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Effortless Ways to Make a PDF Editable on Mac

Regular PDF users demand reliable and authentic PDF editors to manage, organize and edit PDF files. However, if you are working on your PDF documents on Mac, you must have faced a hurdle in editing your PDF files as most of the PDF editors available are not compatible with macOS.

Editing a PDF has become an utter necessity, especially in case you have lost your original file or if you happen to delete it by mistake. Now the only way out is to make your PDF file editable to make changes. This article will explore certain methods and how to make a PDF editable on Mac.

Part 1. How to Make a PDF Editable With OCR on Mac

UPDF is the best PDF editor, reader, and viewer tool available on the market for Mac devices. The simple and engaging UI makes it easier for the users to capture the features at a glance. The simple steps process allows users to edit and manage PDF files without difficulty. Besides editing the text in PDF files, users can also add different shapes and highlight important text.

If you are looking for a PDF editing tool, UPDF is your best choice. The interface of UPDF is simple and beautiful, and the operation is convenient. You can get it by clicking the download button below.

how to make a pdf editable on mac

Main Features of UPDF for MacBook

Described below are some of the salient features of UPDF, making it an ideal editing solution for your PDF files.

  • Complete Editing Solution: UPDF offers a complete editing solution that covers all aspects of successfully managing PDF files. It is an all-in-one PDF solution, from securing PDF files to annotating, managing, and printing them.
  • Organize PDF Pages: Organization of PDF files is an important aspect, especially if you are working in a big enterprise, as there are a lot of PDF files under work. UPDF offers a simple solution by organizing files in a specific folder, saving important time and energy.
  • PDF Conversion with OCR: UPDF also supports the innovative OCR feature, which makes PDF files editable. Hence both the text and images and other non-interactive elements on PDF files will convert into an editable format.

The OCR tool provided by UPDF is quite directive and effective in helping you make PDF editable on Mac. There are multiple layout options available on the tool that can be selected, depending on your need and necessity. To make a PDF editable, you must choose the option "Text and pictures only" and "Text over the page image" out of the Layout options. However, these two types hold proper differences from each other.

"Text and pictures only" leaves you text and pictures to edit on the PDF, with no transparent page image. As this layout format does not look into the quality of the original format, it is also small in size. For users who want to extract text and images from a PDF, this is the perfect option. On the other hand, "Text over the page image" gives a controlled PDF document by putting up a transparent page image under the text of the PDF. While assuring control of the layout, it allows you to edit the text.

To know how you can use this tool to make a PDF editable on Mac with UPDF, look ahead into the steps:

Step 1: Select PDF and Document Type for OCR

You must launch a PDF document on UPDF for Mac and direct to the "Recognize Text Using OCR" tool on the right column of options. As this opens a menu, you must select "Searchable PDF" in the "Document Type" tab.

how to make pdf editable on mac

Step 2: Define the Appropriate Layout

Next, you must proceed to set the layout of the document that you want to convert through OCR. In the "Layout" tab, you can select "Text and pictures only" or "Text over the page image" to make a PDF editable on Mac. In the advanced layout tab that can be accessed from the "Gear" icon, select the respective options that you want in your PDF.

how to make pdf editable on mac preview

Step 3: Set Language and Resolution for OCR Tool

Lead in the "Document Language" section and select any of the 38 languages from the list that you wish to detect specifically in the PDF. Following this, go through the "Image Resolution" settings and set any value from the available list. For confused users, you can select the "Automatic" button.

how to make a pdf editable mac

Step 4: Perform OCR to Make a PDF Editable on Mac

Provide the PDF range to apply the OCR feature on the respective range of pages. Next, click on "Perform OCR", which will be led to a window where you have to save the converted document.

how to make a pdf editable on mac

Part 2. How to Make a Scanned PDF Editable on Mac

UPDF also allows users to convert scanned PDF files into editable files by applying the OCR feature to them. OCR feature offered by UPDF makes all the data recognizable on PDF files by making them editable and searchable. Henceforth, all the scanned PDF files can be edited with UPDF's "PDF Conversion" feature.

Steps to Convert a Scanned PDF with OCR Feature on UPDF

Cited below is a simple four-step process to convert any scanned PDF file into an editable one on Mac devices:

Step 1: Import Scanned PDF on UPDF

Import scanned PDF documents on UPDF by using the drag-drop feature. You can also search scanned PDFs on Mac by clicking on the "Open File" button.

open pdf file

Step 2: Choose Output Format

After importing the scanned PDF, click on the "Export PDF" option from the right panel. From the small window appearing on your screen, you have to select the file format in which you want to convert your scanned PDF. Choose "Word" format and navigate to other options.

convert pdf to other format

Step 3: Activate the OCR Feature

Following the next step, tap on "Text Recognition Settings" to activate the OCR feature on your PDF. Also, make sure to select the language of the scanned PDF so that the OCR feature can accurately work on your scanned document.

ocr settings
ocr settings

Step 4: Initiate Conversion of PDF to Word

After applying the OCR feature, tap on the "Export" button, and your file will be opened in the Word application. Now your scanned PDF is converted into an editable document, and you can make necessary changes to your file. This process explains how to make a PDF editable on Mac.

export changed format file

Part 3. How to Make a PDF Editable on Mac with Preview

Unfortranly, it can't make PDF editable on Mac with Preview. But you can add text to the PDF. And also Mac Preview has some other edit tools like any other paid PDF editor, Preview also offers a one-stop solution to PDF editors such as users can annotate, bookmark, share and resize PDF files.

It also allows users to add text to PDF, along with altering the text's size, font, and style. Mentioned below are some steps users must follow on how to make a PDF editable on Mac using Preview:

Step 1: Select and right-click on the PDF file and choose the "Open With" option to open the PDF file with the Preview application on Mac.

Step 2: After opening the PDF on Preview, tap on "Markup Tool" from the top toolbar. Follow it up by clicking on the "T" symbol to add new text to the PDF file. To change the font size or style of the text, click on the "A" symbol from the toolbar.

add new pdf text using preview

Step 3: To replace the old text in the PDF file, tap on "Markup Tool," navigate to the color box and choose white color for both "Border Color". From shapes, choose the rectangle shape and draw it over the text you want to replace. Following this, use the "Command + S" keys combination to save your edited PDF file.

Final Words

Mentioned above are some of the feasible ways how to make a PDF editable on a Mac. Although all of the methods discussed above are credible, the most reliable, complete, and secure solution is provided by the UPDF PDF Editor. You can download it below for a trial.

With a simple step process and provided security of keeping your data on PDF files safe, UPDF is the knowledgeable choice for Mac users as it is a hub of solutions for your PDF documents.