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5 Awesome AI Text Summarizer Tools to Summarize Text Accurately

Text summarization is a need that can rise for anyone, whether in the academic field or professional setting. In the past, summarizing text used to be done manually, taking significant time. However, the boom of AI tools has also modernized the text summarization process. Now we can use any AI text summarizer tool to summarize text/paragraphs autonomously and instantly. But not all AI paragraph summarizer tools provide the same quality summaries.

So, if you are intending to use the AI summarizer tool, then this article is for you. Here we will discuss in detail the five best text summarizer tools, such as UPDF, ChatGPT, Quillbot, and more. In the end, we will present a comparison table that will help you pick the best tool that aligns with your needs.

5 Best AI Text Summarizer Tools

Looking at plenty of AI text summarizer tools available today, we have shortlisted the five best tools that claim to do the job proficiently. To validate their accuracy, we will input the same content to each of them and see how accurate their summaries are. So, let's get started!

1. UPDF's AI Assistant - The Best AI Text Summarizer for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Online

UPDF's AI Assistant is the first in our list and the most powerful AI summarizer tool with GPT-4 integrated. It serves as a one-stop tool where you can summarize text/paragraphs directly from documents or use its AI chat box to process specific text/paragraphs.

When using the chat mode to summarize, you can specify its length, what contents you need to have, and other requirements. You can regenerate again and again to get the result that satisfies you.

UPDF's AI can work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Online so that you can access it anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, UPDF's AI Assistant offers 30 prompts to use for free. It is good for those who need the free tool and who want to test it before purchasing the tool.

And its price is affordable and it offers a great discount now. You can upgrade to the pro version directly here after testing.

Download UPDF now to test its AI on your device or visit UPDF's Online AI Assistant to use it directly.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Here, we will show you 3 ways to summarize your text with UPDF's AI Assistant.

  1. UPDF's AI Assistant can summarize the PDF file you upload directly. What you need to do is drag your document to UPDF's "Open File" area in the home interface, click on the "UPDF AI" icon at the right side corner, and click on "Get Started" to upload the file to UPDF's AI Assistant.
AI Text Summarizer Tools

2. You can also switch to the "Chat" mode. Highlight the content in the opened file, copy it, paste it in the "Ask Something" box, and enter the prompt to let UPDF's AI Assistant summarize for you. Press enter and it will summarize.

paragraph summarizer

3. A more convenient method is to select the text in PDF, and then choose the UPDF's AI tool, and then click on the "Summarize" icon on the pop-up menu. This is also a great way to save your time. You can even put the summarized text like a note directly.

summarize text in pdf directly

Overall, UPDF has managed to fulfill all your requests perfectly and instantly.


  • Directly summarize the whole document content at once.
  • Accurate summarization of texts/paragraphs in easy-to-digest bullet points.
  • Summarize in various languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Italian, etc.
  • Offers additional features, i.e., translating in multiple languages, explaining, writing/rewriting, checking grammar/spelling, ideating, etc.
  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Online.
  • Offers free trial and cost-effective paid plans.
  • UPDF's AI has an unlimited plan to resolve more requests.


  • The free plan is limited to 100 pages per file.

In short, UPDF's AI is one comprehensive AI text summarizer tool that incorporates all the advanced features and capabilities you need to summarize any size and type of content. UPDF avails a special discount now to upgrade to UPDF Pro. Don't let this chance slip away!

If you still do not have UPDF's AI on your device, we recommend you to click the below button to download and test. And you can watch this video to learn more about what features that UPDF's AI Assistant offers.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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2. ChatGPT - The Best Online Text Summrizer

Next on our list is the most talked about tool today, the ChatGPT. Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has quickly grabbed a massive user base. Users like its ability to answer almost any question related to any field or industry. Owing to that, it also serves as an AI that summarizes text.

Other than its free version, ChatGPT also comes with a paid plan called ChatGPT Plus. It claims to offer more concise, accurate responses based on GPT-4. However, since most ChatGPT users are using its free version, we will test its summarization accuracy in its free version.

We input the same set of paragraphs in ChatGPT that we used for UPDF and asked it to summarize this text. The response took a few extra seconds compared to UPDF, but the summary quality was top-notch. However, it provided the summary in a lengthy paragraph form.

Summarize paragraphs with chatgpt

To reduce the length of the summary and get it in bullet points, we further asked ChatGPT to "summarize in brief bullet point". Now we got a much better version of the summary that was brief and to the point.

Summarize paragraphs with chatgpt


  • Can provide summary no matter the content complexity.
  • User-friendly approach.


  • Requires additional commands to provide the required summary results.
  • Limited word count in the free version with no option to upload documents.
  • Not a dedicated tool to summarize text/paragraphs.
  • Can take time for initial replies.
  • Expensive paid plan.

In short, ChatGPT is another useful AI paragraph summarizer, but it might require a few additional commands to provide the required results.

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3. QuillBot Online AI Text Summarier

QuillBot is another AI-powered text summarizer and paraphrasing tool. It provides a simple web-based interface for summarizing text/paragraphs or even uploading the file for summarizing. Its AI-powered system uses natural language processing to extract key points from the text and then present them instantly in a compact and easy-to-understand format.

QuillBot provides two modes to summarize, i.e., key sentences and the paragraph modes. The key sentences mode will provide bullet points of the most important sentences, while the paragraph mode will provide key information in paragraph form.

We will test QuillBot in two ways, just like we did for UPDF. We started with testing its ability to summarize the whole PDF document. So, we uploaded the document but discovered that we can only summarize 1200 words in the free plan. So, we reduced the word count to 1200 and let it summarize in the "key sentences" format. It provided the summary, but the quality wasn't impressive. It looks like the copy-paste of key phrases in the content.

Summarize the paragraph with QuillBot

Afterward, we asked it to summarize a few paragraphs. The results were similar to the above one. It is summarizing text by providing a copy-paste of key points from the main text.

Summarize the paragraph with QuillBot


  • Allows to adjust the summary length.
  • Two summary modes, i.e., bullet points of key sentences or paragraphs of key points.
  • Can summarize the whole document at once.
  • Offers additional features, i.e., paraphrasing, grammar checking, detecting plagiarism, translating, etc.


  • Copy and paste key points in the summary.
  • Does not provide an AI chat box to customize summarization further.
  • Only 1200 words free summary in the free plan.
  • Costly premium plans.

In short, QuillBot is another easy-to-use AI that summarizes text but lacks to provide intelligent AI-written summaries.

4. Summarizer.org - Web-based Text Summarizer

Summarizer is another text summarizer tool that also provides a web-based interface to provide summaries of documents or specific paragraphs. All you have to do is upload or paste the content you want to summarize and specify the summary length. Afterward, Summarizer will provide the required summary right away.

Unlike other tools, Summarizer only supports summarizing text. It offers no other features like paraphrasing, grammar checking, translating, etc. So, if the tool is dedicated to summarizing text, it must offer exceptional results.

We begin our test by uploading the same PDF document to get the summary of the whole content. The results were similar to QuillBot, as it only provides copy-paste versions instead of AI-generated content. However, the summary quality looks poor, as it was turning all sentences to bullet points instead of emphasizing the key points only.

Summarize the paragraph with Summary.org

Afterward, we tested it again with a few paragraphs and again received disappointing results. It fails to analyze and detect key points and just tries to include all sentences as bullet points in the summary.

Summarize the paragraph with Summary.org


  • Allows to manually set the summary length.
  • Can summarize the whole document at once.
  • Completely free tool.
  • Supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, and Dutch.


  • Lack of additional features, like translation, grammar check, rewriting, etc.
  • Low-quality summaries.
  • Does not provide an AI chat box to customize summarization further.
  • Summary length feature often malfunctions.

In short, Summarizer is best suited if you are looking for a completely free tool that can turn the content into bullet points while preserving most of the content.

5. Paraphraser.io - Online Text Summarizer

Last on our list of the best text summarizer tools is Paraphraser, a web-based paragraph summarizer tool that provides a similar interface we get with Summarizer and QuillBot. However, it provides two summarization modes, i.e., summarizer and AI summarizer.

The summarizer mode is not powered by AI and provides more like a copy-paste version of the text. In contrast, the AI summarizer mode provides an AI-powered summary after analyzing the text and extracting the key points.

Since we are looking for the best AI paragraph summarizer tools, we will evaluate Paraphraser's AI summarizer capabilities to check its authenticity. To start with, we uploaded the PDF document to get its summary in the AI summarizer mode. However, it showed the error message of 1500 words limit. So, we reduced the word count and then processed the summary. The output was available in both paragraph and bullet form, while the summary quality was much better and highlighted the document's key points.

Summarize the paragraph with Paraphraser.io

Next, we input a few paragraphs and let Paraphraser summarize this text. The output was again AI-powered and reliable, but the quality could have been better.

Summarize the paragraph with Paraphraser.io


  • Dual summary modes.
  • Manually set the summary length.
  • Can summarize whole documents.
  • Supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and more.
  • Offers additional features, i.e., rewriting, plagiarism checking, grammar checking, etc.


  • Expensive paid plans.
  • Errors in summary.
  • Does not provide an AI chat box to customize summarization further.
  • 1500 words limit in the free plan.

In short, Paraphraser is a trustworthy AI summarizer tool that can provide web-based summaries of texts in different languages.

Comparison Table Between Best AI Text Summarizer Tools

Summary Customization
Summary Modes: Paragraphs & Bullets
Ease of Use
Summarize Documents (PDF, Word, Excel)
Chat Box
Summary QualityHighHighPoorPoorMedium
Word Count Limit in the free planNo limit3000 words1200 wordsNo limit1500 words
PricingUS$9/month, US$59/year; free trial providedUS$20/monthUS$4.17/month (billed annually)FreeUS$5/month (billed annually)
Response TimeFastFast (Occasionally slow)FastFastFast
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidWindows & MacWeb-basedWeb-basedWeb-based

Wrapping Up

AI text summarizer tools have made it a lot easier to summarize any length and type of content. The above five AI summarizer tools can all help in summarizing texts seamlessly. Out of all of them, UPDF's AI does shine as the best text summarizer tool. Whether it is its in-depth and high-quality summaries of whole documents (or selective paragraphs) or its resourceful chat box, UPDF's AI is an all-in-one tool to summarize content in the best way possible. So, if you want to avoid exploring all AI paragraph summarizer tools, then UPDF is the best choice. You click the below button to download UPDF and test it on your own and you can also get an unbiased review of UPDF from the TECH COMMUTERS website.

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