questions only.
3.Only can work with up to 10MB per PDF and 100 pages per PDF.
1.20 creations per day
2.Up to 3 custom personas
3.Up to 3 knowledge bases
4.Maximum of 100MB storage
5.Translation & creation in 25+ languages  
-100 pages per document(max 15MB)
-50 questions per day
-3 conversations per day
-1 document per day  
-Max file size-10MB
-500 max Monthly questions
-PDF upload limit-1  
-200 AI words per day  
PriceIt has two pricing category for UPDF AI:
-UPDF AI Add-on :US$8.00/m
-UPDF AI Add-on: $55 per year.
And if you need to UPDF Pro, you can check the below price:
-UPDF Pro US$29.99/Year  
-UPDF Pro (Perpetual Plan) US$49.99  
Has 2 pricing 
-Unlimited $83.99/month
-LITE starting at $5.59/month
ChatGPT Plus: $20/month  Two pricing: 
Has three pricing; 
Pro $15/month
Ultimate $25/user/month
Unlimited $20/month  
Summarize PDF(By copying and pasting)
Translate PDF(By copying and pasting)
Write PDF
Rewrite PDF
Chat for PDF
Scanned PDF and Images Supported
Platforms SupportedAvailable in Windows, Mac, iOS, and AndroidWebsite Mobile App Browser-Extension  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS  Website Mobile App Browser-Extension  Website Browser-Extension  Web-based
Customer Rating4.6/54.8/55.0/54.6/5      4.5/54.3/5      

Taking into account the features, platform support, and user ratings, UPDF stands out as the top ChatPDF alternative. Its robust AI capabilities, cross-platform compatibility, and wide array of features make it a versatile and reliable choice for your PDF needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Now, you can pick up any one tool above as the ChatPDF alternative. However, if you need a replacement for ChatPDF that combines offline access, excellent AI capabilities, broad platform support, and OCR for scanned PDFs, UPDF is a recommended all-in-one solution. Try out its free version today or explore the paid plans to unlock full AI summarization, translation, writing and more to maximize your PDF productivity.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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