Top 10 PDF to Docx Converter with AI in 2023

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the standard configuration for a lot of official and personal documents. PDF documents always retain their formatting and layout. They are compact and compressible and secure. Furthermore, they are also multidimensional as they enable users to incorporate different file types, including graphics, audio, video, animation, and others. However, PDFs are not editable. Thus, you need a PDF to Docx converter to transform the PDF to a modifiable format such as Word.

Here, we discuss the top 10 PDF to Docx converters that you can use to change your PDF documents when next you need to edit them.

Top 10 PDF to Docx Converter Offline

There are several PDF to Docx converters from which you can make a selection. However, not all are great enough to make it to the Top 10 PDF to Docx Converters as we conducted lots of research, sampling, and testing to arrive at this list.

You should note that while you can convert PDF to Docx, the PDF to Docx converter offline is the best. With this, you save on internet costs and you get to firmly secure your data.

1)   UPDF with AI-Integration

Although UPDF is a relatively new PDF to Docx converter, it is targeted at fixing the inadequacies of most PDF to Docx file converters. For instance, with alternative programs, you don't experience distortions to the original PDF formatting when you convert it to Word. In essence, the formats of the PDF remain consistent on the new Word doc.

pdf to docx converter updf


  • It provides OCR technology that converts scanned PDFs to editable formats.
  • It has accurate conversion without losing the original formatting.
  • Apart from conversion to Word, you can seamlessly switch your document from PDF to several other configurations including Excel, PPT, Image, Text, HTML, XML, PDF/A, etc.
  • It is not only a PDF to Docx converter, but it is also a PDF annotator and PDF editor. You can use it to add comments to your PDFs and edit the texts and images on your PDFs.

While other PDF to Docx file converters do well in converting PDF docs to Word, UPDF can deliver an even better job. UPDF offers accurate and consistent formatting, advanced security, and multi-format conversion. Download UPDF now and get a limited-time offer for the upgrade to UPDF Pro.

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2)   WPS PDF to Word Converter

The WPS PDF to Word Converter provides top-of-the-range PDF management services. Available on both macOS and Windows, the free PDF to Word Docx converter perfectly retains the images, colors, spacing, fonts, tables, and general layout in the original PDF file. What's more: even during batch conversions, the WPS Converter ensures that all the features and formats are preserved properly.

One of the key offerings of the WPS PDF to Word Converter is the splitting and merging feature which enables users to select specific sections of the PDF document for onward conversion to Docx or other formats. With this feature, you can rearrange the document as you wish and then export them all together into a new document in a completely different format.

pdf to docx converter free wps pdf to word converter


  • Ability to do batch conversions while still retaining the formats and layouts of the original document.
  • Splitting and merging feature that enables select conversion.
  • Added cloud storage for proper archival of files.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of document software including TXT, and MS Word, among others.


  • Limits pages that can be converted to a maximum of 5.
  • The free version contains a lot of ads.

3)   Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is a full-service business and personal productivity tool that enables you to convert, create, and edit PDF tools effortlessly. The PDF annotator feature facilitates seamless collaboration as it allows users to add highlights and comments to areas that require attention.

Do you need to mark your PDF? Then, you don't need any other tool. Nitro Pro provides a digital stamp with which you can embed your identity on a PDF document.

Nitro Pro also features a simple, familiar user interface as it is quite similar to MS Word. There is also the QuickSign feature with which users can sign documents right on the Nitro Pro interface.

pdf to docx converter offline nitro pro


  • Works well with PDFs that are image-based.
  • The desktop app is fast, lightweight, and does not use up much memory.
  • PDFs created with Nitro PDF are highly editable and can be used for fillable forms and signatures.
  • Cloud integration provides sufficient backup for your files.


  • It only allows up to 5 conversions per month.
  • Also, you are only allowed a 14-day trial limit.
  • Users often complain about line breaks and inconsistencies in the new Docx files after conversion.
  • The desktop application is made only for Windows. There are no versions for other operating systems.

4)   ABBYY FineReader PDF

ABBYY FineReader PDF is a desktop solution that enables users to convert different document files into PDFs, and vice versa. The application can accept image uploads, photos, and scanned documents, and convert them into PDF formats. A leading highlight of this tool is the collaboration feature with which users can jointly gain access to process and edit documents.

There is also the optical character recognition (OCR) service that is able to extract visual and textual data from the PDF file without losing its layout. It prioritizes the security of its users. There is a password feature with which users can lock documents to prevent unwanted external interference. Furthermore, there are access control functions that empower users to manage permissions. Finally, the service equips users with a redaction tool, with which users can protect the contents of sensitive documents.

free pdf to docx converter abbyy finereader pdf


  • Convert your PDF into several document formats.
  • Batch processing of documents saves you from processing queues that take up lots of time.
  • Super-fast conversion speeds.
  • Ability to edit PDFs even without conversion.
  • Allows for PDF creation from scratch.
  • Top-notch security


  • Severe limitations in the free version; for instance, there are always watermarking on documents converted using the free version.

5)   Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF offers an intuitive conversion interface alongside fast processing speeds. The drag and drop feature allows for easy conversion into any document format. In the free version of this PDF to Docx converter, there are no limits to the number of document conversions you can make, and yet the result is always flawless.

The developers understand that user needs can vary and as such created two major product lines, namely the Standard for everyday users and Business for professionals. However, the top-quality offerings don't really differ across each product line.

pdf to word docx converter foxit


  • Ability to integrate multiple multimedia files.
  • Batch processing of documents
  • A multilingual platform to appeal to a wide audience.
  • Excellent customer support


  • Does not do well with complex documents
  • The trial version is quite limited. For instance, there is a lot of adware.

6)   Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe is a household name in the document and file management space. This is partly because it has been around for a long time and partly because it is responsible for developing the PDF file format as we know it. As such, you know you can trust any product that comes from this developer.

This PDF to Docx converter is just one of the developer's products that helps to convert, edit, compress, and comment on files. With it, you can convert documents from any of the Microsoft Office formats to PDF and vice versa. There are also features for collaboration including those to track progress, e-signatures, commenting, and others. As part of the collaboration tools, multiple persons can work on the same document at a particular time.

Then, to prevent unwanted interference with the documents, you can utilize the password protection feature. In addition, Adobe enables a side-by-side review of PDF documents for users to note differences between document versions.

pdf2docx converter adobe acrobat dc


  • User-friendly interface from which you can conduct all processes.
  • Advanced security capabilities. 
  • Version comparison tool makes it possible to note the changes in a document.


  • Due to its heaviness, users can experience regular crashes.
  • The edit function does not work as promised as there are several actions that users are unable to perform with it.

7)   PDF Candy

One attractive feature of this PDF to Docx converter is that it makes available free features that you would otherwise pay for. These include high-end OCR capability, multiple file-sharing options

Beyond conversion, you can also carry out a range of editing tasks on your PDF document. You can markup, annotate and edit texts on any PDF file. You can also split, rearrange, resize, watermark, and crop pages. Then, there is an image extraction tool that enables getting images off a PDF document for use elsewhere.

pdf to docx file converter pdf candy


  • Ability to get documents for downloads easily, using the drag and drop feature. You can also get documents directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud platforms.
  • After processing, you can get a download link. This is an excellent feature for the easy sharing of documents.
  • Also, you can download the documents directly to the cloud platforms, rather than your local storage.


  • Requires registration. Users that are not registered can only perform a limited suite of functions.
  • The interface is not the simplest you can find.  The icons for each function are often disjointed.

8)   UniPDF

UniPDF is a PDF to Docx file converter free provider featuring both free and paid versions. One feature that users will love about UniPDF is its ample flexibility. For one, users can select which particular pages of a document they wish to transform to another format. They can also set key parameters for the newly converted documents, such as the page size and type.

While it features bulk conversion of documents, the option is only available for paid users.

pdf to docx converter unipdf


  • Works perfectly fine with images without losing formatting.
  • Highly minimalistic and simple. No complex and confusing interfaces.
  • User-friendly as it is available in multiple languages. 


  • It only works with Windows OS. There is no macOS version.
  • Only permits 3 free document conversions per day.
  • You can lose text layout during conversions.

9)   SodaPDF

If you need a PDF to Docx converter that provides some of the best offerings in security, ease of use, and editing tools, then you should consider SodaPDF. While other PDF to Docx converters' free offerings allows batch conversion, you can only conduct most processes on each document at once. But SodaPDF changes the game in this regard. Do you want to embed protection, watermarks, and other features on a batch of documents at once? Then, SodaPDF is the pdf2docx converter for you.

SodaPDF offers flexibility in terms of conversion settings. For instance, you can choose whether or not to utilize OCR for a particular document conversion. You can create fresh PDFs using multiple options via typing, scanning, or clipboards. While you can get watermarks with many other free PDFs to Docx converters, Soda PDF goes on to provide watermark removal tools.

pdf to docx converter free sodapdf


  • Advanced security using 256-bit security protocol.
  • Ability to integrate several tools such as cloud platforms, and productivity software such as EverNote and SharePoint.
  • Functional tool for sending and collecting electronic signatures.


  • Conversion and other tasks can be somewhat slow.
  • Customer support is not one of the best.
  • Infrequent updates.

10)  Nuance Power PDF

The most evident feature of the Nuance Power PDF is that it is very high-tech. It provides users with several top technological features that greatly improve document management.

One of the biggest draws for Nuance Power is its customizability. There are probably tools that you think should be provided in your PDF to Docx converter offline but are not available. This application enables you to utilize JavaScript to program the features as you wish so as to make your document more interactive.

Furthermore, editing PDFs is easiest with Nuance Power as you can use voice typing using Dragon Notes.

pdf to docx converter offline nuance power pdf


  • Ability to use JavaScript to create custom features.
  • Ability to dictate notes and annotations in your document.
  • Easy multimedia editing including videos, graphics, and others.
  • Mobile optimization of documents for smaller devices.


  • Only enables the conversion of one document at a time. So no batch processing.
  • Editing PDFs inside the desktop app is highly cumbersome.


The PDF file configuration is a wonderful tool for business, personal, and official tasks. However, these strengths are also its primary weakness. Editing and modification of PDF documents can be quite difficult, necessitating the need for conversion to other file formats. Thankfully, there are several software applications providing this conversion service. However, not all of them are good enough. Here, we have outlined the top 10 PDF to Docx file converters you can use when you need to modify your PDF. Of course, the first choice is UPDF. Fast and accurate conversion is your best choice. Download to know how great it is.

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