How to Convert PDF to XML in 3 Different Methods

PDF documents aren't supported by all applications. Thus, it becomes necessary to convert the files to other formats to be able to use them more effectively or do the necessary edits. One of the ways that you can make your PDF more usable is converting it to XML. There are many applications you can use to convert PDF to XML. This article will teach you how to convert PDF to XML file using UPDF converter and also how to do it online. In addition, you also learn more about XML format.

How to Convert PDF to XML

It's easy to convert PDF to XML file using UPDF converter. This is a software that offers professional PDF conversion. It offers high level file security, consistent formatting and accurate conversion of your PDF files to whatever format you want.

  • With the tool, you will get accurate conversion, thus no manual correction is needed afterwards.
  • It features an Optical Character Recognition or OCR module that helps accurately convert the scanned or image-based PDF into other easy to edit formats. OCR supports 23 languages making it a great feature.
  • With the tool you have peace of mind knowing that all your confidential information is protected.
  • The tool also allows for batch conversion. You can convert bulk PDFs with just a single click.

It can capably handle whatever you throw into it for conversion. Here are steps on how to convert PDF to XML filewith the UPDF converter.

Step 1. Import the PDF Document

Start by adding the PDF document you want to convert. Add by dragging from your device and drop them onto the tool's interface. You can also click "Add files" button to import the PDF documents into the queue.

pdf to xml

Step 2. Select Output Format as XML

Go to the format panel located on the right side. Choose the required format. You will get a menu with different formats in which you can convert your PDF files. In this case click "XML" as you preferred format.

convert pdf to xml

Step 3. Click "GO" to Start Converting PDF to XML

Now tap the "Go" button to start the conversion process. Then you are requested to choose the output folder for the final XML file. The converted files get saved and the destination folder you have chosen is displayed on your screen. What you like most is that the conversion is very accurate. You do not lose the original format or content in the original PDF. Thus, you do not have to do a lot of corrections after you complete to convert PDF to XML.

how to convert pdf to xml

How to Convert Scanned PDF to XML

OCR feature in UPDF converter allows you to convert scanned PDF to XML with high level accuracy. Here are the steps to convert scanned PDF to XML with the OCR feature.

Step 1. Enable OCR

Start the conversion by opening the UPDF converter and tap "Add Files" button to import the PDF files you want to convert. Another option is to drag and drop the files from your storage device or local drive. Now click the three vertical dots next to the PDF documents you want to convert. In the panel on the right side of the converter, toggle the OCR setting slider to ON position. Now the OCR is enabled and ready for the conversion.

pdf to xml file

Step 2. Choose Language and Page Range

Just below the toggle button, you can choose the appropriate language. If you want to convert all the PDF files in the queue with the OCR, click Apply all. You can convert into 23 languages including: English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovenian, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese Tradition, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, and Korean. At the same time, choose a set of page range for the OCR conversion.

how to convert pdf to xml file

Step 3. Convert Scanned PDF to XML

Now close the OCR setting panel and pick the output format. Here you have several options, so click XML. Click "GO " to begin the conversion process. You have the XML files displayed on your screen.

how to convert pdf to xml file

How to Convert PDF to XML Online

You can use different tools to convert PDF to XML online. One of the tools you can use is AnyPDF. This is a simple and fast tool to use as you convert PDF to XML. It is also good to note that the online tool is free for users in Canada, UK and USA. AnyPDF also works on both mobile device and PC. You can convert on Mac, Linus, Window and Android. Here are step to convert PDF to XML using AnyPDF.

pdf to xml online
  • Step 1: Choose the PDF files you want to convert. You can drag and drop the documents to the upload area.
  • Step 2: Click the convert button to do the PDF to XML online conversion.
  • Step 3: Wait for few seconds and then click download and save XML documents to your device.

This is just one of the online tools you can use and its does not mean it is the best. You can choose others according to your preference.

Knowledge: What is XML?

XML files feature XML codes and usually end with the file extension .XML. The files have tags that show how the document ought to be structured. The tags also show how the files should be stored and moved over the internet. Here is an example.

convert pdf to xml file

They contain plain texts and tags. In the above example, plain text is shown in black while the tags are shown in green. The plain text is the actual data that is stored while the tags show what the data is. Since XML documents are plain text files, it is easy to create, store, move and interpret by humans and computers. This is the reason why XML files are popular online. It is also worth noting that most online software applications also store information and send the details to other apps in this format. XML files are used in web searching, computer applications, moving digital information and also in website and apps.