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5 Best Mac Apps for Students (Newest List)

Are you looking for the best Mac apps for students to increase your academic grades? Well, you’re in safe hands!

In today's digital age, students need the right Mac apps. These tools manage tasks, enhance study efficiency, and facilitate collaboration, organize your notes, conduct research, or improve your writing skills.

The right apps can significantly improve your academic journey. But what if you want to get needs in just one app? We’ve got you!

This article will give the five must-have Mac apps for students. It features accessible and affordable options. We’ll dive into the benefits to help you make the best choice!

1. UPDF - Best AI Mac APP for Students to Improve Study Efficiency

If you’re a student and want to boost your study efficiency, UPDF is the go-to app you need on your Mac. This AI-powered PDF editor has features that make your academic documents a breeze. Let’s dive into why UPDF stands out.

UPDF offers a good reading experience with adjustable display mode, slideshow, and AI-powered features. It can also be a note taker with its comment features like sticky notes, drawing, highlight, comments and more. With its OCR, it can help make your scanned or image document into editable one. And if you want to convert your paper files into digital one, you can use UPDF for iOS for scan them, then, use UPDF Cloud to sync them to your Mac computer or store it on the UPDF Cloud for better access.

Ready to make your study easily with UPDF? Download UPDF and use it now!

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Key Features:

  • Open and Read Digital PDF Books: Adjust display mode, zoom in and out and change background color for a comfortable reading experience.
  • Take Notes on PDF Books: Highlight, underline, and add sticky notes directly on PDF books.
  • Improve Reading and Studying efficiency: Utilize AI to get instant ideas by summarizing, explain difficult terms, translate foreign content to local language, and more.
  • Get Digital Books on Mac: Digitize physical books and upload them to UPDF Cloud.
  • Edit Digital Books: Convert scanned documents into editable text and edit the content there.
  • Store and Share Study Materials: Store, access, and share study materials.

UPDF has many other features that enhance your study experience. Watch this video to explore more: 

When to Use:

If you are a student who does not want to switch from one app to another, then, you can use UPDF as it is not only a digital book reader but also a digital book note taker and AI Assistant.  Moreover, it can also work as a writing app.

Excited about UPDF now? You can click the below button to give it a try now.

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2. Notion - Best Task Management APP on Mac

If you want to keep track of your study tasks, Notion is the ideal option. This all-in-one task management tool is innovative for students. It is highly flexible and user-friendly. It can easily make to-do lists, set reminders, and manage deadlines. It's a personal assistant and ensures you never miss a deadline again.  Moreover, it allows you take notes and write.

Website interface of Notion.

Key Features:

  • Task Management: Create to-do lists, set reminders, and track deadlines.
  • Note-taking: Use customizable templates. It can organize lecture notes and study materials.
  • Collaboration: Share workspaces with classmates and work on group projects with real-time collaboration.
  • Databases: Build relational databases to manage reading lists, research data, and more.

When to Use:

If you are a student who want to track your study task and take notes frequently, you can use this tool.

Give Notion a try to streamline your academic life. It’s a must-have app for every student to stay organized and productive.

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3. Zotero - The Best Research Assistant on Mac

If you are a young learner fully engaged in books for research, Zotero is for you. This enables you to admit, accommodate, cite, and distribute all your research sources. It's as if you have an AI assistant who is always available.

You can save references from web pages directly into your Zotero library with just a click. No more manually typing out citations! Zotero even integrates with your word processor. You can insert citations and generate bibliographies with ease.

Website interface of zotero.

Plus, it supports various citation styles. It ensures your references are consistently formatted correctly.

Key Features:

  • Reference Management: Save and organize references from multiple sources with ease.
  • Citation Integration: Insert citations and generate bibliographies in your word processor.
  • PDF Management: Attach and annotate PDFs to keep your research materials organized.
  • Collaboration: Share your Zotero library with classmates and collaborate on research projects.
  • Tagging and Notes: Tag references and add notes to track important details.

When to Use:

Those students who need to write essay should use this tool as it can help you organize your research contents easily.  

Are you ready to take your research management to the next level? Try Zotero and discover how it can help you with your academic work!

4. Hemingway Editor - The Best Essay Assistant on Mac

Writing essays can be tricky, but not with Hemingway's Editor. With it, your essay writing becomes effortless. This app can grade your writing based on readability and it will emphasize phrases, adverbs, and passive voice, so that you can get them imporved.

Website Interface of Hemmingway.

Key Features:

  • Readability Analysis: Highlights complex sentences. It suggests simpler alternatives for better readability.
  • Grammar and Style Checks: Identifies grammar errors, adverbs, and passive voice. It helps you write with more clarity.
  • Word Count and Readability Score: Tracks word count and provides a readability score.

When to Use:

When you need to write the essays, you can use this tool to help you write better.

Whether you're an experienced writer or just getting started, Hemingway Editor is for you. It takes your work to the next level. Try it and see how it improves your essays!

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5. Kindle - The Best Book App on Mac

For students who love reading, Kindle is the ultimate book app for your Mac. It can access to a vast library of books and magazines. Kindle offers a reading experience like no other.

Kindle gives access to a range of academic books and reference materials. It allows you to adjust font size and color for a comfortable reading experience.

Site of Kindle

Key Features:

  • Vast Library: Access books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Customizable Reading Experience: Adjust font size, background color, and brightness for comfortable reading.
  • Annotation and Highlighting: Highlight important sections and take notes for future reference.
  • Sync Across Devices: Access your library and bookmarks on any device. It ensures you can read on the go.

When to Use:

If you are a student who love reading, this tool is the best Mac app for you.

K is perfect for every student who loves to read. Start exploring the world of books with Kindle on your Mac today!

Final Thoughts

Now, you know what are the best Mac apps for students. You may want to know which one is the most recommended one. It is UPDF. It has its AI-powered features and can improve study efficiency and organization. And it also can help you take notes and edit the digital content. It has one free trial version, we recommend you to Download UPDF now and test it. If it is what you need, then, you can upgrade to UPDF pro version at a low price.

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