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How Is AI Used in Human Resources: Full Guide with Prompt-Based Examples

Human resources (HR) is an essential and crucial department in an organization. Many activities fall under HR, such as recruitment, employee training, performance evaluation, policy development, and more. HR teams leverage different tools and systems to handle their day-to-day activities. However, the interesting question is, how is AI used in human resources?

There is no denying the widespread use of AI across different fields, and human resources is no exception. So, if you are also interested in learning how AI can be used in HR, then this guide has everything covered. Here, we will look deeply into the application of AI in human resource management and provide relevant prompt-based examples for better understanding.

Part 1. Why Is AI in HR Important for Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation requires HR to leverage AI, as it helps streamline HR processes and reduce employees' workloads. For example, AI can automate repetitive HR-related tasks, such as writing job descriptions, resume screening, employee onboarding, drafting company documents, and much more.

Simply put, AI in HR leads to reduced manual tasks, enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and higher employee satisfaction. All these attributes are essential for successful digital transformation.

One dominating AI tool assisting HR teams is UPDF's AI assistant. It offers a powerful chatbot-styled desktop AI assistant to HR teams that can help them draft any type of content, analyze candidates' resumes, get ideas on training plans, and much more. All it requires is specifying the right prompt to let AI facilitate HR activities.

So, why not download UPDF and get a taste of its AI assistant for your HR activities right away?

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The best part is that UPDF also offers an online version of the AI assistant (UPDF.ai) that offers the same desktop features and benefits with the same account.

By now, you must be feeling excited to use AI in human resource management. Head to the next part to learn how AI can be used in HR. Alternatively, you can watch the video guide below to learn more.

Part 2. How AI Can Be Used for Drafting Company Documents in Human Resource?

One of the core responsibilities of the HR team is to create company documents. This can include:

  • Articles of association
  • Company policies
  • Employee handbooks
  • Company slogan
  • And many more.

AI can be the right hand for the HR team to draft company documents. For example, you can use UPDF's AI assistant and ask it to draft company policies or articles of association.  

Below are some example prompts that will help you understand how is AI used in human resources for drafting company documents:

Prompt #1: We are a mid-sized tech company specializing in offering managed IT services. Create a detailed draft of our articles of association, including sections on the company's purpose, the composition and responsibilities of the board of directors, and the rights and obligations of shareholders.

how is ai used in human resources draft company documents

Prompt #2: We are a global solar generator supplier corporation with a diverse workforce. Develop a comprehensive company policy on remote work, covering guidelines for employees, best practices for maintaining productivity, and compliance with relevant international laws.

Prompt #3: As a leading copywriting firm, we need a policy for employee use of generative AI tools. Draft a policy that covers ethical considerations, data privacy, security measures, and guidelines for responsible use of AI within the company.

Prompt #4: We are an international e-commerce company. Write a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines how we collect, use, store, and protect customer data, ensuring compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant data protection laws.

Prompt #5: As a retail company, we need an employee handbook. Generate a draft of a handbook that outlines our company culture, details employee benefits, describes the performance evaluation process, and includes key policies for workplace conduct.

Prompt #6: We are a forward-thinking marketing agency. Suggest five compelling company slogans that reflect our values of innovation, customer focus, and sustainability aimed at capturing the essence of our brand.

Part 3. How Is AI Being Used for Writing Job Descriptions in Human Resources?

Human resources is responsible for handling the entire recruitment process. So, one of the repetitive tasks the HR team does is writing job descriptions for different job roles.

AI can automate the process of writing job descriptions, no matter the job role. For example, if you want to write a job description for a Scrum Master role, UPDF's AI assistant can intelligently scan through similar job descriptions and write a perfect description for you.

Below are a few prompts to learn how AI can be used in HR to write job descriptions. This time, we are using the UPDF's online AI assistant. To access UPDF AI online:

Step 1. Go to the UPDF.ai website and click "Login" from the top.

Step 2. Sign up or sign in with your email or Google/Apple account.

Afterward, test out the following prompts to write job descriptions:

Prompt #1: Our company, [Company B], is seeking a talented graphic designer to join our team. Please create a 200-word job description for this role. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of five years of experience in a similar position and hold a degree in Graphic Design.

how is ai used in human resources job description

Prompt #2: We are a healthcare company looking to hire a data analyst. Create a job description that includes responsibilities such as data collection, analysis, and reporting, as well as required skills like proficiency in SQL and Python. The candidate should have at least three years of experience and a degree in Data Science or a related field.

Prompt #3: Our tech startup needs a senior software engineer. Write a job description that highlights the need for experience in full-stack development, knowledge of Agile methodologies, and the ability to lead a small team. The candidate should have at least seven years of experience and a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

Prompt #4: My company is hiring a Scrum Master. Write a detailed job description that includes responsibilities such as facilitating Scrum ceremonies, removing impediments, and coaching the team on Agile practices. Highlight the need for Scrum certification and previous experience in a similar role. The candidate should have at least three years of experience and a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Prompt #5: We are looking for a customer service representative for our e-commerce platform. Write a job description that outlines responsibilities such as handling customer inquiries, processing orders, and managing returns.

Part 4. How AI Can Be Used for Resume Filters and Job Interviews in Human Resource?

Once candidates have applied for the job position, the next time-consuming process is to filter resumes and hold job interviews. Here again, AI comes into action.

UPDF's AI assistant has an "Ask PDF" mode (guide to use "Ask PDF" mode) that can help the HR team filter resumes that match the required skills, experience, or education. Secondly, its "Chat" mode lets the team generate important job interview questions to ask from shortlisted candidates. This way, the HR team can save time filtering resumes and creating interview questions and focus more on hiring the best talent.

Here are a few prompts that highlight how is AI used in human resources for resume filters and job interviews:

Prompt #1: These resumes are related to the job role in marketing management. Scan these resumes and shortlist the candidates that have at least five years of experience and a degree in Marketing.

how is ai used in human resources job interview

Resumes taken from: Beamjobs


You can upload one PDF to AI at a time. However, if you plan to analyze multiple resumes of different candidates, you can use the PDF merge feature of the UPDF app to combine these resumes into one PDF. Then, you can upload the merged PDF to the AI for analysis. Users eager to use it can download the UPDF app through the button below.

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how is ai used in human resources job interview

Prompt #2: Generate a set of 10 job interview questions for the role of Marketing Manager. Focus on assessing skills in strategic planning, digital marketing, and team leadership.

Prompt #3: Create a list of five behavioral interview questions for the role of Customer Service Representative, focusing on problem-solving and customer interaction skills.

Prompt #4: Develop interview questions for a Senior Financial Analyst position, emphasizing analytical skills, experience with financial modeling, and knowledge of industry regulations.

Part 5. How Is AI Used For Company Construction and Orientation Training?

HR is also responsible for the development of training materials and enhancing team-building activities for effective company construction. AI has emerged as the best companion for these activities, as follows:

AI for Orientation Training

Orientation training helps new employees to get on board with company culture and policies. AI tools like UPDF's AI assistant can help in creating training plans for the best orientation training experience for employees. Here are a few prompts that explain how to use AI for orientation training:

Prompt #1: Develop a comprehensive two-week orientation training plan for new hires in our marketing department. Include key topics such as company culture, department overview, and essential tools and resources.

how is ai used in human resources orientation training

Prompt #2: Generate a detailed onboarding checklist for new employees in our tech department. Include tasks such as setting up workstations, accessing necessary software, and meeting team members.

Prompt #3: Create a schedule for the first week of orientation for new sales associates. Include activities such as product training, shadowing experienced team members, and introduction to sales tools.

Prompt #4: Create an interactive training module on company compliance and ethical guidelines. Ensure the content covers important policies, real-life scenarios, and best practices.

AI for Team Building

Team building is essential to have a collaborative and productive work environment. AI can assist in planning team-building activities. UPDF AI feature can provide suggestions on interactive activities that align with your company culture. Check out the below prompts to understand how to use AI for team building:

Prompt #1: Create a list of outdoor team-building activities that foster teamwork and problem-solving skills. Make sure they are suitable for a corporate environment.

how is ai used in human resources team building

Prompt #2: Develop a half-day team-building workshop focused on improving interpersonal skills and trust among team members. Include a mix of group discussions and hands-on activities.

Prompt #3: Suggest team-building activities that promote collaboration and communication for a remote tech team. Include virtual games and interactive sessions.

Prompt #4: Generate ideas for team-building exercises that can be incorporated into our monthly team meetings. Aim for activities that are quick, engaging, and enhance team cohesion.

Prompt #5: Provide a detailed plan for a team-building retreat, including ice-breaker activities, team challenges, and reflection sessions. Ensure the activities align with our company values of innovation and collaboration.


AI is a game-changer for human resources. It can serve as a virtual HR agent that is super-intelligent and capable of handling repetitive HR tasks autonomously. The above prompts are proof of how is AI used in human resources for almost all day-to-day activities. Therefore, if you want to optimize the performance of the HR team, leveraging AI tools like UPDF's AI assistant is the best advice. So, think no more! Get the AI Assistant within UPDF and start benefiting from AI in human resource management activities.

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