How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

PDF conversion to other formats makes it easy to share or edit them to suit your needs. It is easy to convert PDF to PDF/A with the different online tools. PDF/A is an easy to read and use format. It is also an open format making it easy to edit and share. Continue reading the article to learn how to convert PDF to PDF/A efficiently.

The Best PDF to PDF/A Converter

To convert PDF to PDF/A, UPDF Converter is the best tool to use. The tool offers professional PDF conversion with high level consistency in the formatting, accurate conversion and file security. Your data privacy and confidentially is protected with enterprise encryption. The converter is robust enough to convert scanned PDF files into other editable formats. This is made possible by the optical character recognition or OCR module. This feature also enables it offer high level accuracy and supports 23 languages.

If you have a batch of files, the converter is a great option since it allows instant conversion of multiple PDF files to UPDF/A. You can have all the documents converted at the same time with a single click. Even if you have more complex PDFs, the tool can convert them without any issues. UPDF Converter also has the ability to convert password protected PDF to editable formats. It removes the password making the conversion easy.

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The converter is also versatile as it helps convert PDF into many other editable formats such as Word, HTML, XML, Text, RTF, Excel, and PowerPoint.


  • Guaranteed file security
  • Format consistency
  • Allows for batch conversion
  • Offers high level conversion accuracy

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A on Windows and Mac

Here are simple steps on how to convert PDF to PDF/A.

Step 1. Import the PDF Document

Add the PDF files for conversion by clicking "Add Files" button to import them into the queue or just drag and drop them into the interface.

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Step 2. Select Output Format as PDF/A

Choose PDF/A as your preferred output format. Do this on the formats panel on the right side on the tool. You can set the page range of your PDF to PDF/A conversion. Click the three vertical dots setting icon next to each of the PDF file you want to convert to PDF/A. Choose the page range by setting even pages, all pages, custom pages or odd pages. In case you want to convert all the pages, you do not have to set the page range because it is the default option.

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Step 3. Convert PDF to PDF/A

Tap the "Go" button to start the conversion. Your PDF/A documents will be saved and the destination folder is displayed on your screen.

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How to Convert PDF to PDF/A Online for Free

One of the online PDF to PDF/A converter is AvePDF. This is an online tool that has many features such as OCR, PDF/A conversion, hyper compression, electronic signature and redaction. The tool offers high level security because of its robust encryption technology. The several encryption levels ensure your files are protected, thus unauthorized access is impossible. Once you are through with the conversion, you can delete the document from the servers. It does the conversion fast and also works in all devices. You do not have to download or install making it convenient to use. Since it completes the conversion within a few seconds, it helps save you a lot of time in the process.

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AvePDF is a highly versatile tool since you can use it to accomplish other online tasks such as edit PDF, hyper compress PDF, PDF/A validation, esign PDF, and also scan to PDF. To convert PDF to PDF/a with AvePDF you should start by adding the files by uploading them from your device into the tool. You can also drag and drop the files. The maximum file size to convert is 256 MB. The conversion starts automatically. Then, download the PDF/A file and save. This is one of the many tools you can use, but this is not to say that it is the best it's just an example.

Knowledge: What is PDF/A

The PDF/A or Portable Document Format Archival is a format that is usually created as a preservation format of digital records, particularly files. However, the format can also be used for scanned files. It is usually a subset of the PDF format. The great thing about PDF/A is that that they are open standards, used worldwide. They are designed to record both machine-readable test and images in a single document.

The format can be used to store different types of records. It is more valuable for storing long term copies such as Microsoft word documents. When a file is converted to into PDF/A the converted document has the feel and look of the original file. Each page of the original file appears as one page in the preservation file. Similar fonts are used in the two files and it is also possible to search the text of the PDF/A like in the original. All the features of the original files are retained, making PDF/A great option where appearance of the file is of great importance to understand and inteprate it.


  • All digital files can be converted to PDF/A
  • It is not dependent on any platform
  • Easy to read and use
  • It is an open file format
  • Extensible