Smallpdf To Word: Exploring Better Alternatives and How-Tos

When searching for solutions to convert PDF to Word, you may come across Smallpdf. This is one of the most popular online tools to manage PDFs in various ways, even converting them to other formats. Smallpdf is a popular solution, not just because it is free, but also because it is an effective and reliable solution that is accessible on most browsers.

If you are wondering how this online solution can be useful to you, keep reading. Here, we will show you how to convert PDF to Word using SmallPDF and its best alternative.

How to Convert PDF to Word with SmallPDF Alternative

UPDF offers a far better and far faster way to convert PDF to Word on your computer. This tool has no limitations in terms of size or the number of PDFs that you can convert. The OCR technology in UPDF is effective and limitless, allowing you to easily convert scanned or image-rich PDFs.

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The simple user interface means that converting the document to Word or any of the other supported formats is quick and easy. UPDF is not just a PDF converter, it is also a PDF editor can let you to edit text, images, and links in PDF.

The following is a simple step-by-step guide to converting PDF to Word using UPDF:

Step 1: Import the File

Launch UPDF on your computer and then drag and drop the file to the main interface to begin. You can also click on "Open File" and browse your computer for the PDF that you want to convert.

Step 2: Go to "Export PDF"

First, you need to click the "Export PDF" icon on the right bar of the software.

export pdf pdf to word small pdf

Select the output format for the conversion. If you want to convert PDF to Word, you can click the "Word" option.

select word pdf to word small pdf

Step 3: Convert PDF to Word

You can also set the page range for conversion. You should see the "Page Range" section on the pop-up window. Choose the pages according to your needs. If you want to convert the whole document, leave it at "All Pages." This feature allows you to select the specific pages of the document you would like to convert.

Click "Export" to begin the conversion process. You should see the progress on the center of your screen and in a few seconds, the conversion will be complete. You'll have a newly created Word document saved on your computer.

export pdf pdf to word converter small pdf

Video Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to Word

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using SmallPDF to Convert PDF to Word

If you are unsure if SmallPDF is the right tool for your project, it may help to assess the following advantages and disadvantages of using this particular tool;

Pros of Using Small PDF to Word Converter

  • One of the greatest advantages of using an online tool like SmallPDF is that it will be accessible on any platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms like Android and iOS. This gives you the freedom to convert PDFs on any device.
  • You also don't have to install any programs or apps on your device or computer to convert PDFs.
  • While the conversion speed may depend on the quality of the software you use to convert the file, SmallPDF can provide a consistently fast conversion space. You can even compress larger files to make the process faster.
  • Smallpdf is also a great solution since it can convert PDFs to a number of formats including Word, Excel, PPT, and JPEG.
  • Smallpdf also has a simple user interface designed to make the conversion process simple and quick.

Cons of Using Small PDF to Word Converter

  • The OCR function is reliable but is not available on the free online platform. To convert scanned PDFs, you will have to purchase the premium version of Smallpdf.
  • The security of the documents you upload to SmallPDF cannot be guaranteed, making it a less-than-ideal solution for documents of a sensitive nature.
  • Batch conversion may not be very effective.

If you worry about the safety of the documents you have to upload to an online tool to facilitate the conversion process, you may seek an alternative solution that is just as effective as a converter, but one that guarantees the safety and security of your documents.

Compare UPDF with Smallpdf

InternetDon't need to connect internet to use it.You have to connect internet to use it.
File Size LimitNoYes
SecurityAll the files will be stored on your local storage, and you don't need to upload any documents to the internet.You have to upload your documents to the website.
StabilityHigh stabilityThe stability varies on the internet.

How to Convert PDF to Word Using Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a great tool because it makes the conversion process very easy. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you use this popular converter.

  • Step 1: Go to SmallPDF's official website and access the SmallPDF to Word converter. This is the specific tool to convert PDF to Word. If you want to convert to any other format, you will have to use a separate tool.
  • Step 2: Click on "CHOOSE FILES" to select the PDF document that you want to add to the converter. You can also simply drag and drop the file into this window. Smallpdf also supports adding from Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Step 3: If the document has any scanned pages, choose "OCR". If not, select "Convert to Word" to begin the conversion process. Please note that the OCR function is only available on the premium version of Smallpdf.

You can then download the full editable Word document to your computer.

small pdf to word


If you want to use online tools to convert PDF to Word format, you may be the first to think of Samllpdf. But in fact, when you have used it, you will find that the experience is very poor, especially when your network is not stable. The offline PDF converter UPDF does not have this problem. And it also has OCR, as well as the function of batch PDF conversion.

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