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Convert Word to Excel: Try These 4 Formatting-Friendly Methods

Sometimes, we want to move data from a table in Word to Excel without starting from scratch. In place of copying and pasting the data by yourself, there are easier ways to do this while preserving the formatting. In this article, we will explore four methods to convert Word to Excel smoothly. These methods will help you transfer the data quickly and maintain the original document's layout.

Part 1. Convert MS Word to Excel on Windows and Mac

UPDF is a helpful Word-to-Excel converter tool that can convert files into 14 different formats. This PDF solution allows you to easily change a Word into an Excel file. One amazing feature of UPDF is OCR. With the help of this feature, users can transform any document, whether they are handwritten notes, scanned documents, or image PDF files into an editable PDF file. This robust feature of UPDF will play a major role in your business if you want to shift to a paperless system. Download it now to start your conversion.

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Convert MS Word to Excel on Windows and Mac  using UPDF

Key Features of UPDF that Users Must Know

  • Edit PDFs easily and keep them in sync with UPDF Cloud.
  • Convert PDFs in batch to any format quickly.
  • Organize PDFs efficiently for increased productivity.
  • Secure files with password protection.
  • Share PDFs using shareable links.
  • Add text callouts, stamps, and stickers to your PDFs.

Instructions for Converting Word Files into Excel Using UPDF

In this section, we will quickly learn how to convert Word to Excel without losing formatting using UPDF. Perform the steps mentioned below to complete the converting process:

Step 1: Open UPDF and Drag and Drop File

Before converting Word files to Excel, you need to download UPDF first. You can click the download button to download it directly. Launch the UPDF tool on your Windows or Mac and head to your file explorer. Find the required Word file, and drag and drop it into the tool. Afterward, the Word file will be converted to PDF with automation. Or you can click the "File > Create > PDF from Word" icon to convert Word to PDF.

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create pdf from word

Step 2: Export the File to Excel Format

Following this, head to the right-side toolbar and locate the "Export PDF" button, as the file gets converted to PDF first. Select "Excel (.xlsx) from the options, and it will open a dialogue box where you can customize the output settings. Next, hit the "Export" button and continue the instructions to save your Excel file.

pdf to excel win updf

Take control of converting Word to Excel like never before. Download and go Pro with UPDF – it's a game-changer!

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Part 2. Convert Word to Excel Online

Aspose is a handy tool that helps you change different types of files. It can turn documents and files into images and HTML. With this tool, you can quickly convert many files simultaneously, such as turning documents into image files like JPG, PNG, or TIFF, and from Word to Excel. It also has an "Image to text converter" feature that uses OCR to extract text from an image.

You can even upload up to 10 files and convert them simultaneously. You can also email yourself a download link to access the converted files later. The innovative part is that you do not need to download this tool to use it. With that, have a look at the given steps to convert MS Word to Excel:

Step 1: Open your web browser and use it to access the "DOCX to XLSX Online" tool of Aspose. Here, import the Word file from your device by tapping the "Choose DOCX files" button or drag and drop it into the tool. You also get the option to directly take the file from "Drive" or "Dropbox."

upload the word file in Aspose

Step 2: Once you import the Word file, you can make it password protected by checking the box. Now, tap the "CONVERT" button to give the command to the APIs of Aspose to start the conversion process. At last, press the "Download" button, and the file will be downloaded.

press the convert button in aspose

Part 3. How do I Convert Word to Excel on My iPhone?

To convert Word to Excel on your iPhone, you can use an online tool like PDF2Everything. This tool provides a practical experience of a Word to Excel converter-free tool. It offers various features that make the process easier. You can add text and even redact or annotate your document without compromising quality. Users can collaborate with team members on documents using mobile devices.

PDF2Everything automatically saves every change you make in a document to the cloud. This also ensures secure document sharing and storage. Moreover, PDF2Everything supports a variety of file formats. You can upload documents of up to 20 MB in formats. On your iPhone, open the Safari and follow these steps:

Step 1: Once you open the Safari browser, open the PDF2Everything converter tool. Here, you need to tap "Click to select file" and upload the Word file you need to convert. The file will take a few seconds to get uploaded.

import word file from iphone in PDF2Everything

Step 2: When it gets uploaded, under the "Custom Settings as Follows," choose the "xlsx" format. Then, tap the "Start converting" button, and your file will be ready for download. Next, choose the "Download Now" button to save it on your iPhone.

tap on start converting in PDF2Everything

Part 4. Convert from Word to Excel on Android

Converting files from Word to Excel on your Android device is possible by using a convenient online tool called Online2PDF. This tool offers a range of functions to help manage your files without any effort. Besides converting them, you can edit them, merge them with other PDF files, and export them to different formats. Moreover, the tool also automatically removes protection from PDF files.

Additionally, you can define other options like header/footer and layout. Also, keep in mind that there are certain limitations to consider. The maximum file size allowed for conversion is 100 MB, and the total combined size should not exceed 150 MB. Additionally, you have the option to select up to 20 files at a time to work with. Read the guided steps below:

Step 1: Using the preferred browser, depending upon the model of your Android, access the Online2PDF tool. Then, scroll downward to select the "Select files" button and import the Word file required.

select the word file in online2pdf

Step 2: Now, from the "Convert to" drop-down list, choose the "Excel 2007-2021 (*.xlsx)" option. You can also choose the OCR option depending on the requirement. Now, hit the "Convert" button and download your file on your Android device.

hit the convert button in online2pdf

Final Words

Ultimately, this guide has provided four simple methods to convert Word to Excel without losing formatting. Following the step-by-step instructions for each tool, users can easily perform the conversion process.

Among the options discussed, UPDF stands out as the recommended tool due to its efficient Word-to-Excel conversion capabilities and additional features. With this tool, converting Word files to Excel can be a breeze, ensuring that important formatting is preserved throughout the process. Don't miss this tool anymore, download and try it now! You can also check more details of UPDF objectively on this website.

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