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How to Convert PDF to DOCX on Mac with 2 Methods

How many of you have received a PDF file and wanted to convert it to MS Word DOCX or DOC format?  Usually, this is required if you have a PDF file that you wish to alter the information of, such as a portfolio or a project, although the PDF might be more sophisticated. If you want to learn how to convert PDF to DOCX on Mac, we'll go through two simple methods for doing so.

Method 1. How to Change PDF to DOCX on Mac (macOS 13 Ventura Included)

If you are wondering about the process that allows you to convert PDF to DOCX on Mac, we have an effective solution. We highly recommend you to seek out a competent converter, such as UPDF for Mac, which allows users to choose the suitable format, make sure that it does not get jumbled up, and does the entire job in a few minutes.

pdf to docx mac

Let's list down a few advantages of UPDF:

  • Consistent format - the original file will be replicated and rendered as it is. You can rest assured that the formatting of the original file will not get altered.
  • Enhanced security - all the files are protected with high-end encryption that ensures your data is secure throughout the conversion process.
  • Rich features - it is an all-in-one PDF solution and you can read, annotate, edit, and organize PDFs.

Steps on How to Turn PDF into DOCX on Mac

Step 1. Open the PDF File

To start the conversion process, open the UPDF app on your Mac - drag and drop the files you want to convert to the interface or click on the "Open File" option.

how to convert pdf to docx on mac

Step 2. Click the Export Icon

On the right toolbar, there is an "Export" icon. Click on it to enable the convert window.

convert pdf to docx on mac

Step 3. Choose the Output Format

UPDF allows you to choose between a range of formats, but since we're talking about DOCX in this example, click on the "Word (.docx)" option.

convert pdf to doc on mac

Step 4. Start Converting PDF to DOCX on Your Mac

Enable the "Text Recognition Settings" if your PDF is a scanned document. You can also choose the page range for the conversion.

Now that you have selected all the settings you want - just click on "Export", which will be in the right bottom corner of the pop-up window. The destination dialog will open to allow you to choose a preferred saving location.

how to change pdf to docx on mac

If you were under the impression that it is a complex task to convert PDF to DOCX on Mac and would require some complicated steps, you were mistaken. It is straightforward to maneuver through. All you need is a handy converter such as UPDF to do the job for you.

Method 2. How to Convert PDF to DOCX on Mac with Preview

Deem using a low-tech strategy such as copy-pasting an unfit approach?  It can work remarkably well in some instances, mainly if the PDF document is primarily content-based. It can be a real pain at times, depending on the sort of PDF format you are using.

As an alternative, we will walk you through the process of converting the file by using Preview. It is as easy as copy-pasting; read ahead to learn more!

  • Select your PDF file and right-click on it. Click on the "Open With". Once the dialog opens, select the "Preview" option.
convert pdf to doc on mac
  • Select the content/text you want to be copied and press Command-C. Or you can select the text, right-click your mouse, and choose "Copy". This will help you copy the text to your clipboard.
how to change pdf to docx on mac
  • Steer to MS Word or Pages on your MacBook and paste the content within the file by pressing Command-V.
  • Save the document in the DOCX or DDC format, and if you prefer to use Pages, go to the "File", click on "Export To", and choose "Word".

Final thoughts: This article is for everyone whose browser history is full of queries like 'convert PDF to DOC on Mac' or 'how to change PDF to DOCX on Mac'. We have listed down the basic steps that you need to follow in order to convert the file into DOCX, and we have also listed the steps if you use Preview. We hope this has been a valuable read, and in the end, all we have to say is download UPDF Converter today and make your lives easier.

Happy converting!