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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Convert Excel to Text

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to convert an Excel document into a text or a Word document. Your first thought will be copying and pasting the content, but that does not get the job done, and that’s where our 3 quick ways to convert Excel to text will help. Using these methods will ensure that you can move everything from the Excel file to the text quickly.

Part 1. How to Convert Excel to Text File Via UPDF?

If you want to convert your Excel files into Text files and want a reliable experience, then you need to select the right tool. Since many tools say to get the job done for you, not all provide the best final results. However, UPDF can meet all your needs. It is a PDF editor, organizer, and viewer tool that adds value to your experience.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

How to Convert Excel to Text File Via UPDF

UPDF comes with a wide set of features, of which converting Excel files to text is just one feature. No matter which of its features you use, you will always enjoy the same great experience of reliability and quick processing despite having a low-spec device. Additionally, it comes with several benefits for converting your documents and listed below are some top ones.

Advantages of using UPDF to convert Excel documents

The top advantages and benefits of Excel document-to-text conversion with UPDF include the following:

  1. It provides a reliable experience and maintains data integrity. So, you don’t need to worry about missing or garbage data after conversion.
  2. UPDF does not take any time to convert text from Excel documents. It always offers instant conversion.
  3. You can use the UPDF cloud to manage, organize, and share the Excel files once you convert them into PDF files.
  4. UPDF supports multiple platforms and devices, so you can use it on any device you choose if it meets the basic requirements.
  5. Since UPDF operates offline, you don’t have any security and privacy issues to worry about.

While the list of these benefits keeps getting longer, here are the steps you will follow on UPDF for the conversion.

Step 1: Drag the Excel file to UPDF

Hit your keyboard's "Windows" key and search "UPDF." Click on the result to open the tool. If you have a UPDF icon on your desktop, you can also double-click it to open the software. When the UPDF software is open, you can click on the Excel document, hold the click, drag this document into the UPDF interface, and release the click.

Drag excel filr to UPDF to Convert Excel to Text File Via UPDF

Your Excel document will automatically upload to UPDF and be ready for conversion in the next step.

Step 2: Export the Excel file to Text

As your Excel file successfully uploads to UPDF, you must navigate to the "right” menu. That menu contains the “Export PDF" option. Click it and go for the "Text" option. Now you will see a new window appear. Hit the purple "Export" button on this new window, select the place where you want to store the text file, and click “Save” to convert Excel to TXT successfully.

PDF to txt with UPDF

With these two simple steps, you can easily convert your Excel documents to text files without losing data. The best part is that the procedure is quick and safe.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. How to Convert Excel to TXT Via Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel allows you to export the spreadsheet as a .txt file instead of a .xls file.

For this method to work, you will need Microsoft Excel installed on your device since the method does not work with the online version. So, if you don’t have an internet connection, this method will be a better choice than an online converter.

The best part about this method is the easy user experience since all the work will be done inside Microsoft Excel tools which most of us are already familiar with. So, here are the steps to use Microsoft Works to convert Excel workbooks into accessible text files.

Step 1: Export the Excel document as a .txt file

Say that you have finished working on your Excel document and want it as a text file. The process is very simple, starting with the "File" tab. You need to choose the "Save As" option and select “.txt” or text in the file type options. When you hit “Save," you may get a warning that the data presentation and format may differ. So, hit the "Yes” button and save your document.

How to Convert Excel to TXT Via Microsoft Excel

Part 3. How to Convert Excel to TXT File Via Online-Convert?

Say that you don’t have a device with any conversion tool installed or want to perform this conversion on the go. In such scenarios, the best choice is to use an online conversion tool. It is also the case where you will find many options, only a few of which will be reliable. Online-Convert is one of the reliable tools that you can use for this purpose. It supports converting multiple file formats. Here is the guide about how to convert Excel to TXT file via Online-Convert:

Step 1: Choose a file from the device or cloud

While most online conversion tools only allow you to choose files from your device storage, Online Convert allows selecting files from different sources. Click the "Dropdown" option next to the "Choose File” button to reveal multiple cloud uploading options.

Choose file from device to  Convert Excel to TXT File Via Online-Convert

So, select the source of your choice and choose the file so it uploads on the Online-Convert conversion tool website. With Online-Convert, you can also perform batch conversion by uploading, converting, and downloading multiple files simultaneously. Before proceeding to the next step, set your conversion preferences from the options underneath by scrolling down.

Step 2: Start conversion

Once the file uploading to the Online-Convert website is complete, you need to locate the “Start" button present at the "bottom left" side. You can see the file uploading process in the bar below. So hit the start button, and Online-Convert will convert your Excel file into a text document. It may take a few seconds depending on the following:

  • Your internet connection strength and speed
  • Size of the Excel files to be converted and data in them
  • Number of Excel files that you are converting in one go
Start to  Convert Excel to TXT File Via Online-Convert

Step 3: Download the file, zip it, or upload it to the cloud

When the conversion processing screen ends, you will see “Done" written on top of the screen. It also says that your download will automatically begin, and if that happens, the converted Text file will automatically save to your device storage.

convert XLS to txt using Online-Convert successfully

However, Online-Convert brings some other features as well. For example, it allows you to download the Zip file of converted files. Moreover, you can upload the converted files to the cloud directly for efficient storage and sharing experience.

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Ending Note

Whether you need to use the content from an Excel workbook on a web page or anywhere else, converting it into another format, like text, is essential. That way, the data becomes much more accessible for multiple operations. So, if you ever face a situation where you need to convert Excel to text, we hope that the quick solutions above will be of great help to you.

However, choosing between these 3 can be confusing. In a quick comparison, we can say that UPDF is the best choice with the list of features and user experience it brings. You cannot only use it for this conversion but for many others, and that's what makes it special among other options.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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