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Convert PDF to Excel Using AI Technology: Easily Transform Your Data

These days, it is becoming increasingly important to convert documents from PDF to Excel with AI. This is especially true for professionals who must make well-informed business decisions based on accurate data analysis. However, companies are turning to advanced tools that use AI technology to meet the growing demand for efficient conversions.

These tools help streamline the process of extracting data from PDFs and converting it into Excel format. This article will provide easy-to-follow steps and how AI can improve PDF to Excel conversion.

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to Excel with AI

You might need to know about the best PDF to Excel AI-powered conversion tool - UPDF. This exceptional tool lets you easily convert PDF documents into various editable formats. With just a few simple clicks, you can transform your PDFs into your required format. This allows you to make edits, updates, and modifications efficiently by opening the converted document in its native application. Download it and start the accurate conversion now, this software offers 2 free conversions per day.

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pdf to excel ai

One remarkable feature of UPDF is its built-in OCR converter. This means you can easily extract text and data from scanned documents and utilize them in other applications. Moreover, the UPDF allows you to save PDFs as PDF/A ISO standard-compliant files. With that, head to the steps below to easily convert your PDFs into Excel without any hesitation:

Step 1: Open the UPDF Tool and Import PDF

The first step is to download UPDF from the button below. Then open the UPDF tool on your device by double-clicking it.

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Following this, locate the "Open File" option and press on it. Afterward, select the desired PDF file and hit the "Open" button.

pdf to excel ai open file

After opening the PDF, head to the right-side panel and click the "Export PDF" button.

pdf to excel ai export pdf

Step 2: Choose the Desired File Output Format

Following this, choose the "Excel (.xlsx)" option, and this will open a pop-up window for customization. There, you can adjust the "Output Format," "Page Range," and language if needed, and click the "Export" button. Finally, select the destination folder and save your Excel file.

ai pdf to excel export pdf

It's worth noting that UPDF is also an AI-powered PDF editor and annotator tool that provides an all-in-one platform to handle the converted PDFs from OXPS, PMD, JSON, or MP3.

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Part 2. How to Batch Convert PDF to Excel with AI

One efficient method for batch converting PDF files to Excel format is utilizing the UPDF PDF to Excel converter AI tool. This tool possesses AI capabilities, making the conversion process faster and more accurate. So, explore the detailed steps below to learn how to batch convert the PDF files:

Step 1: Head to the Batch Convert Option

After the UPDF tool is opened, press the "Batch" button to proceed. Now, a new window will appear.

convert pdf to excel ai batch

There, select the "Convert" option to proceed. To add PDF files, tap on the "Add Files" button. However, if you have already opened the files, click on the icon with an "Arrowhead" and choose "Add Open Files" to include them. Alternatively, select the "Add Folders" option if you have a complete folder.

pdf to excel converter ai add files

Step 2: Choose Excel as the Output Format

Once you have added the PDF files, select "Excel (.xlsx) from the options available in the "Output Format" drop-down menu. Next, you can hit the three dots and select "File Setting" to customize the "Page Range" of your UPDF file.

pdf to excel ai

Step 3: Apply the Changes to Batch Convert PDF to Excel

After setting all the conversion options, click the "Apply" button at the bottom right to finalize the process. Choose a destination for the converted PDFs and save your Excel files.

The batch feature is a must-have at work and it will boost your productivity a lot. Are you wondering how to get it? Simply click the button below to download this lightweight tool.

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Part 3. How to Convert Scanned PDF to Excel with AI

When it comes to converting scanned PDF documents to Excel with AI-powered OCR, there are several methods available. But one of the most efficient and reliable options is utilizing UPDF's AI-powered OCR tool. With its advanced OCR capabilities, UPDF ensures high accuracy in text recognition. Learn the below steps to apply OCR on non-editable PDF files:

Step 1: Explore UPDF and Download OCR Feature

In UPDF, open the document and locate the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button in the right panel. However, if you are new to this feature, you must download it as a plugin for UPDF. Proceed by clicking the "Download" button in the pop-up window that appears and wait for the installation to complete.

scanned pdf to excel ai

Step 2: Customize the OCR Settings

After the installation, close the window and return to the OCR tool in UPDF. Make sure you are on the "Searchable PDF." To configure the tool, begin by selecting an appropriate "Layout" from the drop-down menu. Moreover, for additional layout settings, click on the "Gear" icon for more options.

Step 3: Set the Document Language and Perform OCR

After that, select "Document Language" from the options. Additionally, you can adjust the image resolution settings with the "Image Resolution" option. Also, review and adjust the "Page Range" settings as needed, then press the "Perform OCR" button to execute OCR on the file using the defined settings. Finally, follow the steps in Part 2 to convert your PDF file to Excel effectively.

convert scanned pdf to excel ai

Are you still confused about the instructions for this scanned PDF to Excel Converter? Don't worry, simply download UPDF from the button below and follow the tutorial video we made. You will find it is super easy to get the most accurate and fastest conversion with the help of UPDF.

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Part 4. Can AI Technology Improve PDF to Excel Conversion?

AI technology can make converting PDF to Excel format much better. Usually, it is challenging to convert PDFs to Excel because the files have different structures. However, AI algorithms can analyze and understand content more accurately, improving conversion results. Below are some key reasons how AI improves this conversion process:

  • OCR Technology: AI-powered OCR can read the text in scanned PDFs or images and turn it into editable text. This allows for precise text extraction from PDF tables and forms, which can be transferred to Excel.
  • Data Extraction: AI algorithms can find and extract data from unorganized PDFs, like invoices, financial reports, or receipts. By looking at the document's layout, fonts, and patterns, AI can locate the right information and organize it into tables that Excel can understand.
  • Table Recognition: AI models specially designed for PDF to Excel AI conversion can recognize and understand table structures in PDFs. They can identify where tables start and end, the headers, and the values in each cell. This improves the accuracy when converting them into Excel spreadsheets.
  • Error Correction: They can check and fix the converted data for errors. They can spot inconsistencies, formatting problems, or missing information, making conversions more reliable and accurate.
  • Continuous Learning: Highly trained on large sets of PDF and Excel files to improve their job constantly. They learn from previous conversions and user feedback, which helps them adapt and improve. This means they become more accurate and efficient at converting PDFs to Excel.

Part 5. FAQs on PDF to Excel AI Converter

1. Can ChatGPT convert PDF to Excel?

No, ChatGPT can't convert files like PDFs to Excel. It can only read and provide answers to questions based on the contents of the files.

2. What is the best PDF-to-Excel AI converter?

The best tool for converting PDFs to Excel using AI is UPDF. It's an easy-to-use PDF tool that allows you to convert PDF files to Excel format with just a few simple steps.

3. Is it possible to keep the original formatting while converting PDFs using AI?

Yes, when using the UPDF tool to convert PDFs to Excel, you can preserve the document's original formatting. This means that the converted Excel file will retain the same formatting as the original PDF, ensuring that the quality of the file is not compromised.


Summing up, converting PDF to Excel with AI has always been challenging, thanks to AI-powered OCR technology and UPDF. You can transform your PDF documents into editable Excel files following a few straightforward steps. Whether dealing with regular PDFs or scanned files, the UPDF tool simplifies the conversion process and guarantees excellent results.

Now it is time to exit the manual data entry process and utilize the efficiency and accuracy of AI technology for your PDF to Excel conversions. What's more? UPDF released its AI feature recently and you can summarize, translate, explain, write, and rewrite PDFs easily. Don't hesitate to get it from the button below! What's more exciting? This amazing tool now offers a 60% discount, and seize the opportunity to upgrade your account before it expires!

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