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How Do You Carry out PDF to Text Conversion with AI?

The text within PDFs is commonly embedded in a format that makes an easy editing process impossible. Converting the PDF to text allows you to modify the content, providing a more editable and flexible format. For this purpose, we have identified the best PDF to text AI converter that can cater to your conversion requirements.

In this article, we will talk about the workings of this efficient tool to use AI to convert PDF to text. After going through this article, you will be able to recognize UPDF as the best AI conversion tool available in the market.

Part 1: How to Use AI to Convert Scanned PDF to Text?

UPDF, with its latest text recognition system, can also help users convert scanned documents to editable text format. With the help of this AI-integrated conversion tool, you have the option to convert specific images or scanned pages in the files to another format. If you want to learn about the workings of this AI scan PDF to text converter, read the steps given below for proper guidance:

You can retain the document's layout while converting it to any editable text format. In addition to these conversion features, you can even use the AI capabilities of this tool to summarize or explain the converted text. Users also have the option to translate the text converted through this tool for improving communication with foreigners.

Also, you can paste any text in the "Chat Mode" text box to boost your content comprehension. So, if you also want to use this AI scanned PDF to text converter, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Download UPDF to Benefit from its AI Conversion Features

First, you should download this PDF to text AI converter free of charge.

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After downloading, install this software on your device to benefit from its AI conversion features. Now, launch this PDF conversion tool and import the PDF you want to convert onto its main interface.

Before exporting your PDF in Text format, you can make changes to the content of the file using its AI features. To do so, you need to highlight the text you want to modify in the "Reader" mode. Afterward, a new pop-up menu containing several options will appear. On this menu, hit the "UPDF AI" drop-down icon to get access to the "Summarize," "Translate," and "Explain" prompts.

Alternatively, you can press the "UPDF AI" icon at the bottom right of your screen to access the AI features of this tool. Now, click the "Chat" tab and paste the text to which you want to make changes in the "Ask Something" text box. Finally, hit the "Prompt" icon to get your hands on several in-built prompts like "Summarize," "Explain," and "Translate" to make changes to the text.

updf ai editor

Step 1: Import Scanned PDF Document for Conversion

You have to launch the main interface of UPDF on your device to start this PDF conversion process. Afterward, click on the "Open File" button to import the scanned PDF you want to convert to text format using this tool.

Step 2: Enter the OCR Conversion Mode to Convert Scanned Documents

Once the file is uploaded on the UPDF interface, press the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon on the right side of your screen. By doing so, you will see a new side window from where you can adjust the OCR conversion settings, like "Layout" and "Document Language." Once the settings are optimized, hit the "Perform OCR" button to complete this process.

pdf to text ai ocr

Step 3: Convert the Converted PDF File to Text

Now, if you want to transform this OCR-converted file to text format, click the "Export PDF" icon to access a menu containing the conversion option. Then, choose the "Text" format to carry out the conversion process. Afterward, optimize all the AI-scanned PDF to text conversion settings before hitting the "Export" button to get the job done.

Whether you want to convert scanned or regular PDFs to text format, press the "Free Download" button given below to add this PDF converter to your toolset.

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Part 2: How to Convert PDF to Text with AI?

UPDF is an AI-powered PDF to text converter that helps users extract the text present in the document with easy conversion. With the help of its multi-dimensional converter, it converts a PDF file into several different text formats, including Word, Text, PowerPoint, and Excel. Moreover, you can choose a custom page range before applying this PDF to text AI feature to your files.

Step 1: Enter Export PDF Mode to Carry Out PDF to Text Conversion

Once you import the PDF file, click the "Export PDF" icon on the top-right of your screen to access a list of conversion options. On this menu, hit the "Text" option to reach a new conversion pop-up window.

convert pdf to text

Step 3: Adjust PDF to Text AI Conversion Settings

After reaching this new pop-up window, select the language of your original document. Then, choose a custom range to which you want to apply this AI conversion feature. Finally, hit the "Export" button to save your AI PDF to text converted file on your desired location.

pdf to text ai export

If you also want to take advantage of these AI conversion features, hit the "Free Download" button below to streamline your content management.

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Part 2: How to Batch Convert PDF to Text with AI?

If you are short on time, UPDF even allows you to convert multiple PDFs to text simultaneously with its batch processing feature. Users can simply drag and drop PDFs to this PDF conversion tool or even upload folders full of documents to convert them in one go. Go through this step-by-step guide to utilize the batch conversion features of this PDF to text AI converter:

Step 1: Access the Batch Convert Feature of UPDF

To start the batch conversion process, launch UPDF on your device. Then, press the "Batch" option on the right side of the main interface of this PDF conversion tool to access various batch processing features. Now, click the "Convert" option to enter the batch conversion window.

convert pdf to text ai

Step 2: Import Multiple PDFs to Convert Them in One Go

After accessing this new window, you can drag and drop multiple PDF files or click the "Add Files" button to import several files. From the "Output Format" drop-down menu in the "Convert" section, choose the "Text" option. Finally, hit the "Apply" button to convert AI PDF to text.

convert pdf to text ai

You can download this efficient conversion tool for free by clicking the download button below to ease the PDF management process. Additionally, upgrade to its Pro version to enjoy a limitless batch conversion process.

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Part 4: How AI Extracts Text from PDF?

If you want to extract a specific text from any PDF file, UPDF can even help you in this regard with its AI-powered system. You just have to import the PDF from which you want to extract text on the UPDF interface to carry out the text extraction process. Let's learn how you can extract text from your documents with the help of this multi-functional PDF handling tool:

Step 1: Add the PDF Document to the UPDF Interface

To extract any text from the PDF document, you have to import this document to the UPDF interface. For this purpose, hit the "Open File" button on the main interface of this efficient tool and add the file from which you want to extract text.

Step 2: Copy Text to Extract It from the Document

Once the file is uploaded, select the text you want to extract from the document. Afterward, a pop-up menu with various AI and other features will appear at the top of the selected text. Here, you have to press the "Copy Text" icon to extract the content from the PDF file. Moreover, you can even paste this copied text into the UPDF AI text box for a better understanding of the content.

pdf to text ai copy text

Pros of Using UPDF

  • With its multi-platform support, this AI PDF to text converter will help you access all the conversion features while away from home.
  • Users can convert PDFs to various other formats at an affordable price.
  • The UPDF AI feature of this PDF converter helps the users summarize and understand the content in the file.
  • You can convert AI PDF to text within a few seconds using this fast-processing conversion tool.

So, we can now clearly see that UPDF is the most stand-out tool when it comes to converting PDF to text AI. However, if you want to learn more about this PDF converter, visit this link to get a detailed review of UPDF.

Video guide on How to Convert PDF into multiple different format


After going through this article, you are now aware of all the AI PDF to text conversion features of UPDF. Users can utilize this knowledge to carry out easy PDF conversions to get editable text. With its multiple conversion and AI features, UPDF has established itself as one of the best PDF management tools in the market. So, if you are also looking to benefit from this PDF to text AI converter, click the "Free Download" button below.

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